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aka Fatty Nuke

#dnd5e #fireballthedarkness

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Perfect for tormenting cats.

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This is pretty awesome...

via +Wayne Humfleet
Hey, did you hear there’s a new Star Wars movie coming out? In case you’re unclear on the details, Google’s new Search Easter Egg will help remind you.
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If you're considering doing a podcast of your own, I'd recommend this mic. And it's on sale now.
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Damn, looks like the price went back up. It was $35 earlier.

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Entering +Podcast Movement 2016 into the calendar. In Chicago in July. Special registration goes live on Black Friday.



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Hex map of the Sword Coast


This map is still a work in progress, it is a hex map of the sword coast from the forgotten realms universe. Each hex represents 10 miles, I made it as to scale as I could. This can be used for D&D campaigns for more realistic travel times. If you find any geographical errors feel free to let me know. I forgot, you may have to download the image to zoom in closer or use ctrl + scroll wheel to zoom in
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Nice gaming resource.

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May do some prep work for Laser Brains and Nerf Herders


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So want to try playing this...

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Oooh, new Google+. Interesting.
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Its freakin me out
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Showed +Jason Sauby​ aka Doc. He knows the deal.

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Quiet start to the day. Imagine it will be low key this week.


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+Andrew Ragland yeah, only sales/advisor jobs are typically remote, but you never know when that may change! ;-)

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Damn, anyone know about this and going this weekend?

In Wisconsin Dells.
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+Edgar Francis huh, good to know. thanks.
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Winter is coming...

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Voluntary FIBing is a crime in these parts . . . 

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I'm joining +Christopher Sniezak on +Misdirected Mark Productions 's show! Should be some good fun. Won't you consider joining us?
This week Phil is out of town once again so the gracious and talented Sean P Kelley from Gaming and BS has agreed to join me this week to talk modules and it should be a good one since he knows quite a bit about utilizing them at the game table. We'll also talk about breaking them down into pieces, what those pieces are, and how you can utilize some of them.
This Hangout On Air is hosted by Misdirected Mark Productions. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
MMP#182 - The Module
Tue, November 17, 8:45 PM
Hangouts On Air - Broadcast for free

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+Phil Vecchione I would listen for sure!
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Talent Acquisition Professional
dice rolling, social media, technology, leadership, recruiting, strategy, salary negotiation, sourcing, podcasting, resume writing, coaching, advising, "nunchucku, bo hunting, computer hacking", motorcycle riding
Basic Information
Looking for
Friends, Networking
RPG Gamer • Podcaster • Veteran • IT Guy • Recruiter • Motorcycle Rider
Quick list of my interests
  • Roleplaying/tabletop gaming
  • Technology - open source, linux, ruby, rails
  • Motorcycles
  • Tiny houses
  • Podcasts/audio books
  • People/recruiting

I'm a proud pen, paper, & dice role-playing gamer. While my group defaults to the rpg de jour, I'm the one that explores other titles & systems - Savage Worlds, d20, d100Lite, Star Wars, Dungeon Crawl Classics, D&D, Dungeonworld, Basic RP System, GURPS, Gumshoe and more. 

If you're a Wisconsin tabletop gamer, consider joining the Grumbling Dwarf gaming community:

= Podcaster

Recently I've teamed up with Brett B to co-host the Gaming & BS podcast. We talk about tabletop RPG's and general geekery.

= Open Road

I've owned 4 motorcycles. Currently riding a 99 BMW RT1100. Just can't get enough of the open road. If you're in Wisconsin and want to connect with other motorcyclists consider joining Cheesehead Cruisers motorcycle community:

= Living Tiny

The Tiny House Movement interests me too. I have yet to make the leap to downsizing that much, but has given me some insight and appreciation for the way of living.

= Love

I'm married to a beautiful and intelligent woman of Russian descent, and own 4 cats. :sneeze: 


Aside from being a soldier for 5+ years, I've worked in customer service, owned a retail computer company, done IT staffing & corporate recruiting, and been an information security professional. As of March 2015 I am back in corporate recruiting addressing policy, process, metrics, efficiency and strategy.

= Podcaster & Advisor

Aside from my day job, I have started my own professional venture. I have experience in recruiting and staffing. I help job seekers, recruiting professionals and hiring managers navigate the world of talent acquisition. I have a podcast show that provides some insight: Talent Jockey


My thought is that people are multifaceted though we may find each other via a common interest. This is why I make a lot of public posts. I also comment, re-share and +1 more than creating my own posts.

If I don't reciprocate the circle it's usually because your profile
  • does not have any posts I can view to determine your interest(s)
  • lacks information or is incomplete
  • posts are all about your blog
  • is about pimping a product, over and over
  • you're under age

Bragging rights
Hard for me to brag.
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