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RPG Gamer • Podcaster • Veteran • IT Guy • Recruiter • Motorcycle Rider
RPG Gamer • Podcaster • Veteran • IT Guy • Recruiter • Motorcycle Rider

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On this day:
At 7th December of 1985, the final episode of "Dungeons & Dragons" aired on CBS. "Dungeons & Dragons" is an American animated television series based on TSR's "Dungeons & Dragons" role-playing game. A co-production of Marvel Productions and TSR, the show originally ran from 1983 through 1985 for three seasons on CBS for a total of twenty-seven episodes. The Japanese company Toei Animation did the animation for this series. The show focused on a group of six friends who are transported into the titular realm and followed their adventures as they tried to find a way home with the help of their guide 'Dungeon Master'.

Dungeons & Dragons was one of CBS' most popular animated series airing from 1983 - 1985. Created by legendary Marvel Productions the series was base on the popular TSR role-playing game created in 1974, which spawned an entire industry!

The plot follows the story of 6 kids who while riding the Dungeons & Dragons ride at their local theme park are transported into the mythical realm of Dungeons and Dragons. Here they quickly make enemies with Venger, the Vader-esquire Dark Lord of the realm but are aided (some might say hindered) by the help of the all knowing Yoda-esquire Dungeon Master who aids them in their quest by giving them magical weapons, which Venger also requires to be all powerful.

The best thing about this series is the characterisation of the 6 kids. And this is where its make or break for the series. If you don't buy into the characters, then you won't buy into their quest and then you won't care whether they get home or not. With each and every passing episode, you get a little bit more insight into each character. What makes them tick, what drives them, what they each fear. This is that rarity of a cartoon.

Although it's firmly a fantasy serial, it doesn't talk down on it's audience. Yes, it is dark. Darker than most. For example, the episode "The Dragon's Graveyard" had the kids almost turn to the dark side after another opportunity to get home ruined by Venger. After this incident, the kids set out to find a way to kill Venger once and for all.

Near the end, they bay for his death. Good and clarity of thought win the day in the end, but it was a brave move for a kid's cartoon. Good people can be reduced to evil deeds. The endings are not big triumphs, they're always bittersweet tinged with hope. Kind of like an ongoing Empire Strikes Back.

The series ended prematurely, with the final episode, although scripted, never completed due to the series being cancelled. In a way, this, although annoying and saddening at the same time, is what helps push the series into legendary status. As it is, it ends with the cowardly, selfish cavalier, Eric, coming to terms with their predicament.

The youngest of the group, Bobby, rues another missed opportunity to get home, but Eric usually the comedic foil for the group and the first to complain, tells him that it's okay and although they're no closer to home, they're no further either. With a hidden Dungeon Master saying to himself that they are closer than they think, that's how it ends. The most pessimistic character becoming the most hopeful.

Twenty-seven episodes of Dungeons & Dragons aired between September 1983 and December 1985, but the show was never wrapped up properly before its cancellation. Show writer Michael Reaves had turned in a script for the series finale, “Requiem,” but the episode was never produced for television. Years later, it was adapted into a radio play format for one of the DVD releases. The complete animated series was released on DVD in 2006 by BCI Eclipse and again in 2009 by Mill Creek Entertainment.

An Advanced Dungeons & Dragons toy line was produced by LJN in 1983, including original characters such as Warduke, Strongheart the Paladin, and the evil Wizard Kelek that would later appear in campaigns for the Basic edition of the roleplaying game.

None of the main characters from the TV series were included in the toy line, but a connection does exist, as Warduke, Strongheart, and Kelek each guest-starred in their respective episode of the series. Only in Spain and Portugal were PVC figures of the main cast (Hank, Sheila, etc.) produced.

It would be awesome if there was another animated series based on this RPG franchise. It would be cool seeing more popular creatures, magic powers, and other roles which are in great abundance as the franchise has progressed to this day. Just like the game this show is an journey you wouldn't want to end.

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All my friends are brown and red.

Beat the rhythm with their bones.


Midweek, lets do this!

#soundgarden   #spoonman  

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$12.85 each.

I just bought 10 of these. See if I can get some kids in the local neighborhood to drink some of the rpg kool-aid.

I can just see my wife now, "you bought ten?" HAHA!

thx to +matt jackson for the point of inspiration.

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FLGS Nabs MtG Burglar

Never seen this person around, but know the owner of the store.

Tentatively charged, though the arrest caught him in the act.

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From December 16, 1944 to January 25, 1945, American, British, Canadian, Belgian, and French forces fought to stop the final major German offensive of World War II, launched in the heavily forested Ardennes Mountains of Belgium. While Allied forces ultimately triumphed, it was a hard victory, leaving tens of thousands dead on both sides. Today, the conflict is known as the Battle of the Bulge.

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Just imagine if this were a fantasy world where the artwork was alive...
Heh. My big brother's photo is the first in this article on Burning Man 2016.

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Modern Day Bard

I think my next Bard character will have a light crossbow similar to this gentlemen's weapon/instrument of choice.

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On this day:
At 5th December of 1980, "Flash Gordon" debuted in US theaters. "Flash Gordon" is a British/American Space opera action film, based on the comic strip of the same name created by Alex Raymond. The film was directed by Mike Hodges, and produced by Dino De Laurentiis. It stars Sam J. Jones, Melody Anderson, Topol, Max von Sydow, Timothy Dalton, Brian Blessed, and Ornella Muti. The film is notable for its soundtrack composed, performed and produced by the rock band Queen, with the orchestral sections by Howard Blake. "Flash Gordon" has since become a cult classic with fans of science fiction and fantasy.

"Flash Gordon" is a outrageously campy science fiction adaption of Alex Raymond's original character that followed in the footsteps of Buck Rogers back in the 1930s. Italian producer Dino De Laurentiis blew a reported $27 million on this epic that cast a relatively unknown Sam J. Jones as the lead and paired him up with another unknown Melody Anderson.

Nothing about this 111 minute saga is remotely believable but this is what makes it so much fun. When it was produced, "Flash Gordon" boasts what was considered state-of-the-art special effects. Unlike "Star Wars," a franchise that took itself fairly serious, "Flash Gordon" is nothing of the sort.

Starring Sam J. Jones as the iconic Flash, the film travels to the planet Mongo, a planet Flash, love interest Dale (Melanie Anderson) and scientist Dr. Hans Zarkov (Topol) find themselves catapulted to after the Earth is attacked by the evil Emperor Ming (Max von Sydow).

Taking an instant dislike to Flash, Ming sentences him to death whilst taking Dale for his own pleasures. A battle between good and evil ensues; will Flash save the day and, more importantly, will he save the Earth ? Of course he will. Queen foresee it in their rampaging title theme, he wouldn’t be a very good ‘saviour of the universe’ if he didn’t.

That said, Flash doesn’t do much in the film’s 111 minute runtime to deserve such accolades, apart from getting cosy with not one but two willing females the nearest he gets to peril is sticking his hand repeatedly in an unassuming rocky hole in a strange feat of Russian roulette. When taking on Ming’s worryingly deformed minions he imitates the sport for which he is famous for on Earth and never really seems to recognise the level of his plight.

What is even more amazing is that the film succeeds despite the stiff, amateurish performances of the two leads, Sam J. Jones and Melody Anderson. Jones, at 26, was appearing in only his third film (he had debuted as Bo Derek's boyfriend in "10"); "Flash Gordon" marked 25-year old Anderson's film debut. While neither actor would ever become a major 'star', they both would continue working and would improve over time, surviving the harsh critical reviews when the film was released.

The performances of Jones and Anderson aside, the cast was a 'Who's Who' of international stars, obviously relishing their outrageous roles, and no one was having more fun than venerable Max von Sydow, 51, who took the role of 'Ming the Merciless' at the suggestion of his children, and had such a good time that he would make time afterward for an occasional excursion into 'camp' between his more 'dramatic' roles.

Israeli actor, Topol, so memorable in "Fiddler on the Roof", and about to do a 'James Bond' adventure, "For Your Eyes Only", made a funny, slightly mad Dr. Zarkov, while future 'James Bond' Timothy Dalton 'channeled' Laurence Olivier in his intense portrayal of Prince Barin. There is a lot of 'Falstaff' in Brian Blessed's gregarious performance as the leader of the 'Birdmen', Prince Vultan, and an unrecognizable Peter Wyngarde oozes malevolence as Ming's robotic aide-de-camp, Klytus.

Some sci-fi goes for the dark and gloomy look, others go for a sterile white look... this goes for over the top bright colours, plenty of red and gold. There is little subtlety in the excellent soundtrack either as it is provided by Queen.

Overall, "Flash Gordon" is just a really fun movie. It certainly didn’t win any awards, nor does it really deserve to. But then again, not every movie worth watching is going to win awards. Sometimes it’s nice to just crash on the couch and turn ones brain off for a couple hours.

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Talking About Spell Casting

Tonight, LIVE on youtube at 7pm cdt.

Can't make it? That's ok, it will drop Tuesday at noon cdt.

If you subscribe on

You'll get it when it drops!

#podcast   #rpgpodcast  

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First, thank you very much for the birthday song. You guys actually hold a tune pretty well. Bravo.

Secondly, I literally laughed out loud when I heard +Bob Everson drop the Ennie comment, alluding to the fact that you were nominated only after he joined the show. HIGH LARIOUS!! You. Go. Bob.
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