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Wisconsin 2015 Fall Recruiting Conference

If you're in the Wisconsin region...

October 29th. 2 industry speakers. Half-day event. VERY reasonable cost -  <$60.

If you're in the area, I'd love to meet you.

#wisconsin   #recruiting  
Join Wisconsin Recruiters for a premier event on October 29, 2015 in Madison at the Alliant Energy Center. We're featuring 2 international speakers includi
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Re: 170... Part 1...

Thank you!
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Go Pro mounted on the handlebars. 
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Escape Rooms...interesting.
Inside the trending escape rooms: Go behind the scenes of the making of escape rooms, powered by fascinating Maker tech.
Escape room games, or mystery rooms, or puzzle rooms, are trending, and many rely on Makers and Maker tech to make them work
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Ooh I was lookin for one near Phila/Jersey.


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Let it Wayne!

Sean P Kelley

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Working on stuff, like Litterbox Studio.
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Yeah, I've gone a little hog wild.

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Some insight into the challenges of the super con.
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Hotels don't like to sell all of their space to any one group.

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Volunteered to help with #badgerhonorflight 
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I have to think that Mr. Star Wars +Wayne Humfleet has a couple pairs of these.

#starwars   #wookie   #chewbacca  
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"Aaahhh, the silky caress of sliding my naked foot into a Chewie..."

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Faster Internet - CHECK!

So Charter Internet is installed. i'm getting twice the down 60+ mbps vs just below 20. I am getting almost twice the up, close to 4 mbps vs less than 2.


#broadband   #feeltheneedforspeed   

cc: +Brett B 
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+robert van stone thanks for the advice. The new router is supposed to be dual band and have extra range. I have it connected to my computer in my office hard wired but want to be able to connect all the fun stuff like Apple tv and PlayStation without having issues.

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Setup to do episode 51.
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+Kristian Serrano MDR-7506's. The boom is Rode. The booms are not cheap, but I like better than a mic stand.
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Win95 launched 20 years ago today, which means I bought my first real pc, a pentium 75, a couple months earlier since it came with a free Win95 upgrade.
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Although I admit, I had to go to your feed to make sure you were younger than me +James August Walls -- from your picture, I think my joke worked.

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Bur me.


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+Kristian Serrano of course.
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Talent Acquisition Professional
dice rolling, social media, technology, leadership, recruiting, strategy, salary negotiation, sourcing, podcasting, resume writing, coaching, advising, "nunchucku, bo hunting, computer hacking", motorcycle riding
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Friends, Networking
RPG Gamer • Podcaster • Veteran • IT Guy • Recruiter • Motorcycle Rider
Quick list of my interests
  • Roleplaying/tabletop gaming
  • Technology - open source, linux, ruby, rails
  • Motorcycles
  • Tiny houses
  • Podcasts/audio books
  • People/recruiting

I'm a proud pen, paper, & dice role-playing gamer. While my group defaults to the rpg de jour, I'm the one that explores other titles & systems - Savage Worlds, d20, d100Lite, Star Wars, Dungeon Crawl Classics, D&D, Dungeonworld, Basic RP System, GURPS, Gumshoe and more. 

If you're a Wisconsin tabletop gamer, consider joining the Grumbling Dwarf gaming community:

= Podcaster

Recently I've teamed up with Brett B to co-host the Gaming & BS podcast. We talk about tabletop RPG's and general geekery.

= Open Road

I've owned 4 motorcycles. Currently riding a 99 BMW RT1100. Just can't get enough of the open road. If you're in Wisconsin and want to connect with other motorcyclists consider joining Cheesehead Cruisers motorcycle community:

= Living Tiny

The Tiny House Movement interests me too. I have yet to make the leap to downsizing that much, but has given me some insight and appreciation for the way of living.

= Love

I'm married to a beautiful and intelligent woman of Russian descent, and own 4 cats. :sneeze: 


Aside from being a soldier for 5+ years, I've worked in customer service, owned a retail computer company, done IT staffing & corporate recruiting, and been an information security professional. As of March 2015 I am back in corporate recruiting addressing policy, process, metrics, efficiency and strategy.

= Podcaster & Advisor

Aside from my day job, I have started my own professional venture. I have experience in recruiting and staffing. I help job seekers, recruiting professionals and hiring managers navigate the world of talent acquisition. I have a podcast show that provides some insight: Talent Jockey


My thought is that people are multifaceted though we may find each other via a common interest. This is why I make a lot of public posts. I also comment, re-share and +1 more than creating my own posts.

If I don't reciprocate the circle it's usually because your profile
  • does not have any posts I can view to determine your interest(s)
  • lacks information or is incomplete
  • posts are all about your blog
  • is about pimping a product, over and over
  • you're under age

Bragging rights
Hard for me to brag.
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When Boring is Good | Monte Cook

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