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* #TeamRogue  and +CyanogenMod present CM10 for the Motorola Xoom!*

Important Info-

The following are very early CM10 test builds for Wingray and Stingray. Allot of the features and functions are still very much a WIP. The purpose of this thread is to give you a sneak peak of what it will look/feel like. Yes, there are some features that we all know and love that are missing, and yes some things will be broken. IMO these builds could be used as a daily (I use them as a daily).

Install Instructions-

1) Wipe (see * below)
2) Flash Rom
3) Flash Gapps
4) Profit!
*I was able to flash over the top of CM9 without issue. If you encounter FC's or any other issues fully wipe.


CM10 Wingray-

CM10 Stingray-

* Mod/Cherry Pick Changelog-*

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I want to share this via teh +CyanogenMod account, but can't do so the JB gapps directly linked  :( Care to fixit?
Downloading now. Thank you. Will update after install.
Can I still link to Gapps in the body of the thread?
Sweet will be downloading later had Google now been integrated yet???? Anyone know
Is there a link detailing what isn't working yet?  Tempted to switch, but want to know what I may have to deal with.
Well I booted with the rouge gapps. Will get the official one's and redo. So far working.
Randy K
Superuser had issues when I flashed it over EOS Jelly Bean. Had to do a full wipe... Trying the official gapps.
Anyone else have to keep granting su privileges any time an app wants to use them, even if the box was ticked to remember?
Flashed this to my Wingray and it's working perfectly.  I can't seem to find the Google Now app, however is that still a WIP or am I missing it?
Randy K
+Dan Symonds Nvm, yes I am having to grant su privileges every time. Even after a clean wipe.
SU binaries need to be updated
+Randy Kysar Are the CM9 gapps not the newest ones?  It's the ones that Goo's app downloaded for me.
Installing SuperSU fixed that for me.
Randy K
+Steve Norman No you want the CM10 gapps. You have to do some digging on goo's website. I used the one called gapps-jb-20120717-signed and it seems to work.
+Randy Kysar Got it.  Looks like Voice Search is actually missing from that one.  Not a huge deal, I can live without until the next updates.
Sorry for noob question. I have 3G + Wifi version from Singapore. Which one should I flash?
I get the setup wizard crashing on boot over and over again. Can't get past it.
Google now etc seem to be working with signed JB gapps.
This MD5: 10988c023495b7871514f2d69cbc2503?  I still do not have any sort of voice search, voice typing or any voice apps with this one.
+Bob McElroy you are not looking hard enough. They are there.. I downloaded them 20mins ago.
Guys? Can I install it on 3G + Wifi version? Never meant to spam. I just want to know if I can flash it. :(
+Unrivalled Juno If you have the 3G version of the Xoom, you would need to flash the stingray version. I believe all the blobs are from ICS so should work. I only have the WI-FI version, thats why I ensured Wifi was working ;)
Which radio should we use for Stingray?  I flashed over top of the ICS nightly and my radio is no longer detected.  

Edit: I'm already running what I thought was the latest
+Patrick Hagge have you had a chance to test the Stingray build to see if its working for you?
Anyone watching this thread have an Everest Xoom?
+Steve Norman looking back at what I did, it seems I flashed the teameos JB gapps with this, which has given me google now. Wouldn't necessarily recommend anyone else doing that but it's working for me.
+Steady Hawkin : I have been running the EOS JB nightlies the past few days and they have worked well. I just tried the CM10 build and I'm getting the same issue as +Jake Bush where the welcome screen/setup comes up but when clicking on the "next" arrow, it crashes. This is an endless cycle.

I've tried with the gapps from the cm10-tablets build and EOS gapps build, along with no gapps all with the same outcome.
+Steady Hawkin I installed over top of CM9 Nightly, no boot/setup loop because it didn't run setup, but no baseband.  Would be happy to provide logcats and install test versions as needed.
Did a full wipe and transferred zips using adb. Got it working. Voice search works after you install a language pack. Only problem I see is the calendar doesn't display correct times. I think my previous crashes at the setup may have been due to a corrupt download.
+Steady Hawkin , stingray, I got out of the setup crash loop. By it, I meant the ROM as a whole. Good work so far. Thanks for making it so I don't have to buy new stuff.
+Steady Hawkin I actually don't have a mobile data account, I just use WiFi. So I'm no candidate for testing that. Also, I'm an idiot, my calendar problems were due to the time zone not auto setting properly. Once set, all times show up correctly.
+Jake Bush ah gotcha :P As a heads up, I'm have a Stingray Xoom but use the Wingray builds since I don't use mobile data.
Flashed over CM9 no prob... trying tiamat kernel and newest gapps now
With the first posted build I did that and a few gapps were FC'ing. Uninstalling and reinstalling from the market fixed it. Pulling new build now
+Daniel Bihler you can give the above Everest build a whirl if you want. If it works please let me know.
The 7/21 build works well for me. ROM manager had trouble finding the zip, but was able to flash from CWM manually.
Latest build is working well for me. No gapps FC'd. Cant test mobile data... it says unknown in settings. On stingray
7/21 Wingray is down?  Is there a mirror?
whens the forum going up so we can give feedback
Randy K
The 7/21 wingray build is very stable. The wifi issue I had in CM9 is gone too! Can't wait for another sync-up.
+Steady Hawkin any new stingray JB builds?  I will be happy to test out and report on the data connection :)
+Steady Hawkin As would I.  I'm willing to test any wingray builds you may have and update you with Bug Reports.
No bug reports needed as these are still preview builds, but i do need info on mobile data on Stingray and Everest. Standby for new builds...
+Steady Hawkin I will download this and install it in the morning.  Will let you know if the data works on the stingray.
Antutu benchmark is a fair way down in latest wingray build (12% slower). Lots of changes?
Glad data is working, as far as the "butter being gone" I have noticed just the opposite. Build seems very fast to me, I have absolutely no trust in benchmarks though ;)
Oh im not benchmarking just using it.  It could be because of things downloading in the background or caching i dont know.  I will recall my buttery statement and then let some time pass first :)
haha removed my whole comment by accident...but just stating to all again.  Data working perfectly on stingray. Great build :)
+Steady Hawkin I can dig that; benchmarks don't test normal operation, so two OSes with the same benchmark may perform markedly differently. However what it does tell you is that in extremis this beast isn't as fast as it's predecessor. Still grateful to play with it and will drive it daily, don't get me wrong!
Stingray build is down. Got another, or a mirror?
On a clean install, the UI doesn't work on wingray until you push through setup, then it's fine.
SystemUI is fine on a clean install with the new signed gapps though. Also faster again.
I just retried the 25-2 build on the stingray with a clean install and new signed gapps found on goo.  SystemUI still crashed and got the message.  

Once again just reporting issues to you in hopes of helping the development.  +Steady Hawkin feel free to let us know to not report anything if you want :)
Appreciate the feedback, system.ui crash is most likely due to a cherry-pick. We will look into it and hopefully fix on the next round of builds.
Is there a forum for these builds, or are you trying to keep it all contained in this posting? 
Is the Rom being revised in view of the official Jb release?
Yes, we'll be pulling in updated files from the OTA. The systemui crash has been addressed as well.

Thanks for the error reports, however I'd just like to remind everyone that these builds are in no way an indicator of the features or performance of CM10 :)

+Jeremy Martin so data worked on 20120725 but not 20120725-2?
+Takazumi Matsumoto data worked in both builds. The only issue i had with the 25-2 build was the SystemUI issue and the has stopped problem.  In a few replies back i attached a logcat of when i had the stopped issue.  I attached it in hopes that it will help you guys diagnose the issue :)

As for the data issue i think that was another guy replying about the everest build.  Data works fine for me on the stingray builds.
+Steady Hawkin data still there for me on stingray.  SystemUI error is not happening on this build.  The only issue left is the has stopped issue.
Strangest thing.  I just went to mount my Wingray so I can flash the 7/29 build, but neither my PC nor my Mac will recognize that there's anything on my Xoom.  It's got the remaining storage space correct, but none of the files show up on either system.

I'm downloading the 7/29 directly to my Xoom and will flash it once it's finished and hopefully I'll be able to navigate my files via a computer again.
+yogesh lal thanks for letting us know your test results! There were a bunch of missing hw libs, hopefully should fix some of the issues.

+Jeremy Martin does the phone FC appear only once and then work fine afterwards?
Just fyi, last couple Stingray builds, mobile data doesn't work, but when I connect via wifi, it displays a 4g connection... Thanks for working on the rom guys!
Hm, let me try to update radios. I actually haven't had it working in previous builds, so that's likely to be it.
Ok, 4g & bars show up without wifi now, but still no actual connection. Stays gray.
+Takazumi Matsumoto +Steady Hawkin  It happens on every reboot around 3 times then everything is ok.  During that time the 3g/4g data indicator shows its reconnecting.  After its done crashing things are ok and it doesnt happen till reboot.

Here is the logcat:

After looking at a logcat from my device I have seen permissions errors for  I also see where the process has crashed and restarted a few times. There are a bunch of unknown permission errors though (chalk that up to an alpha build) but thats the only one for

I would like to note that I don't have a 4g connection in my home town yet so I can only see that the radios are displayed and that it shows i am getting a connection to the tower.  I can test 3g but at this moment my 30 days worth of prepaid ended Friday. I normally just tether this stingray to my galaxy nexus since i have unlimited data.  However when i test these builds for you guys i just pay for data for the month and use it only to test out when you guys think there are radio issues. I figure its the least I can do to help. Tomorrow (payday) I can buy another month of data to test if you like.  However I can attest to the fact it should work due to the data issues i experienced earlier on the CM9 builds.  When I was having issues on those CM9  builds no baseband was found and it didnt display a data indicator for 3g/4g.  On the CM10 Stingray builds I have a baseband and the 3g/4g data indicator is displayed with bars of service.  I too get the "no internet connection" by the data indicator until I connect using WiFi. That is normally what I see until I pay for data for the month.  Logcat also shows i have a valid SIM card as well.
Links don't work for me. Anyone have a mirror of the wingray build? Thanks.
Did a clean wipe, cm10 is awesome on wingray!

Thanks Steady!
Love the colorful lock screen weather  :)
Seth H
Just flashed the latest build. Coming from team eos 127. So gar so good. Much more customization and good solid wifi speeds. Thanks Steady from an old school xoomforums member.
Just about to try the experimental put up yesterday but the link comes up with "nothing here".
Builds are refreshed daily which means the old ones get booted. I am going to post today's here shortly. It should be notes that I'm going on vacation for a few days so you likely wont see me post any new builds until I get back into town.

It should also be noted that we all owe +Takazumi Matsumoto a big thanks for everything he has done with CM and the Xoom. Without him we would have nothing, including all the experimental builds which he compiles daily for us all. Thanks br0!
SH, I am amazed at how good and smooth these jb roms are. How much more testing do you need to go through before posting these on xda or droid forum? Have a great vacation! Let me know if yo make it to NY.
+Alan Sack thanks! We likely wont make the forum posts until we reach nightly status. 
They are excellent ROMs already. Thanks to you all
Randy K
Are the official drivers, etc. from the Xoom JB update merged in these latest builds? These have been my daily driver, and are nearly flawless!
The Stingray build is really close.  When I have Wifi on, it sees that I'm on Verizon's network (via the status bar), wifi works, etc.  But when I turn wifi off or I'm disconnected from an AP, I get the force close on boot and "No Internet Connection" in the status bar.

This was flashed over CM9 Nightly with no data wipe.  Everything looks good otherwise.
+Steady Hawkin I will get a months worth of data and test out the data since +Adam Boeglin is seeing what I see.  I just assumed the data was working since i only get the FC on boot up and since i seen a baseband and 3g bars.
Hmm shoot. If you wipe, does it let you activate on VZW?
A quick report on what I've seen.  I flashed the Stingray build yesterday (7/31). Unfortunately I don't have verizon service so I can't comment on 3/4G data.  I've used it continuously yesterday and today, everything seems very smooth, wifi works, audio works.  No crashes or hangs so far.  Only one bug I've seen so far:

- The audio mute doesn't work like it did.  It used to be if you hit a vol up or down you could touch the symbol on the left and it would mute the audio. Now it always brings you to the audio settings (which is what should happen when you hit the settings symbol on the right). (pretty minor I know).

- Also it seems to have a bit less battery-life than before, but I'm not definitively sure of that one, I haven't used it enough yet.

Otherwise, great work. this seems almost ready for prime time.
Wingray build is very stable. I've noticed that the notification toggle settings do not change to what I've set them to be in the settings menu. They seem to be hardcoded to the default values. Also, with the 7/31 build the Google Now voice search is unusable because it doesn't seem to detect when you stop talking. It continually reads the mic so it never does a search.
+Ben Wenger in google voice, go to settings->download offline speech recognition, and choose your weapon.
Randy K
+Ben Wenger I'm guessing the notification toggle settings just haven't been merged into CM10 yet. Same with the battery percent feature.
Thanks I got voice search working now. I must have done this on the 7/30 build but forgot to do it again. I'm also not able to view my picasa albums in the Gallery app. I have photos set to sync and even have google+ and instant upload sync enabled but no go. I'm using the latest jb google apps from Anybody else having this issue?
Just had a slight issue with the 7/31 Wingray build.  When I woke it up from a deep sleep it was in portrait, so I turned it to landscape.  The screen hung for about 15 seconds, then when I was finally able to unlock it, the entire thing ran super slow.  Opening my App drawer took almost 25 seconds from button press to action.  I rebooted and was able to reproduce this issue two more times.

I'm not going to rule out it possibly being one of the widgets I'm running.  I'm using Simi Calendar, Google Music, Beautiful Clock, and  Weather Eye.
+Ben Wenger it's a limitation of the current GApps from goo, they have not added GalleryGoogle.apk.

+Steve Norman thanks for the problem report, we'll look into it.
Have bèen using custom roms on the xoom for awhile now. Having troubles finding the latest cm10 builds. I see the first one but have seen others referenced. Thank you in advance.
+Takazumi Matsumoto My tab was in deep sleep, then I woke it up while holding it in portrate mode.  Before unlocking it I turned it to landscape mode.  That was pretty much the only thing I did that caused the slowdown.
Search app works fine for me on wingray. However I have observed random errors due to there not being enough space in the system partition for both the ROM and the gapps. I've been clearing space after flashing the ROM before flashing the gapps, and that works well.

(Referring to latest gapps here).
Thank you - downloading and flashing the latest rom and gapps. Actually already have the rom installed. Developers are great..
Randy K
Strange. What I had done was wipe dalvik cache and cache, flashed updated rom, flashed gapps. No search app. Then this morning I wiped dalvik cache, wiped cache, wiped /system, and then flashed the rom and gapps. Now I have the search app. :D
If you flash on top of CM9, the /system partition may become full. Format /system and reflash CM10 in this case.

Does anyone else have problems waking the Xoom from sleep in portrait?
ROM works great on wingray! Some force close problems with the browser and some random freezes or force close.
Jelly Bean and the developers working on the xoom sure have brought new life to the hardware. I really like.
When my Win gray Xoom wakes from sleep the processor always goes down to 216 and I have to go into performance settings and only have to open governers or CPU scaling and then it goes back to my preset over clock settings. My Xoom done the same thing on cm9 as well.
Confirming 4g and 3g does not work on the Xoom. Build date: Aug 1 21:51:13 UTC 2012
Build number: cm_stingray_userdebug 4.1.1 JRO03H eng.tdr.20120801.214955 test-keys
A quick follow up to my report from the other day.  I'm still on the 7/31 build (will update tonight if I have time). I have a stingray and there definitely is a power consumption problem.  I currently last just over a day before recharge while with Honeycomb I was lasting about 4-5 days between charges.  

I am running in airplane mode since I don't have verizon anyways.  Despite that, I notice that "mobile data" is consuming ~15% of the battery (not enough to reduce battery life that much but it shouldn't consume anything at all in airplane mode).
On wingray build having some problems with DSP manager in google play music. On speaker, headset, or bluetooth when dsp settings are enabled it causes the volume to set all the way to max on every new track. Very annoying bug
Also a couple of times I've noticed a superuser message stating that shell has been denied root permissions. The message repeats about 10 times at least and then seems to stop. Not sure whats causing it exactly
+asher cleeter do you overclock or use a tweaking tool to change the governor? The performance governor is known to not work coming out of sleep.

+Ben Wenger have you tried clearing the superuser app's data?

Hm, so there's still a data problem with stingray. Does the baseband shows up and shows signal bars, but no connection? Does anyone have a logcat during connection?
I don't use anything other than built in over clock. It happens on performance or interactive and it doesn't matter what Max or min the CPU is set.
Seth H
Love the quick pin unlock added in the last build, something i use a lot due to exchange email security
Yes I have used setCPU and android overclock and it does not change. Also on 8/5 build I have a pin for lockscreen but the slide unlock always shows ontop of it. Once you slide it to unlock then the pin unlock shows up.
+asher cleeter I have not been able to reproduce the issue using SetCPU. You could try a data wipe if you've flashed ontop of CM9 if that had the problem.

Quick reminder: these are experimental development builds of CM10 so bugs are to be expected. If you have Xoom or tablet specific issues please let us know in this thread. Thanks!
I will try setCPU again. I did a full wipe before install. Any word on the lock screen issue? Thanks for a great rom.
Set CPU seems to be working. Thank You
Same data issues on Stingray.  Process phone crash, and "no internet connection" with wifi disabled.
Google now voice search not working just FC's on me.
+asher cleeter do you have "show widgets before unlock" turned on?

+Nicholas Lewis have you installed the latest gapps? Also if you installed on top of CM9, please format /system and reinstall CM10.

Sorry about the phone crash, we're looking into it. There's also a bug in the 8/5 build where if you have a lockscreen wallpaper set and also set a PIN the device may go into a bootloop.
Turned off "show widgets before unlock" and that solved it. Thank You
I had to do what Randy Kysar had to do above in previous posts very strange indeed but its working now. Thank you
Linky not working, anyway you can put it pack please.
Dropbox link is empty
Has anyone provided a log cat of the mobile data issue "no internet connection"? If not, what tags would you like for the logcat? I'll give it a go, chaps!
Is there a new gapps zip?  I flashed 8/6 and am now missing Exchange Services and Google Now.
On 8/6 build ,stock email app force closes when opening an email. I have cleared data and readded accounts and the issue persist. I restored an app backup from 8/5 build and it works until reboot and then it force closes again.
+Steve Norman both work for me, but I repeat my advice of earlier in the thread: "However I have observed random errors due to there not being enough space in the system partition for both the ROM and the gapps. I've been clearing space after flashing the ROM before flashing the gapps, and that works well."
+Dan Symonds Hrm.  I'm going to reflash after wiping and see if that fixes anything.  Thanks!
I've had all sorts of things go wrong through lack of system partition space, including losing root because SuperSU could not update the SU binary. I now delete everything in /system/media/video and the whole /system/media/audio/ringtones folder (I'm wifi) after flashing CM10 but before flashing the gapps. Using TWRP recovery helps tremendously with that.
+Dan Symonds Thanks for the advice.  I was able to get Exchange back, which was the important part for me, but now Google Search FC's on me.  That's not a huge deal since I almost never use it and I'm willing to wait until the next build for it to run properly.
8/6 Build for the Wingray is not in that dropbox link. Its says its been moved or deleted.  Thanks for your hard work.
....and its down again!!!! Can you please keep it up atleast 24hrs. Im trying to upgrade from 7/31
Guys...we build every 24hours which means builds go down when a new one is up. If a link breaks it means a new one is uploading, please be patient. New builds will be posted shortly
Seems like a solid build. Thanks for the hard work.
the build seems solid. I had 1 random power cycle while browsing the market, and I could not identify any none googe apps installed or running at that time, I'll keep you posted. Only thing I'm missing is the search bar and voice search.
To follow up on my battery power comments from before (let me know if this isn't useful to you all).  I'm running the Aug 5 Stingray build and I fully charged it, rebooted and I went to bed, leaving it in airplane mode with wifi and bluetooth on (theoretically that should turn off mobile data).  In the morning (~7hours later) I was down by to 75%.  The battery page in settings showed the following top two battery consumers:

"Android OS"  44%
"Mobile data"  20%
(the rest was small beer)

Previously, I'd maybe lose 2-5% overnight in a similar setup.

I know linux, but not android particularly well.  Are there any log files I can peruse to get more detail for you all on what is causing the "Android OS" to consume so much power?  I assume its not going fully to sleep and it's leaving the 3G radio on are the likely problems.

I'm trying out the 8/7 build and I'll post up the power results, if you all are interested.
Hey, my mobile data's back on this latest (8/7) build! 4G in Eugene Oregon. Thanks guys!
+Steady Hawkin +Takazumi Matsumoto I can confirm as well that the data issue is gone!  I bought a data package a few days ago just to test out the latest great!  The stopped phone process is gone too :)  Very smooth build! great job guys!
+Jeremy Martin thanks for your log, it was helpful indeed :)
I suspect we won't need the hack/fix with the JB ROM out for stingray though.

+Paul Gratz hopefully it's better with a correctly functioning radio.
np guys...glad to help in anyway as always :)
Randy K
Long pressing the home button is bringing up recent apps in the 8/8 build. In both 8/7 and 8/8 builds, Google search only brings up a white screen, and eventually force closes. I did wipe /system.
+Randy Kysar Check Settings > System > Hardware keys (which for whatever reason is affecting the on screen keys on the Xoom). I can't reproduce the Google Search/Now issue.
Randy K
+Takazumi Matsumoto I did a full wipe including /system, installed the rom and gapps, connected my Google account, and tried Google Search/Now. After the initial opt-in screen, it does the same white screen and force close as I mentioned before.
I don't have Google search at all... I can't even download it. And installing the the GAPPS JB edition from 7/26 did not help this. Otherwise the 8/7 and 8/8 roms are super stable on the Wingray. Watching movies, using my stereo bluetooth, and in general using normally.
Downloading now Steady, I must have been typing my comment just as you posted yours. Thanks for the great work.
Google Now is present. at first glance, Google now doesn't recognize when I stop talking and release the mic to a search, and Google Now tells me my location services are off, when they're not. But the search function is working, and is present on the screen in the upper left corner!  Thanks!
+Donald Heim If it doesn't recognise when you stop talking, you probably need to download offline voice recognition. Look in Settings.
Randy K
+Steady Hawkin No white screen or force close with that gapps package, but Google Search/Now is saying location services are off even though they are on...
I had that same problem with the location services message using the rogue gapps package. package properly detects location but Google now doesnt seem to install. Its gone from the top left of my apex screen and trying to trigger from lock screen doesn't do anything it just ignores the action
It is officially supported however, due to conflicts with people being on different sets of radios we decided it was best not to pull the trigger on an officially dubbed "stable" build. At this point it's full steam ahead with CM10.
+Steady Hawkin understood.  I have no idea why people are on different radios.  You would think by now people would be on the ICS radios.  
Is there a release with the location issue fixed
Tried to flash latest 8/9 wingray version over my 7/31 nandroid. Wiped out all icons and Widgets on desktop although still kept data? Strange same result with and without flashing 7/26 MB gapps.wazup?
Can you post a link to the appropriate gapps package? Instructions? Cache and Dalvik wipe?
Starting to doubt routine for these updates :)

Sorry typo. Should say 7/26JB gapps not MB gapps;)
+Alan Sack that is because trebuchet was added. It will only happen that one time.
+Takazumi Matsumoto Unfortunately, it looks like the battery problems are still with us on Stingray.  I'm currently running the 8/6 build and I've done my battery test two evenings.  This is charge up the battery, reboot, put it in airplane mode and turn on wifi and bluetooth.  I then let it go to sleep and let it set overnight.  In the morning (say 7 hours later) I check the battery and I usually see ~78-75% left with the "android OS" taking about 55% and "mobile data" taking 25%.   Something must be waking up the tablet or not letting it actually go to sleep.  Also something is leaving the 3G network radio powered up.  FWIW, I never got the 4G LTE add in card for this tablet. 

Anything I can run to help debug? 

Sorry I'm not on the latest build, got busy last week.  I see that the 8/9 isnt available so I'm guessing we'll see a new build soon.  I'll try that when it is uploaded.
+Paul Gratz i would suggest running an app like Better Battery Stats to ensure its not an apk issue
i take that back. google now works fine with cm10 gapps but the voice search does not work
OK I'm on the 8/11 build and ran the better battery stats (BBS)app last night.  Basically, the battery use was the same overnight.  Same technique as before, reboot and put in airplane mode with wifi and bluetooth on.  BBS tells me the following:
wifi on - 100%
wifi running = 100%
"no data connection" = 100%
"no or unknown signal" = 100%
"bluetooth on" = 100%
"Awake" = 99.9%
Screen on = .3%
Deep Sleep = .1%

Does this help?
+Paul Gratz it sounds like your never going into deep sleep (you can confirm using CPU Spy). Try checking on the wakelock options of BBS.
We seem to be having some issues with the system partition getting full installing gapps.
+Steady Hawkin tried cpu spy. Says 93% at 213 MHz, .3 in deep sleep. BBS says no ref since unplugged set yet 100% under kernel wakelock. Under partial wakelock, it shows 30% for RILJ mobile data (despite airplane mode).
+Paul Gratz very interesting. I would keep using the tab for a while and check BBS later tonight and see what it comes up with.
7/17 GAPPS has Google now and search but it crashes. 7/26 doesn't seem to have search in the package. I see the post saying install the link above but don't see a link, am I missing something? Otherwise no issues to report on Stingray and really quick.
Randy K
Google Search/Now with 7/26 gapps is working in the 8/12 build for me!
+Randy Kysar, not sure why it didn't load before. I formatted system and reinstalled everything. It just comes up with a white screen now.
Google Now works with Stingray 8/13 and 7/26 GAPPS but the mic will not turn off and search with voice. Mobile data is working great, connection appears to be quicker.
+Steady Hawkin +Takazumi Matsumoto Some updates on the power issue w/ Stingray.  I'm still on the 8/11 build.  (still the same problem, significant battery loss after one night "asleep" in airplane mode, wifi on) After a reboot, BBS seems to be keeping more detailed stats on kernel wakelock.  Here is what it says after 9hrs 44mins mostly asleep:

"motoril-recovery-wklock" - 93.8%, 9hr 4m
"PowerManagerService" - 36.9%, 3h 34m
"radio-interface" - 11.0% 1h 4m
"wlan_ctrl_wake" - 5.3%, 23m (I did some surfing before bed so that might have caused this one)

(the rest looks like I reported previously)
Looks like motoril-recovery-wklock is the primary battery killer (with 3G radio remaining on as a distant second).  Google doesn't tell me anything interesting about what that might be but sounds like some motorola recovery tool?

I'll flash whatever the latest build available tonight is and let you know if it still is the same.
+Paul Gratz so you're running a non-LTE stingray? I'm not sure if we support that at the moment, it seems to be distinct from LTE-stingray.
Hi +Takazumi Matsumoto, Actually they are the same thing.  Basically the deal is that when I bought my Xoom tab, it was the first Xoom on the market.  At the time they had not completed the Verizon LTE rollout and they were selling Xoom tabs without the "4G sim card".  In its place is a little plastic dummy card that says "replace with SIM after 4G upgrade".  Since I didn't have Verizon service anyways, I didn't really care to go get the 4G sim card for it.  (Why I bought a 4G tablet to use it without 4G service is a longer story).

Once the 4G cards became available I think they stopped shipping with the dummy inserts.  But otherwise, this is the same exact Stingray Xoom hardware.  Just without the 4G card you only get 3G service and wifi.  Since I only use it on wifi, that works fine for me, I just turn off the 3G (and presumably 4G) radio by putting it in "airplane mode".

I suppose I could probably get ahold of a 4G sim card from verizon, not sure if they still have them floating around.  Supposedly it was a "free" upgrade.  Is there a reason to get one?
+Paul Gratz do you get the same type of battery drain if you run another Stingray build (ex. EOS Stingray)? My guess at the moment would be the RIL drain is a direct result of not having the LTE radio on board.
+Paul Gratz My understanding was the RILs changed when stingray was upgraded to LTE (when wrigley was turned on). Did you by any chance get the ICS OTA when you were running stock?
+Steady Hawkin , I haven't tried any but I'll give EOS a shot tonight and let you know.  

+Takazumi Matsumoto , ICS OTA was offered but since I had rooted and messed with a few things (screwed up a few things), I guessed it probably wouldn't install cleanly.  Since I've really enjoyed CM on my phone I wanted to give it a shot on the Xoom, so when I saw this here I jumped on it.
For all the people for whom Google now works and voice search does not, install offline voice recognization from Google now and it then the voice search works 100% like a charm!
Seth H
i get to wake up each morning to a new build.  flashing while i have my coffee is a nice way to start the day.
Installed 14 version. Did wipe system, cache and delvik this time. Also increased my wifi speed at home. So far everything is working. I had difficulty with Google now using cyanogen10 before this. Teameos rom did work. But it works now for me. Thank you.
I gotta say that I'm thoroughly enjoying this ROM. I have considered selling my Xoom and getting a nexus 7. I think I'll hold off for a while though. Keep up the good work Steady!
Overall, working great on wifi Xoom. A few random freezes on browser, mostly in connection with video content. One point' however, is that the boot animation is branded incorrectly. It still says "Cyanogen Mod 9" instead of "10" :-)
The thing with trading for the Xoom for a Nexus 7 is you do get a faster screen but so many things are lacking. A second camera, storage, expandable storgage, possibly but don't know - hdmi and usb outs. To me there ate too many sacrifices.
Thank you looking forward to the final product
At this point I'm not considering a Nexus 7.  My Xoom which I bought on release day is still working very well especially since Steady refuses to let it die.

Along with my Galaxy Nexus I'm still quite content with both running CM10.

Thanks Steady....socks are rocked!
+Paul Ternahan glad your diggin it bruh! I agree the Xoom is pretty rock solid, especially for what I need rite now. We owe it all to +Takazumi Matsumoto , without him we would be in a world of hurt.
Any reason all of my icons and widgets disappeared when I flashed the 8/15 Wingray update and 7/26 gapps? The data was still there, but had to reload icons and widgets onto my screens. I wiped cache and Delvik, did I do something wrong?
Sorry, my bad I mistakenly flashed an Eos ROM over CM 10 8/14. The weird thing is that it works...??? Shouldn't I be bootlooping right about now?
Seth H
ive been using the 8-02 EOS Gapps package with these test builds, all with good success, and it all fits into the system partition with enough room for adaway to update the hosts files.  Google Now is working fine, no hiccups.  
I'm having an issue since 8/15 while having my wingray mounted to my Mac.  Android File Transfer says that both my SD Card and Internal Storage are both empty when they're very much not.  It might be a problem with AFT, since that program sucks much, but I haven't seen this until after I flashed the 8/15 build.
I like the 7/26 cm10 JB gapps. Still get some freezes on the browser.
I have 2 Google icons on the top left of the home screen. Does anyone else have this.
I do, as well. A little strange.
my overclock settings are not sticking.  They do for a little bit when come out of a app its back down to 214mhz.  I have max set at 1502 and min at 1200.  Anyone one know how to make these stick.
+Steady Hawkin Just touching base with a followup on the question you all had about how EOS works on this Stingray tab. I did a little more research and +Takazumi Matsumoto is correct, in effect there are two flavors of Stingray, the original "cdma" version and the mod'ed LTE version (those of us who bought early got a cdma version and we were supposed to send it in to Moto to get the radio switched, I never did though, and its too late now).  EOS v2 (ICS build) has two different flavors, one for stingray_cdma and one for stingray_LTE.  With the stingray_cdma build the tablet works fine.  No battery drain problem or any of the rest.  

That said I still think there were two issues (possibly related) with the build of CM10 on this board, one was the cdma radio being stuck on which was accounting for ~20% of the battery drain, but the other was  "motoril-recovery-wklock" is which was keeping the processor out of deep sleep and accounting for much more of the battery drain. 

Anything else I can try to help you all debug, should I give the 8/17 build a try? I'd prefer to run CM over EOS in the long run.
+Paul Gratz well it sounds like in order for us to address the issue we would have to add a 4th build for the non LTE version of Stingray. Not sure if I can forsee that happening, but we will discuss it internally. In the meantime we appreciate the valuable feedback you have provided and we will keep you posted about future plans.
+Steady Hawkin  No worries, I appreciate the efforts to date.  If you do decide to build for it, I'll be around to help debug. 
I can confirm Dual Google problem fixed in the new build.
The 8/17 builds are no longer on drop box. Are new builds up?
Randy K
Getting white screen on Google Now again.
Currently have august 19 installed. Confess I also install teameos ROM. Both are great. I use teams in recovery - quite good. Sometimes I wipe the system too. Which does seem to help the ROM and Gapps install. One question - is there a change log posted. Have a great day.
Though I too am having troubles with white screen on Google now. It works well in teameos. So uncertain why. Thank you.
Google search bar and Google now disappeared?? Had the same thing happen with EOS.
System partition is getting full which is likely causing the issues with Google now/search. We do not have a fix for this rite now but are very aware of the issue. 
I'm running the 8/17 build OK. I ran into trouble getting the Google Search app (Now) to exist, but I finally was able to after some finagling. Unfortunately I forgot what I did (it was getting late and several combos of installs/wipes confused my brain).

Now I'm wondering if I should get the 8/19 builds. I suppose a nandroid backup would ease my woes before adventuring it. However 8/17 so far seems to work pretty well - a little rough on operation (not as smooth as some of the EOS builds I was using) but I attest that to fresh installs. Smoother after a couple days (or I'm on something).

Oh, and +Steady Hawkin , would it be better to throw up a new post on G+ when there is a new build vs loading a 270+ thread? Just a though.
Oh, about the system partition running out of space - TeamEOS had the same issue. They did some trick with symlinks to correct the issue. Not entirely sure what specifically.

bigrushdog - "OK. Voice search and Google now and all that works fine. Here's the problem. We're out of room on our system partition. But not to worry. I learned a real neato trick called symlink. I'll talk with the team about the best way to implement it. In the meantime, delete the /system/media/videos folder and flash the gapps pack again. That should do it."
+Patrick Hagge the problem we are going to face is needing a clean fix that won't break other things/trees. We'll look into it. As far as posting a new thread for each new build, that's not going to happen. With new builds almost daily for the G-Nex and Xoom it would trash my G+. Hopefully we won't be using this thread to much longer, as soon as we get one or two last fixes we will be flipping the official nightly switch.
Noticed some lag when I went from 8/15 to 8/17 and 8/19. 8/15 was very snappy but later builds are sluggish. Also, can't get hotspot to work with wpa or wpa2. Open works just fine, but others can't connect to me with wpa or wpa2. Stingray xoom and lovin the cm10 goodness but have to rollback for hotspot.
Thanks for the Everest love! Unfortunately 3g data doesn't work yet, but other than that quite stable. Looking forward to testing the ongoing nightlies (provided they are continued of course)
I flash the ROM, then delete everything in system/media/video and system/media/audio/ringtones (wingray so I don't need them) and then flash the gapps. Everything works smoothly for me. Loving these builds, and official nightlies sound even better. Thanks!
Thanks for the Changelog - good read. I marvel at the skills others have. Nice work.
Any one having problems making video calls with Google Talk [ Build 8/23 | ]
Looks like the 8/23 test builds are returning a 404 now?
New builds will be up shortly
Randy K
Setting battery status style to percentage shows the percentage in the notification drawer but not the status bar like it did in CM9.
I did an upgrade to the 8/24 build and my GoogleNow seems to have disappeared. I'll reload the Roque Gapps, and try wiping the device, but I wanted to give the heads up.
+Douglas Panhota its working for me. I would suggest changing to a different Gapps package. If you do make sure you format /system, flash rom, then flash gapps
Everything works for me as well. I always wipe cache and davlik, etc even though I'm not sure what they do. These ROMs rock. No issues here including Google Now. Now to see what else was added.....
After flashing the 0824 wingray build, my xoom reboot itself, nobody have the same problem.
I fix permission, reboot and seems fine now...
The hardware is the same but you have to flash it to us spec.
Hey, +Douglas Panhota , I'm from Brazil too. If you need any help, just let me know. The ROM went fine in my XOOM MZ604. The Hardware is the same, so you really should try what +Steady Hawkin  said. Try formatting /system via recovery and flash again.
Google Talk video chat still not working.
Gtalk video works on my xoom with eos
25 broke my wifi went back to 24. Zero issues with 24. Are we going to see different animations for screen transitions at some point?
Must be an issue with the Gapps package. The one I'm using works without issue
+Carlos Vladymir just a modified version which cuts out allot of fat. Its trimmed down to like 25MB to allow extra space on the /system partition.
We are getting very close to pulling the trigger on official nightlies. The last issue which needs to be addressed is the space limitation on the /system partition. As it stands, flashing one of the official Gapps packages causes various issues due to this limitation.

It can be easily fixed by trimming out some of the files in that package, but that's not what we consider to be a good or reasonable fix. As soon as we figure out a way to make it work we will flip the switch. Until then, we will keep pumping out our modified version so at least you have something to snack on.

As always, we appreciate your support and patience.

I have zero issues, and I use this everyday.
Randy K
It has been a tasty snack! Keep up the good work.
Great work. Can hardly wait until the problem is resolved. Buying the better Apple - Samsung soon.
Was just gonna check out the latest cm10 for the Xoom and it looks like the link is down. Sadness, loving one of the older builds :-)
+Donnie West Usually when the link is down it's because a new build is coming really soon.  Check back in an hour or so.
Using 8/28 will got a few freezups and a fc while browsing with multiple pps open in browser. Some videos don't load. Don't know if it's a flash or ROM issue?
Sorry I meant the 8/30 build for win gray.
Understand. Was not running a log cat app. Dl'd and running it now. Will send if it becomes useful.
Links appears to be dead, could you provide mirrors?
Seth H
Adityo, link is dead probably cuz a new one is about to go up. Just checked the change log and there is a 9-01 version coming.
Battery percent is ok now with new build ?
Battery percent in statut bar is fixed now, thanks.
Anyone using our Everest build?
Official CM10 nightlies will be up in the next few days!
I have tried this rom (build 8/23) is smooth and fast for me.....thanks. I do have a quick question. Will this rom support the "Cobalt - CM9/CM10 Theme" now or anytime in the future? When I try to apply it, it tells me it was not compiled correctly. I am trying it coming from the default theme.
i will flash everest build tonight see how it goes let you know
Randy K
+Steady Hawkin How are you getting around the /system partition size issue for nightlies?
Randy K
+Steady Hawkin Nope. Not since you did something to fix it. I was just curious how you overcome this or what you deleted.
My wingray reboots alone sometimes about two builds ago...
I have fixed permissions but no way...
+Randy Kysar actually that's probably not yet fixed in the nightlies, we'll need to check how it turns out.

+Grégory BAUD we've been having some reboot issues on and off, but it looks like something upstream fixed it, unless you've been having issues with the latest builds.
+Takazumi Matsumoto I think it's the first reboot issues you say, exemple : I am on an app and sudently the xoom no responding and reboot
Is there going to be another build after 9/3 or is it going straight to official nightlies from there. ?
Is anybody else having trouble downloading any of these? Every link I go to leads to a Dropbox page telling me the file was deleted or moved.
been testing Everest been very stable and fast just normal stuff that you probably already know such as charging percentage also radio 3g is finding the carrier but will not connect to network at all. I am amazed at how stable it is for such early builds has not frozen up or reset once apart from my daughter is bit upset because agent dash doesn't work now but every other app or game works perfectly its a bit weird.
Randy K
Setting custom light levels causes settings to crash. The values don't stick.
Randy K
I see a wingray nightly. Is this legit now? O.o Or proceed with caution? :)
The official nightly didn't boot :-\ had no problems with the last test builds..
No, it doesn't get to the boot animation
But I flashed it directly over the latest test build. Is it recommended to do a wipe before flashing?
Randy K
I wiped /system and then flashed. No boot animation. Dark grey screen.
+Heiko Rausche so it goes from splash screen to black screen I assume? Should not need a wipe but I suppose if you feel up to try wiping and flashing it wouldn't hurt.
Randy K
+Steady Hawkin Possibly. I'm trying a full wipe to see if the outcome is different.
Randy K
+Steady Hawkin Same results with a full wipe. I'll try grabbing a logcat now.
gotcha :/, thanks for the help. Well look into it
Had same problem. Had to revert back. The cm10 nightly did not work for me. Got my initial screen before the boot animation. Did not go into the animation. Black screen and stopped there.
Xoom Umts everest no internet connection in 3g...
Yes, the wingray nightly builds are having some issues with the proprietary vendor files. We're also still trying to get stingray up and running. Please bear with us :)

Everest users, can you send us a logcat of your device trying to connect over 3G? Thanks.
Anyone try the newest "official" nightly yet?
Me too! Does not boot past the M logo. Can't wait to get this up and running. Great work though Steady+Team rogue
It's missing the Vendor files again :O
That's OK! Well worth the wait. Steady, I can't seem to find the experimental builds on here. Where can I find the links? Thanks again love your work :-)
Where are they posted? I did not see a thread on XDA?
Found a cm 10 9-7 nightly on is that your ROM or am I downloading something else?
I am suspicious because it doesn't say
The one I mentioned did not boot, did a Nandroid restore to 9/5 and installed the 9/7 build above from Steady's link. All is well:-)
Is the build on a Roague build or is it someone elses?
+Alan Sack the builds that are posted here are based off official builds with a few mods and cherry-picks (see changelog in O.P.). The builds posted on are official builds (which we maintain) but they are going to lack some of the features the builds here have..
Thanks Steady ! Appreciate the explanation.
Are you going to start posting the Roague cm10 builds on a forum like Xda or RootzWiki?
+Alan Sack no prob bro. I'm not sure what is going to happen with the experimental builds, I'll need to talk to +Takazumi Matsumoto about it. Since we are the device maintainers for CM on the Xoom I dont think we will post anything in the forums except "official" builds. Well talk and let you guys know whats going to happen.
+Steady Hawkin when is the stingray builds going to go nightly on the cm site?  I notice wingray has been there a few days.
+Steady Hawkin If you guys are not able to post experimental builds after they go on the CM site perhaps you could post the mods here so we could flash it on the "official builds".  Is that an option?
Is the official CM10 (on nightly 0908 for the wingray supposed to be functional?  For me, I just get a blank screen, no boot logo or anything.  Do you know this and do you want a logcat?
Currently the issues are with Jenkins not pulling the correct files. As soon as the problem is corrected we should be good to go.
Everest test 3G doesn't work. This is the result of catlog when i try to connect in 3G

-------- beginning of /dev/log/main
I/dalvikvm( 8713): Turning on JNI app bug workarounds for target SDK version 11...
E/Trace ( 8713): error opening trace file: No such file or directory (2)
W/InputEventReceiver( 8713): Attempted to finish an input event but the input event receiver has already been disposed
Thanks Matsumoto-san for the build :D
Is the latest nightly good to flash or are the vendor files still missing?
Thanks +Carmelo Federico, we'll keep working on it.

+Chris Chan unfortunately the nightly builds haven't been fixed yet, but it should be brought up to speed very soon :)
Do you have a recommended GAPPS package at this point. I know for a while you weren't advising the rogue one. Has the /system partition size issue been resolved?  Thanks for your hard work.
Randy K
+Donald Heim I have been using the regular ones on goo with no issues.
I'm running 9/7 build on Stingray and I'm getting in and out data connection. Signal is fine but the connection won't stay more than 30 seconds. Wifi works fine.
Running 9/7 on wingray, have been getting reboots all day on the charger???
Check your oc or voltage settings, they're usually the culprit.
+Alan Sack , I have 2 wingrays, and one takes any rom I throw at it, and runs solid, but the other reboots every time the screen sleeps on any jb rom except mfg rom or the stock root jr003h rom. I have no idea why.
Yea but this Xooom has been running solid on cm10 for a while
Official builds *should be fixed on the next round
Steady can you tell us why we are still stuck at the 2.6 kernel?
All the links are down, possible to have the latest one please ?
Everest users, what baseband is shown in About Tablet? Have you run team eos's JB ROM successfully?

+Chris Chan is what is released by Google/Motorola/Nvidia for stingray. I ran a 3.0.8 based kernel for a bit (I think I posted that on twitter), but it wasn't stable and some hardware didn't quite work at that point.
Seth H
Nooooooo! Missed the 9-11 build!
Now Wingray WiFi Only part! I'm testing on Everest
Randy K
Well, the 912 nightly booted... :)
Randy K
Orientation, gyroscope, light sensor, pressure sensor, etc. not working on official nightly.
Thanks for the feedback, well be looking into it!
Really need feedback on the Everest build :)
Using the latest build. Boot in nation is quite clever. Nice. All works well. One reboot using the browser.
We're aware of the problem with the sensor libs not being built for wingray. In better news, stingray is now building properly ;)

+Carmelo Federico thanks for the feedback. I think I may have misunderstood the legacy RIL patch for CM, I'll change the config and try again.
I downloaded and flashed the latest nightly, Steady. It seems to be working just fine.
Randy K
+Takazumi Matsumoto Should I try out today's wingray nightly or have no changes been done to the sensor libs yet?
The latest nightly seems fine as far as the sensors go, but I don't know if anyone has problems with lockups and reboots whilst downloading files, torrents etc on wingray
Repeatedly tap cm10 version in settings for cool easter egg.
Realized I downloaded but didn't install today's build....what a pinhead.  Installed and I still have both 4G and WiFi with no issues at all.
+Randy Kysar sadly that zoom does sleep reboots regardless if a sd card is in or not. The only it is stable is with stock or the stock rooted on xda. It is maddening because my second xoom works well with any of the roms out there.
Running 9/12 wingray. Am I the only one getting an obscene amount of browser crashes? If I am I'll try to grab a logcat. Seems to be more or less fine if I disable Java though.
Looks like it might be related to Java & Desktop UA interaction. Those two combined equal a lot of crashing, but turning Java off or changing to Android UA and things seem ok.
I'm still with the test EXPERIMENTAL build in 0913 and everything is just fine except 3G . As the project continues 3g for Everest, there are developments and news? Thanks
Thank you so much for your hard work on this amazing rom!  On the official build, is there a way to get the nicer looking weather like you use on the experimental build.  Would love that on the official one!  Thanks!
Is there an everest build to test?...the dropbox links are all down.
+Steady Hawkin Hello .. I flashed the Wingray 0917 over Everest with 2 wipe cache cleanup everything went perfect. it works fine .. Question: this version does everest 0916 3G?
Hey guys, I've had a hard drive failure which has stopped me from working on Android for the last few days (did you know it takes forever to rebuild a 4TB array?). I should be back and looking into the stability problem tomorrow. 
Are we still going to see custom wingray builds? Not just cm10 nightlies.
Thank you for the releases prior to the "official" nightlies. Ive been enjoying cm10 since you began. One of the reasons i purchased a xoom vice the nexus 7.
We encourage people to use the official nightlies for testing where possible :)

Everest users (+Carmelo Federico), please try . There have been some changes to the vendor and device files which brings it more in line with eos and cna umts_everest ROMs.
+Takazumi Matsumoto 
 tell you now that I've proven over the Wingray of 0923, the 3G signal appears but alternates 3G / H + and disappears, if I connect to the browsers I have no internet connection ..
I have to try to clean install? do the 3 wipes?
Just so the Wingray users don't feel left out, give this a whirl. Were hoping it leads to fewer reboot issues.

I'll flash the experimental later this morning and let you know
"No Internet Connection" nothing else

Sent from my Galaxy Nexus
+Paul Ternahan under baseband does it say unknown, or does it show a sting of numbers/letters? 
I can reinstall if you like I went back to the nightly I have to have data
during the day

Sent from my Galaxy Nexus
Steady Ive got a quick question. I flashed the newest nightly and my wingray became the furthest thing away from butter. I went back to your last build (which was butter) and it's still very laggy, as if all my RAM is occupied. Ideas?
Any way you can re-post that wingray build from yesterday.
+Takazumi Matsumoto 
Hello. Mine was just an idea and nothing else, I know it's an experimental breast would not have done these tests, however also try this and let you know. Thanks for your interest and for the job. greetings
Everest test:
Just head .. Nothing to do for 3G, always the same signal dancer comes and goes ..The signal after a while keeps him .. but just reactivated the wifi off and then will re-engagement dance But I assure you that we're almost therer

Soon as you open the calculator crashes
My 3g card arrived today, so I can give feedback on everest: the ROM doesn't ask for sim pin, so I guess my sim is not recognized?!
I tried to reboot, but this did not help, any suggestions?
Try to remove the PIN of the SIM to Settings> Security, or remove the pin from a mobile phone
A complete reformat returned the buttery goodness.
Thanks my sim gets recognized, but I can't get no signal.
+Benedikt Nichell 
Try to see the data APN and after setting off Wifi, then disable and re-enable data internet .. if not just restart the Xoom, expects aggangia the net and you'll see that it works, is a cumbersome but it works ..
Everest 0930 test:
Same situation as above
Just head .. Nothing to do for 3G, always the same signal dancer comes and goes ..The signal after a while keeps him .. but just reactivated the wifi off and then will re-engagement dance 
Soon as you open the calculator crashes
I attach logcat

Thanks for the new Messages application
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