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Yes. Happy. :-D 
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His Gun Was Impressive

Over the course of the week leading up to this day, +Andy MacInnis​ and I (and others) had been saving our empty beer cans. Our intent was to distribute them to the children that called this place home. To them, they were currency. Food. Life.

At the entrance to the dump there was a large imposing man, fairly well dressed, standing near the doorway to the administrative building. Henchmen stood by the gate, ensuring we didn't gain entrance until we spoke with him. He approached the van, 'Wells of Hope' was printed in bold letters on its side. Sitting in the passenger seat, the large silver revolver jutting proudly from his waistband was inches from my face. It was not subtle.

His intent was to intimidate.

He owned this dump. This was his domain. The families that lived here, who built their homes from scraps of wood and discarded plastic atop mounds of trash, who harvested any and all organic waste they found for their meals, were allowed to do so by offering homage to him. I'm sure money was not the only currency.

He examined what we'd brought with us closely. Were there anything of value, he would want his cut. He was satisfied with what he saw.

He motioned to one of his men to open the gate and let us in. As Andy drove, children rushed to the car, eager to accept our offerings. 5 empty beer cans and a bar of soap each.

They smiled with excitement as they ran back to their mothers to show off what they'd earned. Simply by being first to my open window.

One year ago.
#guatemala #poverty #childpoverty
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Son. Brother. Father. Friend.
I am a son. I am a brother. I am a father. I am a friend.

I am the father of two strong and dynamic young women, just now emerging from childhood. Just over a decade ago, I decided to be a stay-at-home dad. They were 2 and 4 when I started, 4 and 6 when I finished, and it was the most fulfilling two years of my life.

Outside of a short stint in the southern US when I was 19, I've lived my entire life, born and raised, in Canada.

Want to know more? Go here.

If you want to follow me, thank you. Also, please know this ...
  • I share a mix of public and limited posts which represents selected snapshots into my life and the things I find interesting.
  • I'm not likely to spam your stream as I don't tend to post more than a few times a day, though there are times when I go on sabbatical and won't post for days on end.
  • I do not post NSFW content publicly, if at all.
  • If you comment inappropriately on my posts (judged solely at my discretion), I will not hesitate to call you on it or delete your comment without explantation.
If you want me to follow you, know this ...
  • I will take a look at your Profile and your Posts before deciding to do so.
  • I follow a fairly diverse group of people and pages spanning travel, technology, social media, general interest, and selected NSFW.
  • I will engage and comment on your posts when I find them interesting. When I do, it will be in a respectful and on-topic manner (though usually with a tendency toward sarcastic and off-beat humor). 
I will not follow you if you post ...
  • too frequently.
  • commercially motivated content.
  • mostly reshares of other people's content.
  • in a language that I do not understand.
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Father of 2 girls.
  • Wilfrid Laurier University
    1985 - 1989
  • SRH Project Solutions
    Owner, 2002 - present
    I am a consultant in the field of technology project, program, and software management, primarily within the realm of the financial enterprise. I have operated as an independent contractor for the past decade.
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I always order the JK47 ... a dusted dry rub wing with just the right amount of spice.
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Excellent spot for either a night out with friends, a wind-down after work, or a couple of pints with your team-mates after working up a sweat. Staff are friendly, though they tend to be very busy so park your impatience at the door and kick-back and enjoy the atmosphere and the din of the crowd. Lots of TVs to keep you entertained and a small patio when the days are hot and sunny.
Food: Very GoodDecor: Very GoodService: Very Good
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