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Sean Kim

I am a moderator of a community that is run in private.
Due to the community being private, emails and notification from the Google Plus application is triggered whenever someone requests to join the community.

Since I am getting the same notification on the app, I was looking for a way to stop receiving emails requests to join the community as it clutters my gmail inbox.

Can anything to be done about this as it besides filling up my gmail inbox, I am get duplicated notifications of the same request in two different forms, through email and the Google Plus app.

I've used your application back when it was in beta testing for version 2.0 from the sub Reddit post through pm and have also gave feedback from then.

This time around, I just wanted to say you have come a long way and made vastly great improvements over the updates of the application so for that, congrats on your work!

I was always stuck between various different Reddit apps though now I can finally settle in with Reddit Now as all the perks I've had before have been resolved; like the previous design implementations of the app.

Although I now only use Reddit Now, I still do think with some more features/improvements, the application can improve and would in return, satisfy the ux even more when using the app.

The suggested features/improvements I would highly appreciate the app implements is the following below.

Firstly, an option to quickly move from one parent comment to the next or previous one in the comment section of a post.
This will work with semi transparent buttons either of up/down or left/right indicating to go to next/previous parent comments.

Secondly, it would be great when while scrolling down posts/comments, the action bars of a sub Reddit/comment section automatically hides and reappears only when scrolling up just so there is more screen estate in which allows for more content to be shown.

Last off, the current thumbs up/down of voting should be considered to be switched to the arrows just to keep with the Reddit ui consistently factor. (not really important as the current thumbs looks fine but just something to keep in mind.)

With all that said, the application is much better than it was in the previous version and will keep using Reddit Now as the default for my Reddit browsing on my phone. 
I look forward to any improvements that will be updated in the near future.

Thanks for reading to the end and continuing the development of the application!

Looks like the api is acting up again which is causing the app to crash when attempting to synchronize with mal :/

I was too lazy to report but as now it's starting to bug me a little, I am here to post to inform about the app crashing frequently on my side of the usage when syncing via data connection and sometimes wi-fi.
Is there a way I can properly post the crashes that's been happening to me via like a logcat or other methods so this issue stops persisting?

Any chance will users be given the option to set task priority levels?
This would be a significant/welcome feature that will appreciated by users like myself.
Hope the suggestion gets consider and be implemented into future builds.
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