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Sean Grant (doctorjoomla)
Helping people to get online and get business.
Helping people to get online and get business.

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Great for remote control during tech. support sessions!

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Woohoo!! Have been waiting and hoping for this #feature since it was first released on the website. Well played #gmail!!
Today’s update to the +Gmail iOS app is designed to help you store all your files in a single place. Now, if someone sends you an email attachment, you can save it directly to +Google Drive with one tap. Also, just like with Gmail on the web, you can now insert files from Google Drive directly into an email on your phone or tablet.

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Here's an essential security precaution for all #joomla    and #wordpress  and #drupal  website administrators.  Thanks once again to Nick +OSTraining 

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Anyone need remote desktop support?  Do it all within your Google Chrome browser.... connected to ANY device.... on ANY OS.....

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Why Language Learning is important.... especially relevant for those of us who must master new language and culture... and for those whose business plans revolve around learning and/or language...

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Did you know?  Edmodo is the largest Educational social network in the world...  Goodbye inhouse Learning Management Systems...

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Mandarin lessons in progress.  
Learning Chinese with Little Fish's Ethan Bai
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Congratulations +WordPress on another release.  Keep up the good work!!

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In the wake of #heartbleed  / #heartbleedbug  here an excellent new feature from my one of my #favourite   #recommended   #apps.

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Farewell to Joomla 1.5 - yet another major extension provider, +Joomlatools  ends support for the ageing +Joomla! 1.5.x CMS.  

Another reminder to those still runnning a website on this outdated, unsupported version of Joomla! to migrate to the newer versions.  

Contact +Sean Grant if your website needs to be migrated to the latest version of Joomla! or converted to another popular CMS like +WordPress before it stops working entirely or is hacked by opportunistic abuse due to outdated extensions, which are unhealthily commonplace.
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