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Marketing Pro - Brand Strategy, PR, Digital, & Social
Marketing Pro - Brand Strategy, PR, Digital, & Social

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Augmented Reality Stencils Allow Artists To Cover Large Surfaces

An app on Google's AR platform Tango helps users paint and draw large-scale work

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Roger Moore dead: This anecdote about the James Bond actor just keeps getting better as you read

"I don't want to spoil its twists so won't discuss what happened, but the absolutely charming story has already attracted 31,000 interactions and 9,000 shares on Facebook along with a ton of widely-shared screen grabs."

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Honestly, I made this mistake too a few years back. I didn't see it as a misstep at the time. But, I feel differently now. Just because someone connects with you on a social network does not mean they want to be on your email list.

What do you think? 

The same well-known marketer (he was a featured speaker at SMMW) who added me to his email marketing list from a LinkedIn contact download DID IT AGAIN!

A year ago he and another marketer used the same wrong-thinking technique and I published this article in response. I didn't call them out publicly, but I did message them privately and received assurances it would never happen again.

I'm not in the habit of publicly shaming people so I won't call them out this time either, but PLEASE, if you're using LinkedIn to build an audience, DO NOT even THINK about exporting those contacts into your email marketing list.

And do us all a favor and share this with the people you know - let's make sure folks know that connecting on LinkedIn is not a tacit opt-in to your marketing list.

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#AdviceFromMovieCharacters 🤔🤔😄😄

I'm getting amusement out of this hashtag trending on Twitter this morning. Check it out. If you're not on Twitter, comment here with the best advice you got from movie characters.

Check out these search results:

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Video & Transcript of New Orleans Mayor Landrieu's Address on Confederate Monuments

Very good and important speech. Well worth your time.⌚👏

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How American cities keep food trucks off their streets

By 2015 America could boast more than 4,000 food trucks, which together were earning some $1.2bn per year. But not everyone has embraced the trend. Businesses say that their operations block streets and pedestrian traffic, take up valuable parking spaces and disrupt pavements with crowds, waste and noise. Restaurant owners complain that because mobile vendors do not have to pay rent or real-estate taxes, they enjoy unfair advantage.

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Home Run: Amazon and Apple’s Curvy Future-Forward Headquarters

What do you think of the plant-friendly 'Spheres' of Amazon?

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Digital Ad for 'Get Out' Home Release

This includes an alternate ending. I don't really care to see alternate endings. Unlike your average deleted scene which is either completely pointless or provides some good context that just isn't imperative to the story, alternate endings can change the viewer's perception of a film entirely. What do you think? 

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Roger Moore, '007' Actor, Dies at 89

Goodbye, Bond. 
Animated Photo

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Crib Simulates A Moving Car To Help Babies Sleep

Oh the places you'll go. 
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