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Sean Grace
Marketing Pro - Brand Strategy, PR, Digital, & Social
Marketing Pro - Brand Strategy, PR, Digital, & Social

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How to Become a Marketing Influencer Before You Turn 30

Quick and interesting Q&A with Hawke Media founder & CEO Erik Huberman.

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Wind and solar power are disrupting electricity systems

"At its heart, the problem is that government-supported renewable energy has been imposed on a market designed in a different era. For much of the 20th century, electricity was made and moved by vertically integrated, state-controlled monopolies. From the 1980s onwards, many of these were broken up, privatised and liberalised, so that market forces could determine where best to invest. Today only about 6% of electricity users get their power from monopolies. Yet everywhere the pressure to decarbonise power supply has brought the state creeping back into markets. This is disruptive for three reasons. The first is the subsidy system itself. The other two are inherent to the nature of wind and solar: their intermittency and their very low running costs. All three help explain why power prices are low and public subsidies are addictive."

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What Marketers Should Know About Celebrity Marketing Endorsements

Here's an interesting read. I've never really thought much about these points for if and when I should work closely on a celebrity endorsement. This is good, practical advice.

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Toys Showcase First Look at Movie Blockbusters

The marketing will reveal all.

"While it has happened plenty throughout the years, there seems to be more attention than ever placed upon the reveals from toy companies. Plenty of new characters were shown during the New York Toy Fair, from companies trying to sell their upcoming product. Disney in-particular seems to encounter this issue."

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Have your photo taken with an Oscar statue this week at Walt Disney World

From now through Sunday, guests at Disney’s Hollywood Studios can have their photo taken with an Academy Award (also known as an Oscar) statue inside the Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream attraction during regular park hours.

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Three Promo Posters For 'Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales'
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5 Home Brewing Tips to Avoid the Dreaded Bottle Bomb

Yeah, this happened today. Pretty much as the author describes his first experience with an exploding bottle of beer. I'm thinking it may be a fermentation issue on my end. Though, more likely it's the bottles we re-use from whatever commercial brew we buy. 

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A Casual Conversation with an Oscar Voter

Still undecided which film they are voting for in Best Picture.

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How Movie Sound Effects Are Created

Have you ever seen foley artists? Probably not, because their job is to remain invisible and create a sense of reality within a movie using only sound. Foley artists recreate ambient sounds in a studio, and these reproduced sounds can be anything from footsteps to the swishing of clothing. Filmmaker Daniel Jewel has created an insightful documentary, called ‘The Secret World of Foley‘ which presents the backstage of foley art. Without these crucial background noises, movies feel unnaturally quiet and uncomfortable.

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The Melancholy of Don Bluth

How the children’s animation of the 80’s made room for sadness, and what that taught us.
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