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Marketing Pro - Brand Strategy, PR, Digital, & Social

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Oculus’s Michael Abrash: AR glasses will change everything in ‘the next 50 years’

Efforts to make the technology more convenient include bringing AR into smartphones, using a camera you’re going to have on you practically at all times. Abrash further suggested that in the long-term, an AR-enabled wearable will become available outside of the phone.

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Are we going from “Artificial Intelligence” to “Augmented Intelligence?”

Going off the course of what I've been sharing so far in this collection with regard to augmented reality, this is something much deeper.

This is a quick, and fascinating read about how our current artificial intelligence might actually mold with us in the future to create augmented intelligence enabling us to ramp up our knowledge in any number of disciplines at a speed never seen before.

"AI is going to augment natural human intelligence and enable people to gain the world’s collective expertise while requiring less time and study than what has been required to become an expert in any one thing today."

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Hertz Ties Search To Mobile Proximity Marketing

This is an interesting use case for proximity marketing - gaining knowledge on people's whereabouts, infering their needs, and serving them up relevant, helpful messaging.

The ultimate in ad targeting will come when Hertz can recognize when app users get off the plane and pick up their baggage. The company wants to give users a better experience and direct them to where they can pick up their car, without making a stop at a counter, so they can bypass long lines.

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Take a Trip Inside Coachella’s Psychedelic 120-Foot VR Dome

Chrysalis, as the show in the dome is called, is a virtual reality trip very different from the goggle-enabled VR most folks are familiar with. Instead of crushing their flower crowns with a headset, Coachella attendees watched the eight-minute show projected onto the ceiling of a 60-foot high rotunda. All they had to do was lean back and look up.

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Apple Files Patent For AR Tech That Conceals Virtual Objects Behind Real Ones

The patent details “a method for representing a virtual object in a real environment”. To do this, the company has devised a system in which a “recording device,” possibly an iPhone, captures a 2D image of the environment in front of it.

The system then takes one aspect of that environment as a reference point for a virtual object’s position in the real world. This enables any virtual project to collide with items in the real world “in a way largely close to reality.”

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For Senior Citizens, the Future of VR Lies in the Past

"Despite precipitous growth in VR research over recent years, less exists around applications for the elderly. However, findings in other fields may hold a clue to VR’s benefits."

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The reality of M&A for augmented and virtual reality

Some VR/AR sectors have become crowded already, with hundreds of startups chasing the same early stage consumers (and their wallets).

The two sectors with lowest barriers to entry and the highest number of startups are VR video and VR games. While some of the best funded companies have the resources to see them through, others are already facing the financial realities of this stage of the market. Expect to see consolidation in these sectors in 2017...

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Google Earth in VR is so beautiful that it made me cry

It’s not like Google Earth on a phone or a tablet or a laptop. It’s you, there, and if you look off in another direction, you’ll see what’s actually there, almost immediately. It’s not only immersive; it’s meaningful.

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ReRendezvous: Ford Recreates First Street Racing Film in VR

Forty years after the original 1976 film, a high-speed adventure considered the first street racing video, Ford invites virtual reality viewers to take a seat in a 2016 Mustang and experience an unmissable, seat-of-your-pants, virtual reality ride through the streets of paris.

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Livestream A New AR Makeup Look In Real Time

ModiFace's new interface allows users to try on different looks on livestreaming platforms
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