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Not sure, but Apple has never tried to compete on low end hardware. Given that the 5s hardware alone is considerably more expensive than $25, there's also probably a significant difference in quality as well. Not everyone buys on price alone. I certainly don't. I may not buy the best quality I can of a particular item, but I never buy cheap just because it's cheap.

I don't think Apple is worried about the $25 phones. If anything, they're worried about the Androids that look or are similar in quality, but a few dollars less expensive.
This is a great article about #FirefoxOS . It contains two videos. The first shows a $25 smartphone running Firefox OS. It works amazingly well. The second is Mozilla's MWC presentation. It has a lot of interesting details if you are interested in Firefox OS. (Note, it starts slowly, but hang in there it is great in the last 2/3s or so.)

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Well, let's see. First, in my experience ios 7 worked fine on my 4s. It would have been difficult for me to see a speed difference quickly. It was there, but only occasionally, and only for some apps. No claims about a 4 though I don't recall the 4s being significantly faster.

On the desktop, you've got a choice between OS X and Windows, a system with so many security problems that even its maker has traditionally recommended additional security software.

I've seen what happened, I assume you have as well. The way the code was written meant it connected silently and insecurely. Personally, I think that would be easy to miss in testing and code review.

Why do people bother? Nice machines, better -- in their opinion -- software, nicer design, and, perhaps, a dislike of Windows. 
#Apple  created a major and inexcusable bug in its SSL software (what you need to browse the internet securely). This bug affects both #iOS  ( #iPad  and #iPhone ) and #MacOSX . If Apple had done even minimal testing, this bug would never have been released.

They issued a fix for some of their users, but people running Snow Leopard or iOS 6 are left behind. They is particularly mean to #iPhone4  and #iPhone4S  users as they need to stay on iOS 6 if they want their phones to work well.

Again I find myself asking: Why do people put up with Apple?

In line for Newsies.

Eating in small local restaurant in Chinatown. Amazingly cheap, with giant portions.

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It's strange how little things can be so powerful. As I was doing sudoku and listening to music, the song "We May Never Pass This Way Again" by Seals and Croft played. I've heard the song many times through the years, and I remember exactly where I first heard it. But tonight it took me back to a night, about 40 years ago when I was 14 years old.

It was the prom for my junior high school in Lexington, KY. I don't think I'd ever been on a date before. I can't even remember her name -- it's packed away with all the other memorabilia of those years, but I do remember what she looked like. I don't think we really knew each other; it was essentially a blind date. I don't remember who drove us -- it wasn't my parents, but I'm pretty sure we were with another couple.

While I can't remember many of the exact events, I do remember we had pictures taken at her house by her parents. When we got to the school, they had a photographer there as well, and at some point we were asked how many we wanted. I guess I thought they were asking how many poses, not how many copies, because I remember answering that I thought we only needed one. She said that was okay because she had the pictures her parents had taken and I realized I had made a mistake.

I had no idea how to dance, but it was the slow dances that killed me. Not because I couldn't slow dance -- well, I probably couldn't, at least not well -- but because I thought I had to have my chin on her shoulder. That would've been okay, except that she was five or six inches shorter than me, which meant I had to bend over. So, I spent at least have of the evening's slow dances hunched over. It must have been an amusing sight. She finally took pity on me, had me stand up straight, and leaned into me with her face against my chest and shoulder.

The evening ended with the band playing "We May Never Pass This Way Again", the theme of the prom. It was the first time I'd ever heard the song.

We were never boyfriend/girlfriend, though I know I wanted us to be. But our junior high years ended not long after the dance, we went to different high schools, and I never saw her again.

Still, now, forty years later, when I hear the song, I still think of her.
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