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#hashtags are the new #seo , so InboundWriter, the #searchengineoptimization #saas has added #twitter mining to help #blogger and #marketing customers keep track of the hottest ones for their #topics in addition to tweaking the #keywords in their #content . Unfortunately, they don't keep people from being #hashtagging #spammers .
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Actually I prefer that Google+ doesn't need hashtags and you can still find posts on the topic you are looking for by simply searching for the keyword.
The use of hashtags here was ironic, but yes, that's a plus for Google+.
I got that. :)

I just prefer other ways to highlight keywords instead of using hashtags and not using them in a snippet or post gives a more natural feeling in my opinion.
Hashtags have the added advantage of making any post including them as above very difficult for some of us to read.
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