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Holy crap...they just had a 4.5 earthquake in Maine, and I felt it way the hell down here in Rhode Island.
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Everything in my house was shaking. I had no idea what was going on!
Felt it in eastern Vermont too! Scared the heck out of the cats and shook the whole house!
Ron L
I thought my house was coming down...I live on 3rd Maine
felt it in Hingham, south of Boston
Bedford, MA. Odd in that it was very rapidly vibrating, like a subway going underground, rather than the slow back-and-forth that I'm used to in most earthquakes.
Wow, felt it in York, ME.  House was shaking and creaking.
Thank you for the confirmation of what I just felt here in Solon, Maine!  I suspected as much but doubted the tremor that I felt.  It was short so you second guess...
When I felt it I knew it was an earthquake...same feeling when Washington DC had the earthquake last year.  Amazing that it shook my office building in Westport, CT....
Joe D
felt it In georgetown, MA Sounded like a heavy truck driving down the road
My house shook and the dog jumped up with a WTF look on his face...
I've lived in RI a long time, and that's the first time I'd ever felt an earthquake here.
Shelburne New Hampshire checking in.  It was quite strong here!
Yup, I live in buxton Maine. me and my boyfriend live on the second floor we thought the house was caving in.
I'm from Long Island, NY and I felt it. My whole house had tremors!
centered 20 miles west of Portland Maine 
Thought a tractor trailer truck was coming into our home here in Sanford, Maine
right in sanford... first real earthquake... still surprised... i was reading & my cat clawed my leg...
Local news is saying the epicenter was in Waterboro and it felt like it too!  Thought my house was coming down.
It was only about 10 miles from me.. I'm in Buxton, ME.
Didnt feel anything here, in Northen Rhode Island
Felt it in North Reading, MA, like someone shook the house for about 5 seconds
SERIOUS shaking in Biddeford, Maine. 
on border of maine and new hampshire 4.5!
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