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If you've been watching the news or your retirement account lately, you no doubt know that it's been tanking. Tomorrow I am launching a 5-day email series on The 5 Things You Can Do to Protect Yourself in this Economy. If you would like to receive this free resource subscribe today by clicking the link below. If you sign up today I will also send you my eBook for free The Freedom Guide - How to Achieve Financial Dreams and the Freedom You Desire! Just until midnight tonight!
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Very interesting perspective about gun control.
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We all have that big dream deep inside of us that is just dying to get out. Are you sometimes frustrated because it seems that you just can't make progress towards your dream? Or maybe you're having trouble nailing down exactly what your dream is? After all if you can't identify your dream, you can't work towards it and of course you won't be able to achieve it. Have you ever thought you had your dream all figured out and got excited about it onl...
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¡ Feliz  Cumpleaños  Sean ! . . ! *
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A gift you'll want to open...
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Check out this video on YouTube: Love it!
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Yes. Love it!
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Now working for you!
I will answer your HR question and give you advice if warranted for either your business situation or personal need. Example for business: Can I legally fire this person? How should I hand this situation with my employee? Are my interview questions legal? Example for personal: Can my company really do this to me? What should I do for an interview? Should my employer be paying me for x? I am a Senior HR Professional (SPHR) with experience in both ...
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A fair tax system? Doesn't currently exist. The founders of this great country knew what they were doing. Time to get back to a firm foundation. If we don't the middle class won't exist much longer. Many of them will be forced into poverty while the few dedicated good stewards will move on to the rich class. But far more will become poor as the tax burden is increased on middle class, hard-working Americans.
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As many of you know I have been into finance both in personal finance and investing. Also you probably realize that I don't get on here much. Too busy attending to my plans for the future I guess smile emoticon Well, I've broken my silence to bring you some advice and warning about the near future regarding the state of our economy.
I know a lot of you have been working on your personal finances and trying to get them in order, and I encourage you to continue that journey, even more diligently now than ever before. There are so many things going on that indicate that troubling economic times are coming for the U.S. so I want you to be prepared. 
First for some of the highlights indicating rocky times ahead. When looking at indicators for the stock market we see many things all starting to turn downward such the major stock market exchanges, the S&P 500 and the Dow. There are several indicators telling us that a coming downturn in the markets are coming. Also, the transportation sector has been turning down for a while and this is significant because it works in conjunction with the major stock market indexes to indicate downward trends.
Outside of that the dollar has been turning down as well and even though it may potentially climb up again once or twice it is ultimately starting to turn down. This means your dollars won't be worth as much and things will cost more than they do right now.
Additionally there is a very notable cycle taking place every 7 years in the markets. We see that for every 7 years we go back there is a major stock market decline: 2008 (housing crash), 2001 (stock market crash), 1994 (bond market crash), 1987 (black Monday), etc. That means that 2015 is the next 7 year cycle for an economic downturn. The interesting thing about this is that each of these crashes occurs in a biblically significant year on the Jewish calendar that is associated with judgement and economic downturn is a part of this. For more detail on that see books called The Harbinger and The Shemitah by Jonathan Cahn. They are absolutely fascinating. The Harbinger is the first book and I recommend you get that one first if you're interested. You won't be able to put it down.
Looking further at economic influences we see the issue of the Federal Reserve raising the interest rates which have been held down for 9 years in attempt to improve the economy, but they can't be held down forever. Even though the economy isn't really recovering well the Fed is talking about raising the interest rates which also puts downward pressure on the markets. What this means for you is that any variable rate interest debt you have such as a mortgage, loans, credit cards, etc. will be subject to being raised.
So what can you do?
Here are the actions I recommend taking:
1. Put a plan together to aggressively pay off all variable rate debt (except for your mortgage)
2. If you can refinance your mortgage into a fix rate loan while rates are the best you're going to get for a very long time.
3. If you're invested in the stock market seriously consider moving out of the stock market and into commodities. Commodities will go up when the markets decline and the dollar falls. Gold and silver are the most common but oil/energy, agriculture and other metals are also good. Getting some of your investments into foreign stocks are also wise. 
4. Save up an emergency fund. If you're trying to get out of debt start with $1,000 and pay off your debt. Once you're out of debt (except for your house) you'll want to aggressively put together an emergency fund of 3-6 months worth of expenses.
5. Make sure you have a job in an industry that people still need when there is a recession such as certain parts of healthcare.
These are the major things you need to focus on right now. If you need help with any of this just shoot me an email at and I'll be glad to help you in your I'm not charging you. I just want to make sure everyone is safe and secure when things get bad, and they will. They always do. If you email me I will also send you my ebook for free called The Freedom Guide - How to Achieve Financial Dreams and the Freedom You Desires. I will post updates from time to time here and on my Google+ wall as well. Godspeed everyone!
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I'm very excited! Today I just published my first book. It's on Amazon I'm an official author now! :)
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About Me
I create and teach things of real value to others to make a difference in the lives of those who are seeking positive change and the truth. I continually seek variety and new challenges and do not settle for mediocrity. I walk beside those who need it for a time and encourage their growth without regard to their status. I challenge others to grow and break the mold of the status quo to find life and freedom, and to help them develop into fully grown and fruitful people of Christ and society. In whatever I do I encourage others to do only that which I am willing to do myself and I do so with passion and truth.

What I Do
I am an entrepreneur, land investor, stock market investor, personal finance coach and HR consultant. I love to be very active with physical activities including Krav Maga, Parkour and Soccer (which I'm not very good at but love to do). Being outdoors and moving around the world gives me great pleasure. I love to help others in any areas I have expertise and personal success in. 
Contact me if...
1) You are looking for vacant land to purchase or have some to sell.
2) You want to get out of debt and learn to live a financially free lifestyle.
3) You're not sure how to get your employees engaged, more productive and happier.
4) You just need help solving something you've been unable to figure out or haven't had the time.
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I lost 80 pounds between 2006-2009. I am debt free as of March 2013!
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