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Beautiful Hand-Made Wooden Vespa - Incredible!

The Vespa scooter has a classically appreciable shape. Portuguese craftsman Carlos Alberto managed to fashion one from laminated hardwood.

The result is stunningly beautiful.

The little scooter is based on an original Vespa which had fallen into complete disrepair, but using long-tested woodcraft techniques a flowing new body was constructed for the runabout. The main spine of the bike is fashioned from steam bent and laminated veneers upon which very nicely carved body work hangs. Even the package tray and seat are made from wood. We would have probably gone with a traditional seat, but that's just cause we're a bunch of softies like that. Realistically though, we're betting this Vespa is now quite a few pounds heftier than when it started out, and the original was not known for its swiftness so despite it's beauty it's probably kind of a pig in the performance department. Then again, if something looks that good, we'll give the zero to sixty times a pass.

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That's a beauty, too, Sean
Hmmm, wonder if he'd take my 67 smallframe in trade?
Hey, here you are again on "what's hot"!
awesome! congrats Mr. Carlos Alberto!
ppl, stop asking about the price, I'm sure it's not for sale :(
mind blowingggggggggg...............
it is amazing what people with an idea can do. It is a work of love and art as the photo series show. TY for posting +Sean Cowen
ohhhhhhhhhhh see and appreciate the difference
My Motor... ! Why stay here ...?
Nothing like sprucing up an old classic.
That's good.we want this type of Motorcycle.Keep it up your invention
really really beautiful........ in these days these bikes are nearing to extinction and buildong one is just marvellous
Interesting! Wish I had one to exhibit for my friends to glimpse.
i got a fully restored one red and white and we got some more also a collection of my dads freind but the white one is mine
I am in with this artists genius. I am guessing it is not heavy. Wood is stronger by weight than steel, more so when laminated. Wood requires talent, training and experience and steel does not. Labor costs replaced wood in the assembly lines of industrial America to avoid the expense of training workers in the industrial revolution.
That is just sooo beautiful. And no need for a garage. You could park it in your living room and enhance the space.
yup theres no way possible to make that sound cool.
unfortunatelt it wooden go! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHaH
i want to ride that beuty
Oh wow, that is excellent, I would seriously kill for that.
Beautiful !!!
hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm very funny
emazing this scooter i like it thanks for all works person
cool- i totally wish i had 1 of those :)
Sweet photo and what a concept! Nice job Carlo!! Peter
Wow! That is impressive! The only thing it needs is a sticker of the Mod symbol.
That is an amazing piece of work!
My first vehicle is Vespa but I astonished to sea it as wooden, How nice!
what an idea sir jiiiii....................
خشبية، مع لمسة لطيفة جدا
it's variety and it's too cool yar
is this the new motor scooter of 2012?? for suree gotta have one of these. lmmfao:D
WOW.........Like it, can u ride it?
I want one....very nice indeed.
A craftsman with a love of cool old scooters! This is incredible.
like the MOSQUITO PLANE a wooden made machine
Thats kinda cool! I would like one in red, though!
gorgeous! with every pieces of wooden line combination , you are patience type character i like its. hope soon see another master piece.
totally impressive and a genuine state of the arts
realy its a new innovation in the scooter technology n a great effort too
por favor,en español...compañeros de juego......necesito!! gracias
Absolutely mind boggling. And beautiful!
I wonder how heavy this is... any idea?
+Carla Plouin Yeah, I'm not sure. I would think it'd be lighter than a normal Vespa, but I didn't see that mentioned anywhere. Agreed - so beautiful! 
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