Mastering Google+: How To Thrive, Achieve, Play and Grow In The Google+ World by Sean Cowen

My post about writing a book originally went out as a Limited share, but somehow then became Public. Which is fine, as I welcome replies for anyone who's in my circles, or I in theirs. 

So far, I have 27 amazing, thoughtful stories that have been sent to me - and I've been honored to include them into my book. I have commitments for another dozen or so, and I'm going to cajole a few others a bit - but so far, a decent response.

I still would love to hear from some close friends - and I still would love to hear from you! Read the post, and if you feel up to it - post your story. I'll do my best to include it in my book. Tentatively, I'm shooting for a very late October date of completing my first draft. Overall, I would like to get this published, and available for purchase or download no later than December 1st.

*What's Needed* 

I'd love it if you'd consider giving me a few words about what Google+ has meant to you!

I may include what you write in my new book! I'm really looking for your favorite and best moments on Google+ - special events, charity, cool stories etc - and why you feel Google+ is like being home.  *Tell me what you love best about our community on Google+, and share your stories!*

With your permission, I'll add your thoughts into my upcoming book.

I truly hope you'll think about giving me a little time. There's no rush. You can give a few paragraphs, maybe 250-1000 words - I'm not limiting you in any way, but I will ask for the right to edit, with your permission.

Everyone has a story to tell. What's yours?
(I borrowed that from my guy over at The Sessions, +Roger R.H. King)
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