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Dave Brubeck - Take 5 on vinyl...

Want to hear an incredible recording? Listen to this one. Wow! Turn up the speakers to 11!

This is for +Bobbie Today and +Bobbi Jo Woods Pure jazz, this.

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Take 5 from the album titled Time Out. It is in 5/4 time.
+Bobbie Today I've heard many recordings of that song, but this version was just ... impressive. Glad you liked it!
There is so much Brubeck brilliance out there with which to indulge yourself +Bobbie Today :)
+Bobbie Today I rarely do this, but I have to admit that I also listened to it three times. The clarity blows away other recordings. I only wish we could get that with all songs on YouTube. I try with my 80s show - but rarely are they this good. That's someone who truly loves jazz!
+Astrid MJ. Houchin I'm just getting ready to sign-off for the night, but I had to say Hello! Thanks for your nice words, always :-)
This is usually on the set list along with So What and All Blues.
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