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I'm thinking this would be great for either plowing through the mountains of snow I get in our area, or maybe for some fun at the beach. or even back-roading the gravel roads. The perfect toy. I'm hooked on these old, classic trucks and getting a great one will always be a mission for me...

#truck   #vintagetruck   #ford   #bigboytoys   #biggirltoys  

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Sean Cowen

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Jeep Halo Edition Warthog

Wait. What? What am I looking at??

This is crazy, wild, and boggling my mind. What exactly is this Jeep? Is there some sort of dual HEMI magic going on? What the hell am I looking at?!?!!

+Blaine Hall you're Mr. Jeep. Talk to me! Is this being made for the Zombie Apocalypse??

#jeep   #warthog   #allterrain   #HEMI   #zombieapocalypse  +Jeep 

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+Paul McGee also a noscope
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Sean Cowen

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Pin-Up Girls

For all my straight G+ friends out there, here's a treat for you. She knows her way around a toolbox, and she's working her way through Medical School. ha! Naw, just some eye candy for ya! (You know yer looking at the car, too. grin)

#classiccars   #pinupgirls   #hotladies   #hotrods   #cars   #tattoo   #automobiles  

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Looks like somebody needs a mechanic!
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Sean Cowen

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JR's Street Art of a Gigantic Man Walking in New York

Photographed from a helicopter, the aerial photo shows a brand new (April, 2015) piece by street artist JR of a gigantic man walking in New York, or more specifically, the pedestrianized Flatiron Plaza next to Madison Square Park. The massive wheatpasting highlights The New York Times' latest initiative called Walking New York where everyone is invited to share their most memorable walk, the one that they love or remember the most.

#newyorkcity   #NYC   #streetart   #walking   #newyorkcity  

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well chilled...only in New York
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World War II Aviation Tattoo

Since my first days here on G+, I've talked about my connection to WWII. I've always had that, since I was a young boy. The war had only been over for a few decades when I was born, and in my early years, I was addicted to all the heroic war movies, and especially to making models of the planes and battleships, and tanks.

Later in life, I discovered the mini-series Band of Brothers and I knew that I'd always look up to the men and women who served in WWII. That we're here today, enjoying our freedoms is because of this "Lost Generation." I admire them, I pay homage to them and I hope to get a full sleeve tat to pay even further tribute to their ultimate sacrifices. It is something I feel deeply compelled to do.

From Tattoos In Flight

The commitment required for large scale tattoo work is certainly commendable — the amount of time it takes along with the pain and cost over multiple sessions makes the completed piece not only a triumph of art, but also a triumph over various hurdles along the way.

A full sleeve project is one of these large scale projects and is one of the most visible you can get — making it important to get the right artwork from the right artist!

That’s the case in this fantastic sleeve featuring all different sorts of World War II fighter and bomber aircraft.  You can see famous planes like the P-51 Mustang, B-17 Flying Fortress, P-47 Thunderbolt, and SBD Dauntless here.

The awesome sleeve was created by artist Jason Leisge of Oddball Studios in Portland, OR.

#worldwarii   #worldwar2   #tattoo   #aviation   #p51   #b17   #bandofbrothers
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Got my latest tat the other day - a tribal band all the way around my arm above the elbow. Later, I'm going to add a Pride flag to that. It's got some funky barbed edges, it's black and dark green and yes, it did hurt quite a bit on that inside skin that hasn't seem sunlight since childhood. ha! But I survived! 
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Sean Cowen

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Favourite Hollywood Movie Couples

The adventure, the banter, the rugged American with the devil may care attitude and a nerdy, brilliant, beautiful Brit with an enthusiasm for the world that is hard to match. They are an all-time great "movie couple."

Name your favorite movie couples and the films they were in. Go!

#films   #movies   #Hollywood   #OldHollywood   #moviecouples  

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There are so many don't think there is enough space to fit them all.
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Sean Cowen

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Lost Songs: The Basement Tapes Continued & Starring Adam West

Today, I had a blast watching two really different docs. Lost Songs: The Basement Tapes Continued and Starring Adam West. I like each one for different reasons: one  because of my love of music, and the other because of the talent of a great actor. 

I liked how each doc really dived into storytelling. What struck me about the Dylan one was the amazing way these musicians banded together to put a new spin on long lost tunes. I couldn't stop watching it. And the West doc? He's a funny guy with a long, mixed career, and you get a great sense about how he's stayed relevant so long in Hollywood.


A documentary that goes behind the scenes with some of today's most talented songwriters as they make new music based on long-lost, newly discovered lyrics from Bob Dylan's legendary Basement Tapes sessions. T Bone Burnett brings Elvis Costello, Rhiannon Giddens, Taylor Goldsmith, Jim James and Marcus Mumford together in a dramatic two-week studio session in the basement of Capitol Records. Features an exclusive interview with Bob Dylan. Directed by Sam Jones.


Whether you know him from his iconic role as Batman in the 1966 television series or from his bizarre portrayal of the Mayor on Fox's Family Guy, Adam West is sure to have made an impression. But few people know the man behind the mask. Documentary filmmaker James Tooley spent three years following the legendary actor, meeting his legions of fans, and trying to understand what keeps the 85 year old actor as passionate as ever. Starring Adam West is a fan funded documentary about the creative and turbulent life of Adam West and the fan supported quest to recognize the beloved actor with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

#bobdylan   #basementtapes   #adamwest   #batman   #jimjames   #elviscostello   #marcusmumford    #rhiannongiddens   #TV   #taylorgoldsmith   #mymorningjacket   #OldHollywood
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Favourite Quotes

Go! You know what this is from, movie buff...
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The squirrels, and the squirrels were married.... And if they move my desk again
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Dub Box Camper: VW Style

I did a weird search at work today about something I saw in a magazine called the VDub Tub. A spa company converted an old Bug into a working spa. Cool. Then I scrolled down and saw this. Hmm. It definitely caught my VW lovin' eyes!

Dub Box USA is a new twist on the tailgate camper, family camper, food cart or event cart.  While it might look like we are buying up all the camper vans left in the world, rest assured we are not.  Oregon based Dub Box USA manufactures campers, food and event carts from completely new fiberglass shells (and just a little added bonus….it probably floats!)  So don’t worry VW lovers, your VW camper van may still be out there.

The initial design was born from the American vintage trailer, merged with retro styling and modern conveniences for style and comfort.  And the rest of the design?….well, that’s up to you.

Dub boxes appeal to a wide range of buyers. They are simple, fun, stylish campers that can be enjoyed traditionally at a destination camp ground or customized for small business and corporate use.

Of course what outdoor and sports enthusiast doesn’t want a custom trailer to enhance their experience.  And, certainly the vintage and custom car crowd will groove on the nostalgia and the appreciate the craftsmanship.  The food and event cart models are perfect for the entrepreneur looking for an eye catching independent business on wheels.  And, if a business is looking for a portable event cart to strengthen their brand awareness, there is no better marketing tool than a Dub Box.  These are just a few ideas, what are yours?

Dub boxes are lightweight enough to be towed by many vehicles, compact enough to be stored in a garage, the exterior and interior decor is entirely customizable and the layout can be altered to suit the needs of its intended use.  To view our specs, click here.

#vw   #volkswagen   #vanagon   #tailgatecamper   #campervan   #foodtruck   #dubbox   #vwcampervan  

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Is it still full size ?
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Encyclopedia Brown

Anybody else remember these as kids? Wow, seeing this gave me a flashback to early books I read...

Maybe these names will help jar your memory:

Charlie Stewart
Cicero Sturgess
Benny Breslin
Pablo Pizarro
Tyrone Taylor
Pinky Plummer
Billy and Jody Turner
Herb Stein
Mort "Fangs" Liveright

Or these

Bugs Meany (the perfect name, right?)
Duke Kelly
Rocky Graham
Spike Larsen
Ike Cassidy
Dutch Kuller
Rowdy Quilp
Carl Higgensbottom
Rusty Malone
Monk Walsh
Mugsy Moonsooner,
Jimbo Dawson,
Roscoe Tenn,
Jess Rae

#encyclopediabrown   #detective   #kidsbooks   #boydetective   #mystery  

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Loved those books!!
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Sean Cowen

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King Tut

In the 1970s, this was a big deal. Probably the best-known exhibition tour of the era was The Treasures of Tutankhamun tour, which ran from 1972 to 1981. In the 1979, a major exhibit of works from Tutankhamun's tomb traveled the world, and getting tickets to the few museums in America hosting this exhibit was no easy task. We saw this in San Francisco at the M.H. de Young Memorial Museum in the summer of 1979!

About the Discovery

The 1922 discovery by Howard Carter and George Herbert, 5th Earl of Carnarvon of Tutankhamun's nearly intact tomb received worldwide press coverage. It sparked a renewed public interest in ancient Egypt, for which Tutankhamun's burial mask, now in Cairo Museum, remains the popular symbol. Exhibits of artifacts from his tomb have toured the world. 

#kingtut   #tutankhamun   #Egypt   #egyptology   #musum   #exhibition   #1970s   #archaeology   #howardcarter  

80 votes  -  votes visible to Public
I saw the King Tut Exhibit in the 1970s!
I didn't see it, but I wish I had!
King Tut. Who the hell is that?
Carol R's profile photoPatrick Hughes's profile photoRyan Prince's profile photoEfrain Morales-Ramos's profile photo
I saw it in El Cairo museum in 2010.
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I'm pretty sure +byron rempel and I were talking about something like this back in 2011 when we met here. I've always wanted to see his works shown together in a massive show!

It was cool seeing his group of works displayed in the Toronto Google HQ (do I have that right, von Rempel?) But this is equally cool!

I've always supported Byron and all Indie Artists on G+ and I'll never stop doing that. Ever!

#indieartist   #indieart   #zombies  
Do you like haunted houses?
If you're in the Hauppauge, NY area this weekend, stop by the Haunt Faire ( ) for a haunted house convention which will also have the largest display of my artwork in US history. There will be more at the table run by +N. M. Scuri who is the author behind +TwoSentence Horrors

Other cool things include panels and audtions!
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Colour me jealous! Pics please :D
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