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I might buy this original at some point. It spoke to me today, as I checked out all the Dickerson Road awesomeness in Reno, So much incredible art and so many cool studio spaces. I hadn't discovered this hidden part of downtown yet, so it was a revelation. This work reminded me of ethereal dreams, and maybe a little bit of the whimsy of Danny Elfman scores for some of those awesome Tim Burton films. But mostly, I was enamored with the bent trees and ghost figure.

The artist is Jessica Fry and I love all of her works I saw. Lovely work!

#art #indieart #watercolor #artown #reno #artiststudio #dickersonroad

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Mural art on the side of a coffeehouse I just discovered in Midtown Reno -- See See Motor Coffee Company, 131 Pine St. It has badass motorcycles inside and a spectacularly cool vibe. I need to check it out!

#coffee #coffeehouse #motorcycle #cycles #reno #nevada #midtown

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Canada Sesquicentennial - 150 Years Young

Wow, today should see some MASSIVE parties in Canada, as they celebrate their 150th anniversary today on Canada Day. Cool! I hope all my Canadian friends have a stunning, amazing, creative, awesome, splendid, stupendous day and that the parties carry on into the wee hours. 150 years! Yes!

Canada Day (French: Fête du Canada) is the national day of Canada. A federal statutory holiday, it celebrates the anniversary of the July 1, 1867, enactment of the Constitution Act, 1867 (then called the British North America Act, 1867), which united the three separate colonies of Canada, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick into a single Dominion within the British Empire called Canada.

Originally called Dominion Day (French: Le Jour de la Confédération), the holiday was renamed in 1982, the year the Canada Act was passed. Canada Day celebrations take place throughout the country, as well as in various locations around the world, attended by Canadians living abroad.

#canadaday #canadaday150 #canada #holiday #birthday #sesquicentennial


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How Many Hours Did You Work This Week?

Just a simple poll, gauging how many hours most of us worked. I usually work 48 hours each week, out at the Tesla Gigafactory. But I added 24 hours OT, for a total of 72. So, on average, how many hours do you work each week?

Note: No judgement for anyone looking for work, or not working, or out on disability or unable to work etc. I'm simply trying to see how many hours we spend at work throughout the world...

#work #job #career #workweek #workingman #workingwoman #lifebalance
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25-40 Hours
41-60 Hours
61+ Hours
Work. What's that?
0-24 Hours
25-40 Hours
41-60 Hours
61+ Hours
Work. What's that?

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Hot Wheels MONGOOSE & SNAKE Drag Race Set

For all of us who grew up with Hot Wheels. this is pretty damn bad ass. I'm not sure, but it feels like my lifelong infatuation with cars probably started with my love of my Hot Wheels cars, and with my Tonka trucks. I'd love to find a MIB set of this!

#toys #hotwheels #cars #dragracing #kids #children #nostalgia

Source: Waylaid


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Jules Verne Steampunk Vapor Industrial Light

This light will add to the conversation at your next get together, add intrigue to your office desk or create a unique machine age atmosphere in your home. Has 2 USB outlets able to charge iPhones, iPads, HTC, Samsung, etc. Cradle will hold an iPhone 6 Plus or like size devices. Switch on front controls the incandescent vintage style Cage Filament light bulb. Color is Copper or Black with highlights. Due to the nature of the colors, materials and hand crafting, every lamp will be unique and one of a kind.

Constructed of new and reclaimed materials. Handcrafted, no two items are the same. Robots right hand will vary from each custom piece depending on availability of parts. Color and paint will be similar but will also vary as they are hand painted in our studio in Seattle WA.

#steampunk #lamp #light #julesverne #lighting #g33k #coolstuff


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As Seen In Reno

This beauty was parked outside of West Elm in Reno (the Old Post Office), right alongside the river. Such a stunner and what a low-rider!

#classiccars #cars #automobile #lowrider #westelm #reno

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The Golden Age of the American Sideshow - The Art of Killbuck

The old showman described the three things that brought the public into the Sideshow: morbid curiosity, fear and sex. Things haven't changed much!

I read about the work of local Reno artist Killbuck in the Reno News & Review and had to see this for myself. The artwork is scattered throughout a big salon on the edge of downtown, and the stylist I talked to was thrilled that someone was there to see the art. That's what I do, as the Constant Curator: I discover cool places to visit and things to see, and I absolutely maximize every weekend, seeking out the bold, surreal, crazy, and inspired places in Reno. This exhibit is at Jensen & Co, and anyone can come by and check out this funky sideshow art!

#sideshow #circus #sideshowart #freaks #killbuck #reno #renoart #circusart


Jensen & Co.
495 Morrill Ave #101, Reno, NV 89512

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Yale University - Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library

One day. One day I will make the trek back east to see this glorious library in person. It's always been on my list of dream libraries and book shoppes I'd like to see one day. It is simply stunning, and a must-view for all of us bibliophiles!

The Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library is one of the world's largest libraries devoted entirely to rare books and manuscripts and is Yale's principal repository for literary archives, early manuscripts, and rare books. The Beinecke Library's robust collections are used to create new scholarship by researchers from around the world.


A six-story above-ground glass-enclosed tower of book stacks is surrounded by a windowless rectangular outer shell, supported only on four massive piers at the corners of the building, which descend 50 feet (15 m) to bedrock. The outer walls are made of translucent veined marble panels quarried from Danby, Vermont, which transmit subdued lighting from outside, while providing protection from direct sunlight. At night, the stone panels transmit light from the interior, giving the exterior of the building an amber glow. The outside dimensions have "Platonic" mathematical proportions of 1:2:3 (height: width: length). The building has been called a precious "jewel box", and also a "laboratory for the humanities".The Modernist structure contains furniture designed by Florence Knoll.

A public exhibition hall surrounds the glass stack tower, and displays among other things, one of the 48 extant copies of the Gutenberg Bible. Two basement floors extend under much of Hewitt Quadrangle. The first level down, the "Court" level, centers on a sunken courtyard in front of the Beinecke, which features The Garden (Pyramid, Sun, and Cube). These are abstract allegorical sculptures by Isamu Noguchi that are said to represent time (the pyramid), sun (the disc), and chance (the cube).This level also features a secure reading room for visiting researchers, administrative offices, and book storage areas. The level of the building two floors below ground has movable-aisle compact shelving for books and archives.

The Beinecke is one of the largest buildings in the world devoted entirely to rare books and manuscripts. The library has room in the central tower for 180,000 volumes and room for over 600,000 volumes in the underground book stacks. The library's collection, which is housed both in the library's main building and at Yale University's Library Shelving Facility in Hamden, Connecticut, totals roughly 1 million volumes and several million manuscripts.

During the 1960s, the Claes Oldenburg sculpture Lipstick on Caterpillar Tracks (Ascending) was displayed in Hewitt Quadrangle. The sculpture has since been moved to the courtyard of Morse College, one of the university's residential dormitories.

The elegance of the Beinecke later inspired the glass-walled structure that protects and displays the original core collection (the books gifted by King George III and referred to as the King's Library) within the British Library building in Euston, London.

#books #booklovers #bibliophile #yale #library #manuscript #beinecke


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Yesterday, I walked all over Downtown and Midtown Reno, and I kept running into cool mural artworks. Then, later I met up with a friend at a vintage clothing/antique store called JUNKEE. We stumbled onto the cool graffiti street art from an artist named Joe C. Rock, and his works were amazing. Gritty, raw, cool, inspiring, and very eclectic overall. Here are some of his works...

About Joe C. Rock
'Reno artist Joe C. Rock can’t tell you how many times he’s been mistaken for tagging buildings around the city.

With a spray can in hand and a ladder, the artist often goes to work on a wall at night. That’s when he hears from across the street, “Hey, what are you doing?”

At first glance, people think he’s tagging, but when they come closer, they see he’s an artist painting a mural.

“When they see it's done with a spray can, then they're even more mesmerized, like, ‘Oh I didn't know this was possible, it looks like an actual painting,’” Rock said. “And I'm like, ‘Yeah, that's what it is – a painting.’”

Importance of murals

Murals have played a hand in the gentrification of Reno’s Midtown District specifically, which is where Rock has lived for most his life and where most of his murals are located. The murals have changed the look of the once run-down area and made it what Rock calls walkable. And all it takes him, besides his time, is $500 to $600 for 20 gallons of paint and 20 cans of spray paint.

Rock has found that murals are a way to deter tagging.

“If it's a blank wall, people tag it,” Rock said. “It happens. It's in every city, it's something you can't really get rid of … (but) even the kid walking around doing graffiti still appreciates my artwork. It's rare that I get my own painting tagged, it's few and far between because there's a respect there.”

One of the first murals that Rock painted for commission was the Junkee Clothing Exchange building in 2011.

“He asked if he could paint that wall, he asked how much would it pay, what's your budget on paint, he treated it like a business,” said Jessica Schneider, the owner of Junkee.

Contemporary art

Rock wants to change the way people perceive “graffiti” or “street art,” which he classifies as contemporary art.

“The main thing I want people to take is that we're not all some hooligans or punks with spray cans painting,” Rock said.

Rock’s earlier work has a pop art and cartoony style. Over the years, he’s grown to produce more photorealistic work, especially portraiture. He said that in his canvas work, he’s able to express himself more than in the work he’s done on walls for businesses. However, during the last year, he’s become more selective with the projects he takes on because he’s striving to produce more murals that have a message behind them.

#streetart #murals #graffiti #graffitiart #tagging #joecrock #reno #nevada #artist #popart #contemporaryart

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