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"I Wanna Hold Your Hand"

1964, The Beatles made their US chart debut when 'I Want To Hold Your Hand' entered the chart at No.45 just ten days after its release, making it the fastest-breaking and the fastest selling single in Capitol Records history. It went on to spend seven weeks at the No.1 position.

"I Want to Hold Your Hand" is a song by the English rock band the Beatles. Written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney, and recorded in October 1963, it was the first Beatles record to be made using four-track equipment.

With advance orders exceeding one million copies in the United Kingdom, "I Want to Hold Your Hand" would have gone straight to the top of the British record charts on its day of release (29 November 1963) had it not been blocked by the group's first million seller "She Loves You", their previous UK single, which was having a resurgence of popularity following intense media coverage of the group. Taking two weeks to dislodge its predecessor, "I Want to Hold Your Hand" stayed at number one for five weeks and remained in the UK top 50 for 21 weeks in total.

It was also the group's first American number one, entering the Billboard Hot 100 chart on 18 January 1964 at number 45 and starting the British invasion of the American music industry. By 1 February it held the number-one spot, and stayed there for seven weeks before being replaced by "She Loves You", a reverse scenario of what had occurred in Britain.

It remained on the Billboard chart for 15 weeks. "I Want to Hold Your Hand" became the Beatles' best-selling single worldwide. *In 2013, Billboard magazine named it the 44th biggest hit of "all-time" on the Billboard Hot 100 charts.

The Beatles - I Want To Hold Your Hand - Performed Live On The Ed Sullivan Show 2/9/64

#thebeatles   #music   #musiclover   #rocknroll   #thisdayinmusic  


Beatles' first U.S. concert in Washington, D.C. This rare color image reveals the jelly beans thrown by fans. Fred Ward.
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Sean Cowen

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The Mick

This show is absolutely insane and completely LOL funny. I've already spewed my drink three times, it's that wacky and brilliant. NOT FOR MOST KIDS, I'd say.

If you liked Kaitlin Olson in It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, her character here goes wayyy beyond that. hehe

The Mick is an American sitcom television series broadcast on Fox as a midseason entry. Kaitlin Olson serves as executive producer and also plays the lead role in the show, which is being produced by 20th Century Fox Television. The series premiered on January 1, 2017, and resumed in its regular Tuesday night slot on January 3, 2017. On January 11, 2017, Fox picked up the series for a full season of 17 episodes.


Mackenzie, an irresponsible drifter relocates from Warwick, Rhode Island to Greenwich, Connecticut. She becomes the parental guardian for her niece and nephews because her very wealthy – and estranged – sister Poodle and her husband Christopher have been arrested on federal fraud charges and tax evasion. After a day watching the three children, Mackenzie continues to watch them when Poodle calls to tell her that she and Christopher are leaving the country.

THE MICK Official Trailer (HD) Fox Comedy

#themick   #comedy   #humor   #tvseries  


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Sean Cowen

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Mini Minion!

Aww, this little itty bitty guy oozes steampunk coolness, and absolutely looks like a "mini-Minion." Awesomeness...

#steampunk   #minion   #recycled   #foundobjects  

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To god be the Glory for the good he has done .
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Sean Cowen

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The NoMad Hotel - New York

Now that is a spectacular space! I would end up spending hours in an incredible space like this. Wow!

#books   #library   #booklovers   #library   #newyorkcity   #nyc  

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Ouch Ouch 
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Sean Cowen

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Has anyone used AIRBNB when traveling in the USA?

I've been familiar with it for a long time, but have never used it. I was wondering if you have (or if you have an AirBnb rental yourself). It sounds like a cool idea, and the rentals I've looked at so far very much remind me of my olden days in Prague. I'm very curious to talk with anyone who has traveled this way before...!

#airbnb   #traveling  
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Just saw this, and related posts. A lot to digest. But yes, my husband and I use Airbnb exclusively when we travel, foreign and domestic. I've even switched to Airbnb for nearly all my business travel. Far preferable. As another commenter said, the bidirectional transparency is the key to a successful trip. 
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Sean Cowen

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Jeep, Ascending

Great picture of a Jeep Tribe ascending a steep hill. Love this! Though my Grand Cherokee is a gutless wonder next to these, it'd still try and climb that hill, 'cause ... Jeep!

#jeepwrangler   #jeep   #cars   #automobile   #carlovers   #offroad   #4x4  

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Shawn, I love your photos, keep posting them, They make my day 🎇
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Sean Cowen

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The Sequence by Arne Quinze

Quinze says, “The Sequence bridges the communication gap between people, and generates movement in the city. I want to reconnect people and let them interact with each other like they did in the past on squares. At least people talked to each other back then.”

Quinze is known for his trademark sculptures made out of wooden planks. His installations are built to provoke reaction and to intervene in the daily life of passersby confronted with his sculptures. Quinze sees his installations as places where people meet each other again and start conversations.

In 2006, he gained a lot of attention by building Uchronia: A message from the future, a large wide wooden sculpture at the Burning Man festival in Black Rock City,in the Nevada desert, United States. Cityscape (2007) and The Sequence (2008) are two of his giant wooden public art installations in the centre of Brussels, Belgium. It was the first time a sculpture gave the impression touching two buildings in the city center while traffic still passes by underneath it.

The installation for the Flemish Parliament became an unequivocal actor in the city. In Munich, Germany, he built Traveller (2008) for French luxury fashion and leather goods brand Louis Vuitton. Other public art installations by Arne Quinze have recently been revealed in the centre of Paris, France (Rebirth, 2008), Beirut, Lebanon (The Visitor, 2009) and Louisville, Kentucky (Big Four Bridge, ongoing).

#artist   #art   #installationart   #artlovers   #sculpture   #publicart  

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Sean Cowen

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Earthquake Rocks Los Angeles on 17 January 1994

Of course, as my luck would have it, I drove to Los Angeles the day before. I was staying in my brother's apartment in Huntington Beach, and the quake woke me up in the middle of the night, throwing me out of bed. As my brother had sketchy, druggie friends, I thought a fight was going on. This earthquake was huge, and one I'll never forget...

On this day in 1994, an earthquake rocks Los Angeles, California, killing 54 people and causing billions of dollars in damages. The Northridge quake (named after the San Fernando Valley community near the epicenter) was one of the most damaging in U.S. history.

It was 4:31 a.m. when the 6.7-magnitude quake struck the San Fernando Valley, a densely populated area of Los Angeles located 20 miles northeast of the city’s downtown. With an epicenter 12 miles beneath the earth’s surface, the earthquake caused the collapse of several apartment buildings. At the Northridge Meadows complex, 16 people died, all of whom lived on the first floor, when the weak stucco structure fell down on them as they slept.

Given the strength and location of the earthquake, it was fortunate that the death toll was not far higher. Two key factors were critical in reducing the casualties. First, the quake struck in the middle of the night while nearly everyone was at home in their beds. A mall parking lot in the Valley collapsed, but no one was killed because it was entirely empty. Several highways also suffered critical failures, but only one police officer died, when his vehicle plunged off an overpass. The other key factor was that the city’s building and safety codes were strengthened following the 1971 Sylmar quake that collapsed the San Fernando Veterans Hospital. Every building constructed after the new regulations were implemented stayed intact.

Still, the quake caused a huge amount of property damage over a wide area, especially in the beach community of Santa Monica, even though it was relatively far from the epicenter. As much of Santa Monica stands on soil that is less solid than bedrock, it suffered severe ground movement during the earthquake. The partial collapse of the Santa Monica freeway snarled traffic in Los Angeles for months. All told, it is estimated that the earthquake was responsible for $20 billion in damages.

#earthquake   #northridgeearthquake   #americanhistory   #history   #california   #onthisday  

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Wow 1994..
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Sean Cowen

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Dreamlike and Surreal Self-Portrait Photo Manipulation by Achraf Baznani

Achraf Baznani, an artist photographer and filmmaker, who was born in Marrakesh, is the most inspiring artistic photographer in Morocco. Photography has always been his passion.

He is a self-taught artist, but he wanted to go a step beyond normal shots, and focused more on photo manipulation. Among his inventive scenarios, small human figures—often the artist himself—appear trapped within glass jars or the size of a camera lens; in other works, Baznani more or less dissects his body, as for example, in one, he cleanly removes his brain from his cranium, or in another, twists off his hand, much as if it were a light bulb.

#photography   #photomanipulation   #artist   #surrealism   #book  

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Buddha Amid Chaos

“Sorrow prepares you for joy. It violently sweeps everything out of your house, so that new joy can find space to enter. It shakes the yellow leaves from the bough of your heart, so that fresh, green leaves can grow in their place. It pulls up the rotten roots, so that new roots hidden beneath have room to grow. Whatever sorrow shakes from your heart, far better things will take their place.” ~ Rumi Title: Buddha amid chaos

#art   #buddha   #sorrow   #startingover  

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Sorry, phone? broken!man? New one first of month
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Major Vinyl Collector

This is what a serious VINYL collection looks like! Our Crate Diggers series profiles record collectors around the world. Up next: Midwest veteran techno DJ and producer DVS1.

Not many DJs have a backstory like Zak Khutoretsky’s. Born in Saint Petersburg under Soviet regime, Zak moved Minneapolis at a young age, his parents divorced early on, and he spent most of his troubled childhood getting kicked out of schools.

After attending some Midwest raves, he started throwing his own underground parties, aged 18, but also got caught up drug dealing in the scene. He was briefly incarcerated. The experience left him with a new sense of determinism, leading him down a promising path as sound guy, club owner and eventually full-time DJ and producer.

His major breakthrough came in 2009 with a release on Ben Klock’s influential Klockworks label. He’s since launched his own Hush label and party series, as well as sub-label Mistress Recordings for “house, techno and everything in between.” Describing himself as a DJ first, producer second, he’s known for his regular appearances at techno juggernaut Berghain. An avid record collector with a gobsmacking set up, Zak’s been on our Crate Diggers hitlist for some time.

#rocknroll   #musiclover   #vinyl   #vinyllps   #recordcollector   #dj   #musicproducer   #technomusic   #recordcollection  

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That's all we play is vinyl! 
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Golden Gate Bridge Construction Begins on 5 January 1933

On January 5, 1933, construction begins on the Golden Gate Bridge, as workers began excavating 3.25 million cubic feet of dirt for the structure’s huge anchorages.

Following the Gold Rush boom that began in 1849, speculators realized the land north of San Francisco Bay would increase in value in direct proportion to its accessibility to the city. Soon, a plan was hatched to build a bridge that would span the Golden Gate, a narrow, 400-foot deep strait that serves as the mouth of the San Francisco Bay, connecting the San Francisco Peninsula with the southern end of Marin County.

Although the idea went back as far as 1869, the proposal took root in 1916. A former engineering student, James Wilkins, working as a journalist with the San Francisco Bulletin, called for a suspension bridge with a center span of 3,000 feet, nearly twice the length of any in existence. Wilkins’ idea was estimated to cost an astounding $100 million. So, San Francisco’s city engineer, Michael M. O’Shaughnessy (he’s also credited with coming up with the name Golden Gate Bridge), began asking bridge engineers whether they could do it for less.

Engineer and poet Joseph Strauss, a 5-foot tall Cincinnati-born Chicagoan, said he could.

Eventually, O’Shaughnessy and Strauss concluded they could build a pure suspension bridge within a practical range of $25-30 million with a main span at least 4,000 feet. The construction plan still faced opposition, including litigation, from many sources. By the time most of the obstacles were cleared, the Great Depression of 1929 had begun, limiting financing options, so officials convinced voters to support $35 million in bonded indebtedness, citing the jobs that would be created for the project.

However, the bonds couldn’t be sold until 1932, when San-Francisco based Bank of America agreed to buy the entire project in order to help the local economy.

The Golden Gate Bridge officially opened on May 27, 1937, the longest bridge span in the world at the time. The first public crossing had taken place the day before, when 200,000 people walked, ran and even roller skated over the new bridge.

With its tall towers and famous red paint job, the bridge quickly became a famous American landmark, and a symbol of San Francisco.

#sanfrancisco   #goldengatebridge   #california   #history   #bridge #californiahistory  

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