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Skull Bottle Opener, Perfect For Your Inner Pirate

Back in the 1300s, Europeans decorated their homes with skulls as a reminder to celebrate life. What better way to remind yourself to have a good time than this biting skull bottle opener? Hand cast out of bronze, each features two skulls, one of which is ready to clamp down on your next bottle cap.

Consider it a memento mori and toast to the good times.

Hand cast. Bronze. Made in the USA.

#skull   #bottleopener   #pirates  


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This is great +Sean Cowen! Wish I had a use for 1.
I'm not a beer or soda drinker. When I was a kid at a party and my friends would give me bottles of beer I would head for the nearest plant and give it a good watering. If there were too many eyes upon me, I would
It would certainly be cool to have one around though. Leave it to you to share such an unusual item.

Hope all is going well for you and Blaine. Hope you have a great week.
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Yoda Helping Me Get Psyched For My Home & Garden Show Tomorrow

Well minions, I drove across the border up into Novi, Michigan this morning, and now I'm sitting in a well-stocked +Extended Stay America room. Nice job they do. I've got a kitchen, groceries, a comfortable desk, wifi, and my headphones are warmed up for tomorrow's +FRIDAY NIGHT SESSIONS show. If you've seen my last post about discrimination, you can probably guess that I'll be having some angry rock music tomorrow, so get fired up with me at 10PM Eastern, tomorrow.

But for the show - it's huge! Massive, as big as my Orlando, Florida show, and we all have high hopes for my skills over the next three days. I've sold out at a show before - and that's my goal for this show!

Wish me luck, and join me tomorrow night. I hope your advice helps me kick it into high gear, Yoda! ha!

#yoda   #convention   #homeshow   #michigan  
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Sean Cowen

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Meeting Pam Adger

A few weeks back, I was on a work trip to Southern California, and I put the call out for anyone to drop by Huntington Beach, where I was staying. My love +Pam Adger answered the call, and made some HUGE sacrifices to meet up with me one night. We had a great time and I was thrilled to talk with her one-on-one. It was a night I'll never forget!

Hugs, Pam!

And thanks to +Mark Barrus who showed up right at the end. I'm sorry I had to leave early, Mark, but we'll get together again. It was a BLAST talking music with you! And for future reference -- if I tell you I'm flying your way and will be in town, we should meet! I'm a mellow, great guy and we'll have an excellent time together. Right, Pam? ha!
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Look at the two hotties! Is it warm in here, or is it just me... +Pam Adger +Sean Cowen 
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Remarkable Leather Bound Books: Sangorski & Sutcliffe

Bibliophiles love books for the sake of being books, but every now and then we also love the art of binding books, and sometimes that love is primary. When you hold one of these books (which you always do carefully, you're holding a work of art). I'm sure my colleagues at +BIBLIOMATIC must have posted about this legendary firm, but here it is again.

About the famed firm of Sangorski & Sutcliffe

Sangorski & Sutcliffe is a firm of bookbinders established in London in 1901. It is considered to be one of the most important bookbinding companies of the 20th century, famous for its luxurious jeweled bindings that used real gold and precious stones in their book covers.

Sangorski & Sutcliffe was established by Francis Sangorski (1875-1912) and George Sutcliffe (1878-1943). They had met in 1896 at a bookbinding evening classes taught by Douglas Cockerell at the London County Council's Central School of Arts and Crafts. In 1898, Sangorski and Sutcliffe each won one of the ten annual craft scholarship awards, giving them £20 a year for three years to continue their training as apprentice bookbinders. They were employed at Cockerell's own bindery, and began to teach bookbinding at Camberwell College of Art. They were laid off in 1901 after a coal strike caused an economic slump, and they decided to set up on their own in a rented attic in Bloomsbury, starting on 1 October 1901. They soon moved to Vernon Place, and then, in 1905, to Southampton Row.

Sangorski's elder brother, Alberto Sangorski, worked for the firm. He became an accomplished calligrapher and illuminator, working for Rivière from 1910.

They quickly revived the art of jewelled bookbindings, decorating their sumptuous multi-colour leather book bindings with gold inlay and precious and semi-precious jewels. They were commissioned to create a most luxurious binding of the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, the front cover of which was adorned with three golden peacocks with jewelled tails and surrounded by heavily tooled and gilded vines, that was sent on the ill-fated RMS Titanic in 1912. The book, known as the Great Omar, sank with the ship and has not been recovered. Shortly afterwards, Sangorski drowned.

Sutcliffe continued the firm, which became recognised as one of the leading bookbinders in London. The bindery moved to Poland Street, and managed to survive through the First World War, the Great Depression, the Second World War, and post-war austerity. In this period, it undertook work for the Ashendene Press, Golden Cockerel Press and the J. & E. Bumpus bookshop. It also created miniature books for Queen Mary's Dolls' House.

After Sutcliffe suffered a stroke in 1936, he entrusted the business to his nephew, Stanley Bray (1907-1995), who had worked for his uncle since 1926. The company merged with HT Woods in 1939, bringing Kenneth Hobson to the firm. He introduced a more modern style of binding. Bray inherited the company on Sutcliffe's death. The firm merged again in 1988, joining with Zaehnsdorf's bindery in Bermondsey (established by Joseph Zaehnsdorf in 1842). The combined business was bought by Asprey in 1985 and renamed SSZ Limited. Shepherds, a bookbinding company, bought the company from Asprey in 1998, and revived the Sangorski & Sutcliffe name. The bindery recently moved from its premises in Bermondsey to Rochester Row.

A second copy of the Omar Khayyam was bound as WWII broke out and this was placed in a bank safe vault for safe keeping, but enemy bombing destroyed the vault and the second copy. Stanley Bray after his retirement made a Third version of the binding using the original design, this is now in the British Library.

#bookbinding   #books   #booklover   #bibliophile   #leatherbound   #sangorskiandsutcliffe   #zaehnsdorf   #london  

Books and Art Hours of Idleness. Lord Byron (George Gordon Noel Byron), 1807. First edition, second issue, with an early 20th century jewelled Cosway-style binding by Sangorski & Sutcliffe. The interior contains miniature portraits of Lord Byron and his ancestral home, Newstead Abbey.

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Thanks for sharing!
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My Taste In Music Ranges From...

I think it's this way for all of us, at one point or another. 

I like it when other people enjoy the songs I play each week on +FRIDAY NIGHT SESSIONS but I won't curl up and die if we're not on the same page. Alternatively, I hope to show you some new (or old) music sometimes that you might not be aware of...

The Challenge For You!

1. Post the SONG that we need to listen to, right now. Immediately. (YouTube link and title)... or

2. Post the SONG that you love that we definitely shouldn't judge you on (YouTube link and title)...

3. Bonus: Show us the most OBSCURE (but cool) song you've ever heard!! (YouTube link and title)...

#musiclover   #iheartmusic   #song   #obscuremusic   #guiltypleasures   #favoritesong  

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Actually, this is even better from them:

In fact, just get the album. Totally worth the taxes I paid by buying it it France.
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What Are You Watching on TV Lately?

The landscape today for the world on television and films has shifted dramatically. Everything has exploded with new choices: do I watch TV shows on cable, or on premium cable channels? Do I watch series on Amazon or Hulu or on Netflix? The possibilities are endless.

Question: What hot new shows (or longtime favourites) are you watching and would recommend we see?

They can be shows in the USA or from Canada. UK shows or Australian shows. Series from France or Brazil. It doesn't matter. All that matters is you let us know how great they are, what they're about, and how we could watch them.

For me, I'll watch #gameofthrones  and #thewalkingdead forever, but I also like discovering new series, or even the next hot shows. Ok, Go!

#television   #tvshow   #series  
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Sinply: question is; Are you watching them on Samsung Curved OLED TV... 
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Does anyone else get a big does of ANXIETY each week that we watch The Walking Dead?

Since there are glaring deviations from the comic, and since Kirkman has said that we might see more of the same, lately, I'm feeling like I'm watching Game of Thrones. I tell you - every week, I've been on pins and needles wondering who's going to survive. Eek! Luckily, this season is closing this weekend, but i can only wonder what BLOODBATH we're going to see on Sunday, given Rick's smash your skull in latest brawl, even if we're talking somnambulistic Alexandria...

And if Huffpo is correct with their guess about Reedus, God help AMC and the fandom world. This will be a DEATH BLOW that we may never recover from. This sh*t better not be true, Huffpo! All hell is going to break loose if so...

#thewalkingdead   #twd  +The Walking Dead (Fans)  #thewalkingdeadseason5  +The Walking Dead  #alexandria   #robertkirkman   #anxiety  
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Anxiety, rapid heart rate, chewing my fingernails off. AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! And now we have to wait.
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You Are Dead To Us, Indiana.

Indiana Governor Mike Pence signed a bill today that allows individuals and businesses to discriminate against anyone they like, simply by claiming religious belief. In a word, you're dead to me Indiana. And that's painful, as we have friends there, and I have shows there. AND, we were going to get married there. You all know I rarely put up this sort of post (leaving the choice words to my better half, +Blaine Hall) but enough is fucking enough. 

We are not playing along with your games anymore, nor are millions of voices stuck in a dozen + other states where this shit is happening RIGHT NOW.

This is not a political post, but obviously, anyone with a brain larger than a walnut knows exactly who's behind all this crap. I'm not pointing fingers, but all of us ... ALL OF US have to stand up against things that are fundamentally wrong, and discrimination , against anyone, for any reason, is wrong. Now is not the time for any of us to be silent. You cannot simply stand on the sidelines and watch any longer as injustice swarms all around you. 

Look how well that worked out in Indiana...

#discrimination   #mikepence   #boycottindiana   #secondclasscitizens  
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+Sean Cowen I am lucky that I am on here for no other reason than to see cool stuff and share. I do not even know what I gain or lose in followers. I never look.
It is messed up to lose people because you choose to not be complicit to a wrong.
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Sean Cowen

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Far Side Pets

Tell me this isn't your experience, too. To our cats? We're really like security guards in museums. Necessary, but funny to laugh at, imho.

To our dogs? Bless their hearts, but Larson nailed it with this one. They give so much affection, but they're our outside dogs, with their "heated apartment" in our barn. They know rats; they how how to "defeat" a cat or ground hog (believe me, I have firsthand knowledge of that carnage). But anything else? Like actually thinking things through? Hell no!

#dogs   #cats   #animallovers   #thefarside   #garylarson   #humor   #comicstrips   #humour   #funnypics   #surrealism  
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Mar Mai
Awwww!!! Cats and dogs are both the greatest and the worst XD

Our old, lovely Jack used to do the funniest things. Like the time he actually made off with the cooked CHristmas ham!! XD he ate half before we got it away from him!! Xx

Our cats (4!! All rescue cats except for the kitten.. They adopted us) have the most interesting personalities!! I love all of them <3
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I stumbled on these photos again tonight, and though "Cool. I should post those." Then I did a quick search (as I usually do, due to my failing memory sometimes) and realized ... I already did!

This is a fun, absolutely insane photo series, but you know his heart is in the right place? Right? Maybe? grin

#fatherhood   #dad   #parenting   #worldsbestdad  +Scott Cramer +Keith Cramer +Halfdan Reschat 
Dave Engledow - The Coolest Dad Ever

This little girl, Alice Bee, is going to have one awesome photo collection for her wedding one day, if she chooses. She's a rock star! ha!

#coolestdad   #coolestdadever   #photography   #coolkidsclub   #funnypics  

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Well, I love it. His blog has some of the pages. It likely has them all, as he blogged them first, then someone suggested he put them together in a book.
It is fun.
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Those Perfect Moments in Life

Like this one. You've jumped and your mind and body are free, living in the moment, and suspended in time  ... until you land in the water. I love those moments...

#livinginthemoment   #life   #freediving   #perfectmoments  

via/ tumblr
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Until you land in the water with the rock outcrop just under the surface and break both ankles... Someone should have scouted this pool a bit better before leaping. 
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Sean Cowen

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I had the pleasure of watching this again today (as I'm wont to do, it being one of my favorite masterpieces), and I watched Out of Africa as well (it was my Double-Feature for the weekend).

Wow, there's a reason Meryl Streep has amassed so many Academy Award nominations and wins. Watch her here to see exactly why.

Add both films to your Netflix queue for your ongoing film education if you've never seen these.

But be prepared for a style of film rarely done anymore: the epic film.
Lawrence of Arabia - Main Theme - Maurice Jarre - one of my all-time favorite films, and you haven't lived unless you've seen the 70mm HD print of this on a massive theater screen in a restored, vintage theatre.

This movie hooked me at a young age, and I'm pretty sure my love of cinema came from watching this. I always had a fascination with the desert afterwards. I became hooked on Paul Bowles novels as a result, and I'm even more thrilled with these fantastic film scores. This Jarre score defines Major Lawrence. It adds nuances and subtleties that single songs can't do. Film scores are the backbone of any great film. I hope this isn't becoming a dying art.

"What is it, Major Lawrence, that attracts you personally to the desert?"

"it's clean."

Maurice Jarre/
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great music
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