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Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip is an American comedy-drama television series created and primarily written by Aaron Sorkin.

I was fascinated by this show, and I watched all 22 episodes in a marathon session. As a huge fan of The West Wing  I had high hopes for the writing (and style) of the show. I wasn't disappointed. It's interesting when this sort of show "fails," especially given the clout of someone like Sorkin. I didn't watch it when it aired, and I really don't remember it from that era. But I wanted to study it now.

I do know that when you watch a marathon session of back to back episodes of any television show - you understand a few things. In my mind, there was some weird stuff going on with a few two-parters (and one three-parter). There were many flashbacks (that bugged me to no end) and the series, imho, felt much, much darker in the last third episodes. In a way, I want to say that this show "went off the rails" to a degree.

After the first few episodes, I had high hopes for where they were heading, and I thought this glimpse into a show like "Saturday Night Live" was completely fascinating - but many things just didn't click. Sorkin is a master in my book, of things like the "walk and talk" he perfected on The West Wing.  And he is a phenomenally gifted writer of dialogue and character - but this show struck me as truly running away from it's heart on many occasions.

Hmm. Maybe it's a lesson in what can go absolutely right (and wrong) in a high-concept Network show. But it's kind of sad, thinking about the outcome. I could visualize six, seven, eight seasons of this show. But so many choices with the writing threw me into a state of asking ... "Huh? Why, oh why, did you keep going down that road?"

The series takes place behind the scenes of a live sketch comedy show (also called Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip or Studio 60) on the fictional television network NBS (National Broadcasting System), whose format is similar to that of NBC's Saturday Night Live. National Broadcasting System is owned by the TMG Corporation. The show-within-a-show is run by executive producers Matt Albie (Matthew Perry) and Danny Tripp (Bradley Whitford). Matt serves as the head writer and Danny produces the show.

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip ran on NBC for 22 episodes, from September 18, 2006 to June 28, 2007. To date, it is Aaron Sorkin's only TV series not to air for more than one season.

#studio60   #aaronsorkin   #westwing   #televisionseries   #televisionshows   #saturdaynightlive  

If you're an Amazon Prime member, you can watch all episodes of this series for free, back to back...
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I too am a huge Sorkin fan and watched this when it aired live. I really don't know why it failed to find an audience but I love the one season.
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Zombie Support for My Best Friend +byron rempel Who Has a Kickstarter Going On Right Now!

13 Strange Things You Didn't Know About Canada (this is my free entertainment for you, to get you thinking, "Canadian artist!"

From secret underground labs to UFO landing pads, Canada can be a weird, wild and wonderful place. Here are 13 strange facts you didn’t know about our home and native land.

1. You Can See More Snakes in Winnipeg Than Anywhere Else.

Just 130-km north of Winnipeg is the Narcisse Snake Dens conversation area, where each spring, tens of thousands of red-sided garter snakes slither out from their dens for a few weeks from mid-April to early May. Fortunately there are viewing platforms set up so you can watch them from afar.

2. We Have a Secret Underground Labratory in Sudbury, Ont.

Canada is at the forefront in the international search for new forces and forms of matter thanks to SNOLAB. Designed for the study of neutrino and dark matter physics, it’s the deepest clean laboratory in the world dedicated to this type of work. The lab, which was once the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory, was built in a mine to avoid interference from environmental and solar radioactivity.

3. McGill put the Green in Greenbacks.

We’ve taken a lot of jabs from the U.S. for our Monopoly-coloured Canadian currency, but what most don’t realize is the green ink used for American money was invented at McGill University in Montreal, in 1857, by Thomas Sterry Hunt.

4. We Harvest Icebergs in Labrador and Newfoundland.

Every spring, massive islands of ice broken off of glaciers in Greenland parade through 'Iceberg Alley’, past the coast of Labrador and Newfoundland. Entrepreneurs are harvesting chunks of these cool marvels for some pretty unique products, including wine, vodka, beer, and even skincare products.

5. We Built a UFO Landing Pad in St. Paul, Alta.

One of Canada’s most unique Centennial projects in 1967 was the building of the world’s first UFO Landing Pad in St. Paul, Alberta. The town provided the land, and local businesses provided building supplies and labour for the raised cement pad. Making things even stranger? Paul Hellyer, then Minister of National Defense, flew in (by helicopter, not spaceship) to officially open it.

6. Most of the World's Caesium is in a Lake in Manitoba.

The best-known use of this element is in Caesium-based atomic clocks – which are so accurate they would only be off by 2 seconds over a 65 million year lifespan. It’s also used as a lubricant for large drilling projects. The world’s richest deposit of caesium (roughly two-thirds of it) is at Bernic Lake, Manitoba.

7. We Have the World's Safest Highways (for Animals).

There are million-dollar highway overpasses in Banff National Park which have been used by grizzly and black bears, wolves, coyotes, cougars, moose, elk, deer, bighorn sheep, wolverine and lynx. By 2014, there will be 38 wildlife underpasses and six overpasses from Banff National Park’s east entrance to the border of Yoho National Park. Ontario built its first bridge for animals over Hwy 69, south of Sudbury, in 2012.

8. Alberta has a National Park Larger Than Switzerland.

Wood Buffalo National Park straddles the border of Northern Alberta and southern Northwest Territories. It was created in 1922 to protect the world’s largest herd of roaming Wood Bison, and the park is also home to the last known nesting site of whooping cranes.

9. Vancouver Island is Home To an Annual Bathtub Race.

It’s a crazy competition that started as Nanaimo’s Centennial event in 1967. The first year close to 200 'tubbers’ raced a 36-mile course in converted bathtubs - 48 finished. Today, the high-performance "bathtubs" cover the 90-minute course the last weekend of July, as part of the weekend-long Nanaimo Marine Festival, which includes a Bathtub Parade. 2013's race day was July 28.

10. Buffalo Was Almost a Province.

The province of Buffalo proposal was spearheaded in the early 1900’s by Sir Frederick Haultain, who was the first Premier of the Northwest Territories. His proposal failed to sway Prime Minister Wilfred Laurier, and in 1905 the section of N.W.T. was divided via a north-south line, creating Alberta and Saskatchewan in the process.

11. We Speak on Behalf of Santa Claus.

It’s thanks to thousands of kind Canadians that kids around the world get answers to their letters and emails to Santa each year. Canada Post volunteers have answered more than 1 million letters in 30 languages (including braille). They ask that you don’t include cookies, but do include the postal code: HOH OHO.

12. Peterborough, Ont. is the Canoe Capital of the World.

You can learn more about canoeing at the Canadian Canoe Museum in Peterborough, Ontario, home to the world’s largest collection of canoes and kayaks. National Paddling Day, which was originally celebrated on June 26th, has now evolved into National Paddling Week, which was celebrated across Canada, June 15-23, 2013.

13. Newfoundland Left its Mark on Mars.

Commander Hadfield has been educating and entertaining us from space for the last few months, but Canada’s reach into space extends further than the International Space Station. There is a crater on Mars that has been named for the town of Gander, Newfoundland. The 39-km (diameter) crater was dedicated to Gander in 1991 because of the town's history of pioneering aviation and aerospace technologies.

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Image by +byron rempel !
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What a great idea for a project.
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Logan's Run ... There's Just One Catch.

Remember this one? Sci-fi seen through 70s eyes...

Logan's Run  is a 1976 American science fiction film directed by Michael Anderson and starring Michael York, Jenny Agutter, Richard Jordan, Roscoe Lee Browne, Farrah Fawcett, and Peter Ustinov. The screenplay by David Zelag Goodman was based on the novel of the same name by William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johnson.

It depicts a dystopian future society in which population and the consumption of resources are managed and maintained in equilibrium by the simple expedient of killing everyone who reaches the age of thirty, preventing overpopulation. The story follows the actions of Logan 5, a "Sandman", as he runs from society's lethal demand.

The film was nominated for two Academy Awards and won a Special Academy Award for its visual effects, and won six Saturn Awards including Best Science Fiction Film.

The film was shot primarily in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex – including locations such as the Fort Worth Water Gardens and the Dallas Market Center – between June and September 1975. The film only uses the basic premise from the novel, that everyone must die at a specific age and Logan runs with Jessica as his companion while being chased by Francis. The motivations of the characters are quite different in the film. It was the first film to use Dolby Stereo on 70mm prints.

In 1977, a short-lived TV series based on the film aired, though only 14 episodes were produced. Since 1994, there have been several unsuccessful efforts to remake Logan's Run.

#logansrun   #the1970s   #scififilms   #scifi   #movies   #films   #michaelyork   #farrahfawcett  

Logan's Run (trailer)


image |
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Pat G
+Raymond Hamilton Sounds like a song from the musical.
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Buttons, Details, and Life

Do you find yourself paying attention to the smallest details? I always think that every single detail is important. Every note is important to a musician; each word written is important to writers - change up one word and the entire work can go in a new direction. One added or subtracted stroke by an artist can entirely change the look and feel of their canvass.

How often do you notice and consider the smallest details?

I think that when we do notice the "small things" we enhance our awareness of the "bigger things." When I notice a terrific pattern on a button, I also find myself appreciating and considering the whole of the work around it. And I find myself drawn to the interconnectedness of the work.

Life seems to be that way too, in the broadest strokes. When we take the time to notice and appreciate small things like buttons, I think we're more apt to consider the bigger pictures. 

I think of all artists when I write these words - one different note or series of notes may have turned a masterpiece into a so-so song. Different colors may have turned a painted masterpiece into a pedestrian work of art. Starting your novel with "Captain Ahab was a driven man, who was determined to hunt down a single whale, out of revenge." versus "Call me Ishmael." made all the difference in the world.

Details matter, sometimes even the smallest detail ... like a button!

#lifelessons   #details   #smalldetails   #smallthings   #buttons  

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Puff, The Magic Dragon

h/t to +Joe Smith 

#gif   #animatedgif   #dragon  
Puff the Magic Dragon
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Yo quiero uno .
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Sean Cowen

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I will be playing music videos all night long  of cool songs in all languages of the world other than in English!  Yes - in our 2 1/2 year history - this will be a first!


Let me know what GREAT MUSIC we've been missing out on all over the world!
Citizens of the World!

I usually don't do this, but I'm releasing the theme of our special edition of +FRIDAY NIGHT SESSIONS two weeks in advance. For a reason.

This week, we're having a 3rd edition of our British Invasion. But the following week - for the first time ever! - I will be hosting an INTERNATIONAL EDITION of FNS. I will be playing music videos all night long  of cool songs in all languages of the world other than in English!  Yes - in our 2 1/2 year history - this will be a first!

What do I need from you, my friends?

I need your help with showing me the BEST MUSIC VIDEOS in countries that don't speak English, or English is not an official language. Maybe I'll play a Fettes Blot video from Germany, or maybe Papinka from Malaysia, or Phoenix from Russia.

Maybe I'll play La Arrolladora Banda el Limón de René Camacho from Mexico, or Elissa, from Lebanon, playing فيديو كليب إليسا - أسعد واحدة. And then there's Alec Lomami “CLV ft. Sammus & Badi Banx from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, top bands from France or Finland, or maybe it's Hadag Nahash performing Shir Nehama הדג נחש - שיר נחמה.

I need your help, so we can make this a SMASHING NIGHT! So, tell your friends and start thinking of COOL SONGS (VIDEOS) that I can play in a few weeks. SHOW THE WORLD YOUR COOL BANDS!

#internationalmusic   #globalmusic   #musicaroundtheworld  

image | FOAM Magazine
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I always love seeing what +Google ATAP and other Googlers are working on. This is fascinating!

#iss   #spacestation   #spheres   #projecttango   #space  
Project Tango Prepping for Launch Into Space

Since the summer of 2013, the Project Tango team has been working closely with a team at the NASA Ames Research Center.  The goal: to integrate a Project Tango prototype onto a robotic platform, called SPHERES, that flies inside the International Space Station. The SPHERES program aims to develop zero-gravity autonomous platforms that could act as robotic assistants for astronauts or perform maintenance activities independently on station.  The 3D-tracking and mapping capabilities of Project Tango would allow SPHERES to reconstruct a 3D-map of the space station and, for the first time in history, enable autonomous navigation of a floating robotic platform 230 miles above the surface of the earth.

Project Tango and SPHERES are scheduled to be launched into orbit this summer. The future is awesome.
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Cinema Junkies - Do You Have a Favorite Scene From Your Favorite Films?

It's always amazed me the impact cinema has had on our most recent generations. Many of us have grown up at the movies, and we always seem to have favorite scenes from those films we love.

What are some of your favorite scenes?

Add links to YouTube vids if you like, or just describe the scene. Chances are, many of us have loved that scene as well. I'm not going to post any yet, so I don't muddy the waters, but I do have hundreds!

#films   #movies   #Hollywood   #screenwriting   #favoritescene   #moviebuffs   #cinemajunkies   #moviedialogue   

via/ imgur
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... I still can't believe I'm the only one who mentioned the gun fight scene from a Fistful of Dollars. Lol
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Sean Cowen

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Lady Justice, and I've Got Jury Duty

Well, it finally happened. I have jury duty starting tomorrow morning. Since I'm between jobs, I have no excuses for not being there. Nor would I anyway. I've always felt it was part of my duty living here to participate when needed. Now I'm needed.

Of course, no gas vouchers or meals are provided, and the per diem is fifteen bucks a day, so it will end up probably costing me more than that to do this, but I'm good with that. This is important.

About Lady Justice

Lady Justice (Latin: Iustitia , the Roman goddess of Justice, who is equivalent to the Greek goddesses Themis and Dike) is an allegorical personification of the moral force in judicial systems.

The personification of justice balancing the scales dates back to the Goddess Maat, and later Isis, of ancient Egypt. The Hellenic deities Themis and Dike were later goddesses of justice. Themis was the embodiment of divine order, law, and custom, in her aspect as the personification of the divine rightness of law. However, a more direct connection is to Themis' daughter Dike, who was portrayed carrying scales.

"If some god had been holding level the balance of Dike" is a surviving fragment of Bacchylides' poetry. Ancient Rome adopted the image of a female goddess of justice, which it called Iustitia. Since Roman times, Iustitia has frequently been depicted carrying scales and a sword, and wearing a blindfold.

Her modern iconography frequently adorns courthouses and courtrooms, and conflates the attributes of several goddesses who embodied Right Rule for Greeks and Romans, blending Roman blindfolded Fortuna (fate) with Hellenistic Greek Tyche (luck), and sword-carrying Nemesis (vengeance).

Since the 15th century, Lady Justice has often been depicted wearing a blindfold. The blindfold represents objectivity, in that justice is or should be meted out objectively, without fear or favour, regardless of identity, money, power, or weakness; blind justice and impartiality.

#law   #justice   #legalsystem   #uscourt   #juryduty   #blindjustice
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I got called to serve again at the beginning of next month - the way my state does it, I have to call the night before to see whether to report in. If I am lucky, I won't even have to report, then I am done. If I have to go, it will hopefully just be for one day (same as before - not empaneled), as I have a doctor's appointment the next day. 
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Louis Armstrong in Giza, Egypt, 1961

This is perfection. It combines a love of romance, Egyptology, vintage travel, and an ultimate vision of jazz and love. The perfect photo.

#louisarmstrong   #giza   #egypt   #greatpyramids   #vintagetravel   #jazzmusic   #jazz   #trumpet   #love  

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Hi to every one ilike very much music specially the old music 
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Public Speaker, Writer, Bookseller... Evangelist for Google+ and Founder of +Friday Night Sessions, +Helping Others, and +PORTFOLIO.
About Me

I started on Google+ back in June of 2011, and I think I've learned a thing or two along the way. I tend to be an eclectic writer; I often post on topics such as world travel, NASA, literature, science, archaeology, steampunk, space, technology and sci-fi. I'm as apt to post about vintage retro robots as I am to post about a new tech gadget, or a book I've just completed. I'm a major fan of Tolkien and anything Star Wars, a fan of classic poetry and literature, and emerging writers. I'm an amateur WWII and Civil War historian as well.

My posts generally have some sort of wow or cool factor to them (I strive for the *fun and interesting* label always), and as I've done somewhere in the neighborhood of 10,000+ posts at this point, I think I've put together a pretty good collection of writings.

My Social World

A bit more about me... I'm also a huge fan of photography, art, illustration, comics, music, and films. I've been a rare bookseller and book scout for over 15 years. Formerly, I lived in Prague, the Czech Republic (in Central Europe) for seven years where I managed a catering business, was a barista, rolled beer barrels in an Irish pub, wrote a few films, wrote a lot of poetry, rubbed elbows with Literati who visited Praha and where I was a bookseller at The Globe Bookstore and Cafe, the first English-speaking bookshop in Central Europe.

Places I have visited: Canada, Great Britain, Scotland, Ireland, France, The Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany, Finland, NASA. Places I have lived: Iowa, Maryland, Nevada, California, Ohio, Prague, and for one, brief shining moment, Dingle Ireland.

I created +Friday Night Sessions and +Helping Others, as well as +The Google+ Traveling Book Project. I am also a very active page manager for +I Am Sherlocked and the creator of the fan page for Ryan Van Sickle (a great Indie musician on G+). It's called 
Bragging rights
For 2012 and 2013 I was an Official Elf for +Secret Santa. I attended the NASA Juno Launch at the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral: lifetime dream fulfilled. Graduate of the Dave Ramsey EntreLeadership course in Nashville, limited to 100 entrepreneurs. I'm most proud recently of being a Dale Carnegie Graduate Coach. I truly enjoy working with my students, and I learn new things from every class. I'm now a Senior Carnegie Graduate Coach, and I just finished being a Graduate Coach for the third time!
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