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Elton John Made His USA Debut at the Troubadour in Los Angeles, California on 25 August 1970

Elton John made his US live debut when he kicked off a 17-date tour at the Troubadour in Los Angeles. In the audience that night were Don Henley, Quincy Jones and Leon Russell. Elton's latest single 'Border Song' had just debuted at number 92 on the US chart.

On August 25, 1970, Elton John made his U.S. debut in a legendary six-night sold-out run at West Hollywood’s Troubadour. John’s eponymous first album—which was released in the states on July 22—had landed on the Troubadour owner Doug Weston’s desk with a request for the undiscovered pianist to play a date as his club. Weston, upon hearing it, immediately booked him.

The band consisted of Nigel Olsson on drums, Dee Murray on bass, and Elton John was playing the house piano that his idol Laura Nyro had played just two weeks earlier. The 300-seat club was filled with music industry notables brought in by the label, as well as artists like Quincy Jones, Gordon Lightfoot, Leon Russell, the Beach Boys’ Mike Love and Three Dog Night’s Danny Hutton. Before the show Neil Diamond took the stage to a thunderous applause and introduced Elton: “Folks, I’ve never done this before, so please be kind to me. I’m like the rest of you; I’m here because of having listened to Elton John’s album. So I’m going to take my seat with you now and enjoy the show.”

Elton came out on stage, sat down at the piano and with no banter launched into “Your Song” solo at the piano, with Dee coming in on bass midway through. Next was “Bad Side of the Moon” with Nigel kicking it off with a drum intro, and the crowd was officially sold.

In addition to the first two songs, the set list included: “Sixty Years On,” “I Need You To Turn To,” “Border Song,” “Country Comfort,” “Take Me To the Pilot,” “Honky Tonk Woman,” and “Burn Down the Mission.” Of these songs, just five were on the only Elton John record actually available for sale at the time. One song was a Rolling Stones cover, one was the b-side to his “Border Song” single, and two were from an album that would not reach American ears for another five months.

After the first night, Robert Hilburn, music critic for the Los Angeles Times, wrote: “Tuesday night at the Troubadour was just the beginning. He’s going to be one of rock’s biggest and most important stars.” And as Hilburn predicted, in 1990 Rolling Stone magazine declared these shows to be among the 20 most important concerts in the history of rock ‘n’ roll.

"Elton John" at The Troubadour

Elton John - Border Song

#rocknroll   #eltonjohn   #troubador   #losangeles   #musiclover  

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You forgot to mention the biggest star that was also there. John Lennon

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Sean Cowen

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Holy Hell, This Bookstore Is Amazing

Bibliophiles will let you know that we'd be willing to circumnavigate the globe in order to see the coolest bookstores and libraries. It's in our blood. This bookstore in China, is "out there" and very futuristic and cool, and yes, I'd make a trip!

This bookstore in Songjiang, China, has a display room with black mirrored flooring, an oval reading room with stepped shelving and a children’s room complete with a merry-go-round.

Often called the country’s most beautiful bookstore, Zhongshuge Books is located in a British-style village called Thames Town with cobbled streets, Victorian terraces, corner shops and red telephone booths.

Architecture firm XL-MUSE created the space, providing a number of different environments for reading and shopping. The entire interior of the building appears to look like one endless cave system, with row upon row of books. This is done through the strategic placement of mirrors, which seem to extend the interior space in all directions.

#books   #booklovers   #bibliophile   #bookheaven   #bookstore   #china  

More pictures at the link:

More about the layout of the store:
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Awesome!!!!!! I would love to go there
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The Unbroken Seal on King Tutankhamun's Tomb, 1922. It Remained Intact and Unbroken for 3,245 Years!

This is one of those stories that captivated my imagination as a young boy who loved to read about exploration and adventure, and especially about archaeology, most often through National Geographic Magazine and in their archaeological books. I had them all, and I was completely enamored with the story of the discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun!

Photograph by Harry Burton, Griffith Institute, Oxford, National Geographic Society

This seal was actually a seal to King Tut’s fifth shrine. The king was buried in a series of four sarcophagi, which were in turn kept inside a series of five shrines. This unbroken seal stayed 3,245 years untouched. The late discovery of Tut’s tomb resulted from the fact that it was covered by debris from that of Ramesses IV which was located directly above its entrance.

While the outermost shrine of the youthful pharaoh had been opened not once but twice in ancient times, the doors of the second of the huge shrines of gilded wood containing the royal sarcophagus still carried the necropolis seal which indicated the pharaoh’s mummy was untouched and intact.

The tomb of the boy-king was opened by the famous archaeologist and Egyptologist Howard Carter in the early 1920’s. The tomb contained treasure more spectacular than any previous discoveries. Shortly after Howard Carter removed the lid of the outermost shrine in Tutankhamun’s Burial Chamber, he discovered three more.

Harry Burton photographed the ornately decorated doors of the second shrine while closed, their simple copper handles secured together tightly by a rope tied through them. The knotted cord was accompanied by a delicate clay seal featuring Anubis, the ancient Egyptians’ jackal god entrusted with the protection of the cemetery.

Even at the outset, Carter and his financier, Lord Carnarvon, knew that the tomb had been compromised, because of a re-plastered and sealed hole in the outer doorway (not on the fifth shrine). Furthermore, once they had entered the tomb, the disorganized state of the material, the damage sustained by several objects and the discernible lack of solid metalwork, bedding, glass, oils and unguents all suggested that the tomb had been robbed during antiquity.

The story goes that he also found an ancient clay tablet in the antechamber. When he later translated it, the inscription read: “Death will slay with his wings whoever disturbs the peace of the pharaoh”. This would later became the famous “Curse of the Pharaohs”, which in fact is just a myth. The curse, which does not differentiate between thieves and archaeologists, allegedly can cause bad luck, illness or death.

Tutankhamen was a very inconsequential king while alive, however because the tomb was located under an existing tomb and grave robbers never found it, it became one of the most valuable archaeological finds. Because of its lower position in the Valley of the Kings, the tomb’s entrance was sealed by rocks and mud from flooding and the location was lost until Carter’s discovery.

Tutankhamen was a relatively minor Pharaoh who seemingly died unexpectedly at a young age so whatever wealth with which he was buried (and that archeologists uncovered) was just a fraction of what it could have been, had he gone on to live a full life. So can you imagine the immense wealth that must have been buried with great Pharaohs such as Ramesses II.

How did the rope last 3,200 years without deteriorating? Rope is one of the fundamental human technologies. Archaeologists have found two-ply ropes going back 28,000 years. Egypt was the first documented civilization to use specialized tools to make rope. One key to its longevity isn’t the rope itself, but the aridity of the air in the desert. It dries out and preserves things.

Another key is oxygen deprivation. Tombs are sealed to the outside. Bacteria can break things down as long as they have oxygen, but then they effectively suffocate. It’s not uncommon to find rope, wooden carvings, cloth, organic dyes, etc. in Egyptian pyramids and tombs that wouldn’t have survived elsewhere in the world.

Egypt’s desert conditions made possible the preservation of far more organic material than would have otherwise been the case. This in contrast to, say, Maya sites in Central America which are far younger, but from which almost no organic material has been recovered. The main difference is jungle versus desert conditions.

#egypt   #kingtutankhamun   #howardcarter   #archaeology   #tomb   #egyptology   #treasure  

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Yes truely beautiful 
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Sean Cowen

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State of Franklin Declares independence On 23 August 1784

I'm fairly confident that a huge majority of you have no knowledge whatsoever of this historical fact. And in that majority, I include myself. There are so many hidden secrets within American History that are never shared in the standard textbooks, and I admit it: I had never heard of this...

On this day in 1784, four counties in western North Carolina declare their independence as the state of Franklin. The counties lay in what would eventually become Tennessee.

The previous April, the state of North Carolina had ceded its western land claims between the Allegheny Mountains and the Mississippi River to the United States Congress. The settlers in this area, known as the Cumberland River Valley, had formed their own independent government from 1772 to 1777 and were concerned that Congress would sell the territory to Spain or France as a means of paying off some of the government’s war debt. As a result, North Carolina retracted its cession and began to organize an administration for the territory.

Simultaneously, representatives from Washington, Sullivan, Spencer (modern-day Hawkins) and Greene counties declared their independence from North Carolina. The following May, the counties petitioned for statehood as “Frankland” to the United States Congress. A simple majority of states favored acceptance of the petition, but it fell short of the two-thirds majority needed to pass, even after the counties’ changed their proposed name to “Franklin” in an attempt to curry Benjamin Franklin’s and others’ favor.

In defiance of Congress, Franklin survived as an independent nation for four years with its own constitution, Indian treaties and legislated system of barter in lieu of currency, though after only two years, North Carolina set up its own parallel government in the region.

Finally, Franklin’s weak economy forced its governor, John Sevier, to approach the Spanish for aid. North Carolina, terrified of having a Spanish client state on its border, arrested Sevier. When Cherokee, Chickamauga and Chickasaw began to attack settlements within Franklin’s borders in 1788, it quickly rejoined North Carolina to gain its militia’s protection from attack.

Franklin's first capital was Jonesborough. After the summer of 1785, the government of Franklin (which was by then based in Greeneville), ruled as a "parallel government" running alongside (but not harmoniously with) a re-established North Carolina bureaucracy. Franklin was never admitted into the union. The extra-legal state existed for only about four and a half years, ostensibly as a republic, after which North Carolina re-assumed full control of the area.

The creation of Franklin is novel, in that it resulted from both a cession (an offering from North Carolina to Congress) and a secession (seceding from North Carolina, when its offer to Congress was not acted upon, and the original cession was rescinded).

#americanhistory   #stateoffranklin   #secession   #northcarolina   #tennessee   #18thcentury   #secessionistmovement  

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This is where the land Grabbing from Indigenous started, Where did they put the American Indian at that time, did they took part in the development? Hope most of them were murdered unnoticed while protecting their women and children from being slavery,,
What do we call it, is it a Violence? Terrorism? or a Crime? how do we describe this actions by our so called Colonizers? 
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Have You Ever Been on a Cruise Ship Trip Before?

I've always wanted to take a trip on a cruise ship one day, but never have. It probably stemmed from loving The Love Boat back in the day. Cheesy, but good entertainment back then. The closest I got was on a 24-hour ferry ride from Le Havre, France to Cork, Ireland. It was a rockin' and rollin' trip to be sure!

Have you ever taken a trip on a cruise ship? If so, how many times?

1. I've been on a cruise ship 1-5 times.

2. I've never taken a trip on a cruise ship before, but wanted to!

3. I've never wanted to take a trip on a cruise ship. I prefer dry land.

4. I've been on a cruise ship 6-10 times.

5. I've been on a cruise ship 11+ times!
187 votes  -  votes visible to Public
I've been on a cruise ship 1-5 times
I never have, but I've wanted to!
Nope, never wanted to. I prefer dry land
I've been on a cruise ship 6-10 times
11+ times. I'm a cruise ship veteran!
David Anders (prpplague)'s profile photoThomas Jones's profile photo
I was surprised, actually. When wife first broached the topic, I was in the middle of a traveling-consultant job. Wasn't feeling like locking myself in a floating hotel for 7 days when I spent 150+ nights each year for five years in hotels. 18 months after that gig ended, she convinced me to go on a cruise that some friends put together annually. Turned out pretty good - mostly because we were able to hang out with about sixty people we knew. Was kind of like being back in college.

Still, if I were to do another cruise and couldn't go with a similar group, I'd likely opt for a sailing-cruise. To me, the primary appeal of the big boats is after everyone goes to bed. Cool to hang out on the top decks and just watch the stars and meteors (sky was really clear on our trip).
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Sean Cowen

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Unforgettable Picture of Felix Baumgartner on the Edge of Space

I've always wondered how far I'd go to be in his shoes. To go further by being an astronaut. How far would you go? I'm a #spacegeek so there isn't much off the table.

Would I like to be on a mission to the moon? Of course. On a mission to Mars? You bet! On multi-year or decades-long mission to the far-flung corners of our galaxy and beyond? Possibly, but I also would deeply miss life on this planet, and the people here who I love. I cannot imagine the sacrifice involved in doing a deep space mission...

#space   #spaceexploration   #astronaut   #moon   #mars   #deepspace   #baumgartner   #nasa   #outerspace   #spacediving  


Credit: Jay Nemeth/Red Bull Content Pool
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Gil Z
Hey look the world is round...morons
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Sean Cowen

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Smokey & The Bandit

If you're looking for memories to take you back to the wild 70s, this might be the film (other than Star Wars). If you were a kid growing up then, you more than likely saw this film. Burt Reynolds was at the top of his game, Sally Field was fun and wild, and Jackie Gleason kept us laughing throughout.

Smokey and the Bandit is a 1977 American action comedy film starring Burt Reynolds, Sally Field, Jackie Gleason, Jerry Reed, Pat McCormick, Paul Williams and Mike Henry. The film was the directorial debut of stuntman Hal Needham. It inspired several other trucking films, including two sequels, Smokey and the Bandit II and Smokey and the Bandit Part 3.

There was also a series of 1994 television films (Bandit Goes Country, Bandit Bandit, Beauty and the Bandit, and Bandit's Silver Angel) from original director/writer Hal Needham that were loosely based on the earlier version, with actor Brian Bloom now playing Bandit. The three original films introduced two generations of the Pontiac Trans Am, and the Dodge Stealth in the television movie. Smokey and the Bandit was the second-highest grossing film of 1977, second only to Star Wars.


Wealthy Texan Big Enos Burdette (Pat McCormick) and his son Little Enos (Paul Williams) seek a truck driver willing to bootleg Coors beer to Georgia for their refreshment. At the time, Coors was regarded as one of the finest beers in the United States, but it could not be legally sold east of the Mississippi River. Truck drivers who had taken the bet previously had been caught and arrested by "Smokey" (CB slang for highway patrol officers, referring to the Smokey Bear–type hats worn in some states).

The Burdettes find legendary trucker Bo "Bandit" Darville (Burt Reynolds) competing in a truck rodeo at Lakewood Fairgrounds in Atlanta; they offer him $80,000 to haul 400 cases of Coors beer from Texarkana, Texas back to Atlanta in 28 hours; Big Enos has sponsored a racer running in the Southern Classic and wants to "celebrate in style when he wins." Bandit accepts the bet and recruits his best friend and partner Cledus "Snowman" Snow (Jerry Reed) to drive the truck, while Bandit drives the "blocker", a black Trans Am bought on an advance from the Burdettes, to divert attention away from the truck and its illegal cargo.

The trip to Texas is mostly uneventful except for at least one pursuing Smokey whom Bandit evades with ease. They reach Texarkana an hour ahead of schedule, load their truck with the beer and head back toward Atlanta. Immediately upon starting the second leg of the run, Bandit picks up runaway bride Carrie (Sally Field), whom he eventually nicknames "Frog" because she is "kinda cute like a frog" and "always hoppin' around". But in so doing, Bandit makes himself a target of Texas Sheriff Buford T. Justice (Jackie Gleason), a career lawman whose handsome but slow-witted son Junior (Mike Henry) was to have been Carrie's bridegroom. Ignoring his own jurisdiction, Sheriff Justice, with Junior in tow, chases Bandit all the way to Georgia, even as various mishaps cause his cruiser to disintegrate around them.

The remainder of the film is one lengthy high-speed chase, as Bandit's antics attract more and more attention from local and state police across Dixie while Snowman barrels on toward Atlanta with the contraband beer. Bandit and Snowman are helped along the way (including via CB radio) by many colorful characters, including a hearse driver, an elderly lady, a drive-in waitress and all her customers, a convoy of trucks, and even a madam who runs a brothel out of her RV. Neither Sheriff Justice nor any other police officers have any knowledge of Snowman's illegal manifest.

Smokey and the Bandit was a smash hit at the box office. With an original budget of $5.3 million (cut to $4.3 million two days before initial production), the film grossed $126,737,428 in North America, making it the second-highest grossing movie of 1977. The worldwide gross is estimated at over $300 million.

Smokey and the Bandit Official Trailer #1 - Burt Reynolds Movie (1977) HD

#smokeyandthebandit   #truckin   #18wheelers   #comedymovies   #comedy   #burtreynolds   #pontiac   #transam  

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There is a great story from I think the second Smokey and the Bandit movie set involving Jackie Gleason:

Years ago I met a guy who worked on the film and he told me that the craziest thing he saw involved Jackie Gleason. He said Gleason had one or two assistants but one of them was with him at all times.

At different points Gleason would hold up two fingers on a raised hand, almost like a peace sign, and this assistant would jump forward, pop a cigarette between his fingers and light it almost instantaneously.

He said it was one of the most mesmerizing things he'd ever seen and he couldn't help but try to keep an eye on him watching for it to happen again and again. He said Gleason was a HEAVY, HEAVY smoker. 
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The Grand Library

I like rooms like this on first glance, but then I start looking for flaws. This sort of room is flawed to a #bookgeek like myself. It needs vastly more comfortable chairs, reading nooks, side table to hold your single-malt Scotch at the very least, and it is far too formal for my taste.

Yes, it is grand and quite photogenic (and the fireplace is welcome during those long, cold winters), but I don't believe formality like this works for our 21st century psyche's. We need a room where we can lay out, and stay connected, and a room for relaxation when we read. We need comfortable chairs, and footrests, and this room does not have that. That being said, yes, it is grand and formal (and of a different era), and that fireplace is surely opulent and awe-inspiring, but I myself would need more, well, clutter and comfort to truly make it a warm library.

What do you think?

#library   #bibliophile   #books   #booklovers   #grandrooms   #decor  

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I'd love a library reading is my passion but comfort is important 
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David Bowie - "Ashes To Ashes"

23 August 1980, David Bowie was at No.1 on the UK singles chart with 'Ashes To Ashes' his second UK No.1. Taken from the Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps) album, the song continued the story of Major Tom from Bowie's 'Space Oddity'. The video for 'Ashes to Ashes' was one of the most iconic of the 1980s and costing £250,000, it was at the time the most expensive music video ever made.

The lyrics revisit Bowie's Major Tom character from 1969's "Space Oddity" in a darker theme, which he referenced once again in 1995 with "Hallo Spaceboy." The song's original title was "People Are Turning to Gold."

Interviewed in 1980, Bowie described the song as a "nursery rhyme": "It's very much a 1980s nursery rhyme. I think 1980s nursery rhymes will have a lot to do with the 1880s/1890s nursery rhymes which are all rather horrid and had little boys with their ears being cut off and stuff like that." Years later, Bowie said that with "Ashes to Ashes" he was "wrapping up the seventies really" for himself, which "seemed a good enough epitaph for it."

AllMusic critic Dave Thompson described the track and its accompanying music video as "a very deliberate acknowledgement of the then-burgeoning new romantic scene."

#rocknroll   #davidbowie   #ashestoashes   #musicvideo   #rockmusic
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When the synth comes in at the end...chills...
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The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton

Do you remember books you read in your youth that have stayed with you for decades, or even your entire life? This is one of those novels. Most people will remember the film adaptation, but so many of these great films always start with the words on the pages of outstanding novels; novels that speak to you as you are turning from a teenager into adulthood...

SPOILER ALERTS: with the plot summary and the video! The Outsiders is a coming-of-age novel by S. E. Hinton, first published in 1967 by Viking Press. Hinton was 15 when she started writing the novel, but did most of the work when she was 16 and a junior in high school. Hinton was 18 when the book was published.

The book follows two rival groups, the Greasers and the Socs (pronounced by the author as /soʊˈʃəz/, short for Socials), who are divided by their socioeconomic status. The story is told in first-person narrative by protagonist Ponyboy Curtis.

The story in the book takes place in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in 1965, but this is never stated in the book.

A film adaptation was produced in 1983, and a little-known short-lived television series appeared in 1990, picking up where the movie left off. A stage adaptation was written by Christopher Sergel and published in 1990.

Plot Summary

Ponyboy Curtis, a member of a gang called the “Greasers”, is leaving a movie theater when groups of “Socs” (short for "Socials", pronounced /ˈsoʊʃɪz/ soh-shiz), the Greasers’ rival gang, jump him. His two older brothers—Darry and Sodapop—and several members of their gang rescue him. The next night, Ponyboy and his Greaser friends Dallas "Dally" Winston and Johnny meet Socs, Cherry Valance and Marcia, at a drive-in movie theatre. Ponyboy realizes that Cherry is nothing like the Socs he has met before.

Afterward, Two-Bit Matthews, another gang member, Ponyboy, and Johnny walk Cherry and Marcia home. Socs Bob Sheldon and Randy Adderson see them and think the boys are trying to pick up their girlfriends. Cherry prevents a fight and the girls leave with Bob and Randy willingly. When Ponyboy comes home at two in the morning, Darry becomes angry and in a fit of rage starts to yell at both Soda and Pony. Ponyboy runs away after Darry strikes him, and meets up with Johnny to run away. Ponyboy calms down and wonders if running away would be a good idea.

The boys wander into a park in the neighborhood. Bob, Randy, and three other Socs confront them. After exchanges of derogatory remarks, Ponyboy spits at them. The Socs attempt to drown Ponyboy in a fountain. Johnny, anxious and terrified (and having been brutally jumped by Bob on a previous occasion) stabs Bob, accidentally causing his death. Ponyboy and Johnny, frightened and unaware of what to do because both know those who murder in Oklahoma will be executed on the electric chair, seek Dally’s help.

Dally gives them money and a loaded gun and tells them to hide in an abandoned church in Windrixville. During their stay, Pony cuts and dyes his hair as a disguise and reads Gone with the Wind to Johnny. He also recites the poem "Nothing Gold Can Stay" by Robert Frost.

Dally comes to check on them, he reveals that the tensions between the Greasers and Socs have increased since Bob's death. Johnny decides to turn himself in and Dally agrees to take the boys back home. As they attempt to leave, they notice the church has caught fire and several children are trapped inside.

The boys run inside the burning church to save them, but Ponyboy is rendered unconscious by the fumes. At the hospital he discovers that he and Dally are not badly injured, but a piece of the church roof fell on Johnny and broke his back. Sodapop and Darry come to the hospital; Darry breaks down and cries. Ponyboy then realizes that Darry cares about him, and is only hard on Ponyboy because he wants him to have a good future...

The Outsiders (1983) - Trailer (updated with new music in 2009)

#theoutsiders   #sehinton   #teenagers   #yafiction   #novel   #growingup  

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My T-Shirt Design Being Worn at the Mountain Sky Bluegrass & Blues Music Festival!

So, I created a design for a rock n' roll t-shirt, and my good buddy +Di S who is one of my top fans at +FRIDAY NIGHT SESSIONS bought one and told me she would wear it at this fest. And she did! It looks AWESOME on her, and it made me feel proud to see her wearing my design!

Now I know what +byron rempel +Cliff Roth +Aaron Wood +eric orchard +Tim Clary +N. M. Scuri and so many other artists must feel when they see their work outside in the world. I love this!

From +Di S "Here ya go!! Got my RNR shirt on at the Blues Fest!! 👍😀My son's ready for some Clarence Spady!! Lol!! Its a gorgeous day here at Mt Sky, a nice breeze and right now, there's a sunshower!! Hi, peeps !! 😎😊 Think we better go and find some food!! Later!! 👍"

#tshirtdesign   #rocknroll   #rockmusic   #bluegrass   #blues   #musiclover   #fridaynightsessions  

Photo courtesy of DiS
Di S's profile photoMark Barrus's profile photoSean Cowen's profile photoCliff Roth's profile photo
+Sean Cowen I use Snapchat and Instagram but most often FB.
Miss you as well.
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Sean Cowen

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Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

Is anyone looking forward to this film? I admit, I don't know much about it, well zero actually. I've seen the book, but haven't read it either. Have you? I have to say that while I love Tim Burton, I'm not at all sure about this project, and especially about Eva Green, who rubs me the wrong way in some of her projects. What have you heard?

About the Novel

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children is the debut novel by American author Ransom Riggs. The book tells the tale of a boy who, following a horrific family tragedy, follows clues that take him to an abandoned orphanage on a Welsh island. The story is told through a combination of narrative and vernacular photographs from the personal archives of collectors listed by the author.

This young adult book was originally intended to be a picture book featuring photographs Riggs had collected, but on the advice of an editor at Quirk Books, he used the photographs as a guide from which to put together a narrative. Riggs was a collector of photographs, but needed more for his novel. He met Leonard Lightfoot, a well-known collector at the Rose Bowl Flea Market, and was introduced to other collectors.

The result was a story about a boy who follows clues from his grandfather's old photographs which lead him on an adventure that takes him to a large abandoned orphanage on a Welsh island.

The book has been a New York Times best seller. It reached the #1 spot on the Children's Chapter Books list on 29 April 2012 after being on the list for 45 weeks, remaining there until 20 May, when it dropped to the fourth spot on the list. Critics have generally praised the book for creative use of vintage photographs as well as good characterization and settings.

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children Official Trailer #1 (2016) - Eva Green Movie HD

#timburton   #movie   #film   #missperegrines   #hollywood   #vintagephotographs   #book   #firstnovel  

David Holmes's profile photonigel thomas's profile photoSaige DuHart's profile photoJoseph Thomas's profile photo
The book is fascinating -- up to a point. For me, the book was interesting when it was a mystery. Then it turned into children at war, a la "Hunger Games," et al. Part of the charm of the book is the illustrations, which add to the intrigue. My guess is that the movie will focus on the violence.
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A bit more about me... I'm also a huge fan of photography, art, illustration, comics, music, and films. I've been a rare bookseller and book scout for over 15 years. Formerly, I lived in Prague, the Czech Republic (in Central Europe) for almost seven years where I managed a catering business, was a barista, rolled beer barrels in an Irish pub, wrote a few films, wrote a lot of poetry, rubbed elbows with Literati who visited Praha and where I was a bookseller at The Globe Bookstore and Cafe, the first English-speaking bookshop in Central Europe.

Places I have visited: Canada, Great Britain, Scotland, Ireland, France, The Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany, Finland, NASA. Places I have lived: Iowa, Maryland, Nevada, California, Ohio, Prague, and for one, brief shining moment, Dingle Ireland.

I created +Friday Night Sessions and +Helping Others, as well as some cool collections.
Bragging rights
Founding Member of Google Create. Official Elf for +Secret Santa 2012-2014. I attended the 2011 NASA Juno Launch at the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral: lifetime dream fulfilled.
Writer and Creator
  • FNS Studios
    Owner, 2011 - present
  • Pool Netr
    Marketing Manager, present
    Nationally launched three new product lines for Westar, the Pool Netr., the Spa Netr, and the Leaf Netr. Brand-new products for the swimming pool and spa market. An official advocate for the Google+ Advocates, and an Official Google+ Create member.
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