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Sean Cowen

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I Think Too Much...

Ya, That's me. Always thinking ... ahead, or behind. For twenty years, if I get more than 4 or 5 hours sleep, my brain wakes me up.

Instantly, and every time. My brain is a driven mofo, and right out of Central Casting. My brain, or to be more precise, my subconscious, fights me. Endlessly.

Anyone else experience this?

#subconscious   #thebrain   #sleeping   #sleep   #dreams  

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Ako din tulad nyo rin nakakaranas ng ganyan. Dati masaya ako pro ngayon parang masalimoot na ang mundo ko. 
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Sean Cowen

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Manly Men & Womanly Women (am I saying that right?)

Here's the thing: when you think of all the badass men and women on screen .. men like Steve McQueen and women like Katharine Hepburn, or more recently, men like Chris Hemsworth or women like Emma Stone or Jennifer Lawrence -- who comes to mind for you? 

Which legendary, or more recent actors do you think of when you think of manly men and womanly women? Who will be the Steve McQueen's and the Hepburn's of tomorrow?

#Hollywood   #OldHollywood   #stevemcqueen   #chrishemsworth   #emmastone   #jenniferlawrence   #cool  

The Great Escape (1963). Steve McQueen. His picture should be next to the definition of Cool!
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man: Daniel Day Lewis

woman: Charlize Theron
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Sean Cowen

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Jan Huling: Stunningly Detailed Bead Work

Incredible work involved, and so much patience to do intricate, complex art like this. Well done, Jan!

Artist Statement

In a recent review, the New York Times dubbed my work “oddball assemblages,” and aptly so. My three-dimensional collages combine found objects with surface design, sometimes touching on narrative themes. I’m also drawn to religious and political icons, inspired by a continuing fascination with indigenous or popular culture and world religions. By juxtaposing these icons with an eclectic assortment of objects, the viewer is challenged to consider common images within an altered context.

In each of my constructions, surface design is the key component. Czech seed beads adorn objects in colorful patterns, camouflaging their original circumstance, allowing us to see them as pure form without their usual connotations. The process is slow and meticulous, zen-like, with the choice of forms motivating color schemes and iconography.

Certain themes continue to resonate for me. The dolls I frequently include in my constructions explore dreams of childhood while removing them from the realm of cherished playthings. For me, musical instruments represent the lyrical joy that music imparts to our lives and hearkens back to youthful dreams of virtuosity. Birds, in their quicksilver beauty, represent ultimate freedom.

I’m also now working on two-dimensional pieces, using tiny colored paper dots to embellish found images such as postcards. My goal in covering the surfaces of sculptural objects or flat images, is to transform the mundane and allow us to imagine the magic within the familiar

#artist   #beads   #beaded   #beadwork   #art   #icons   #popculture
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lovely craft..
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Sean Cowen

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Joe Walsh: So What

Here's a little classic rock gem for you all, especially fans of The Eagles. Enjoy!

"So What" is the third solo studio album by the American singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Joe Walsh. It was released in late 1974 on ABC-Dunhill Records.

It contains hard rock songs such as "Welcome To The Club" and a remake of the Barnstorm track, "Turn To Stone". It also contains more introspective material such as "Help Me Through the Night" and "Song For Emma", a tribute to Walsh's daughter who had been killed in a car accident the previous year.

On a few tracks, Don Henley, Glenn Frey, and Randy Meisner of the Eagles contributed backing vocals. Over a year and a half later, Walsh would be drafted into the Eagles to replace founding member Bernie Leadon, playing on their best-selling studio album "Hotel California". The album was re-issued five years later by MCA Records in 1979.

Two months before the release of the album, Walsh was asked about the album, and he said "I know this album's going to be an important one for me, but it's not easy to just crank them out anymore, I've got, what, six or seven albums out. I don't want the next album to sound like a bunch of outtakes from [The] Smoker [You Drink, the Player You Get].

I want it to be the difference between [ The Beatles albums] Revolver and Sgt. Pepper['s Lonely Hearts Club Band]. I've held back [the album's release] until that development was there, even though the record company's been screaming for it. I want it to be a big, big step… in thoughts, vocals, playing and maturity."

#joewalsh   #theeagles   #rocknroll   #classicrock   #70smusic   #70srock  

Joe Walsh - "So What" Album
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Cool info
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Sean Cowen

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Don't Worry, Bill Murray

It says it all, and if you've watched any of his films, you know it's true.

#billmurray   #dontworry   #g33k  

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Sean Cowen

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Avatar AMP Suit

Stan Winston Studio/Legacy Effects master painter, Trevor L. Hensley poses with AVATAR's full-size AMP suit. Man, sometimes film making, and especially special effects, get me giddy! Coolness!

#Hollywood   #SFX   #specialeffects   #stanwinston   #avatar
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dani ky
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Sean Cowen

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True Music Lovers Get This

Look, if you're a casual music fan, or occasional listener, this pic probably won't make sense to you. But true music fans? The die-hard ones? When we listen to music, we have other-worldly responses, and out-of-body experiences, and nights that feel as if we have our own personal shaman with us.

Music takes us to new places; it takes us to castles and islands; it takes us through trips in time and back to good days. It takes us to the closest thing to nirvana that we know.

Music, for true fans, embraces us, and engulfs us, and never lets go. Music, on any level, and in any language, speaks to our soul and grabs our heart like a gentle cardiac surgeon. Music lifts us up, and never stops caressing us....

#music   #musiclover   #loveofmusic  

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Sean Cowen

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The Walking Dead Lego Winnebago

I admit it, this is supreme coolness for LEGO™ fans, and I'll give it two thumbs up high for execution. That being said, I'm a boring traditionalist when it comes to Lego bricks.

I like my ol' boring original shapes (you know, the ones that cause all that agony when you step on them by accident - who can forget that pain?). All these modern touches and shapes kinda rub me the wrong way.

That's just me. If you like the modern updates and interpretations, squeee and wheee and enjoy it!

Want to see some great CAR creations? Go to and see some masterpieces!

#lego   #legocoolness   #twd   #thewalkingdead   #winnebago
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I thought breaking bad
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Sean Cowen

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1996 Passport Photo ... Of Me!

Scary, right? So clean cut, no gray hairs in that stash or beard. So damned innocent. I had to get this issued in Prague and it was notarized by the Consul General. But later, I found out my supposed lost passport wasn't. A cluster%^$k, Anyway, this is me, circa 19 years ago..

Brought this up since I have to get a new one to visit +byron rempel @ Horror-Rama in Toronto, Canada, in October. The picture now will look vastly different._ ha!

#selfie   #tuesdaytreat   #passport   #passportphoto  
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+Michael Vaughan During that same time, my hair was down to my shoulders. This was an anomaly. ha!
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Sean Cowen

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+Rob Cecil 
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Sean Cowen

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It's Right Around The Corner...!

Elsa Lanchester & Boris Karloff remind us of that unofficial holiday that's coming up quickly. I wonder what the hot costumes will be this year? Or better yet ...

What do you think the HOT COSTUMES of Halloween 2015 will be?

Make your predictions now, and prove us all wrong soon!

#boriskarloff   #elsalanchester   #halloween   #frankenstein   #brideoffrankenstein  

Trivia: Elsa Lanchester was married to Charles Laughton, who you might remember as Captain William Bligh in the great 1935 version of Mutiny On The Bounty...

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Sean Cowen

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Canada, We'll See You Soon at Horror-Rama!

It was inevitable, that we would finally get to meet +byron rempel and his family in person. Considering he was one of the first people I ever met and totally enjoyed on G+. Well, it will be for real very soon!

In October, Byron is going to have a booth at HORROR-RAMA in Toronto, Canada, and +Blaine Hall and I will be hanging out with him and +N. M. Scuri at that show! We're bringing our enthusiasm and excitement for what he does right there to his booth, and as I've always been one of his biggest supporters, this is going to FU&%ng rock!

We're getting passports shortly, and making all plans now. Can't wait to see my best buddy on G+, along with Monica and the kids!!

#horror   #zombieapocalypse   #zombies   #horrorrama   #toronto   #canada  

HORROR-RAMA, the two day fan event that celebrated its inaugural year last October 2014 in Toronto to great acclaim, returns again…bigger, bloodier and weirder than ever! Founded in 2014, HORROR-RAMA is Toronto’s only all-horror convention!

The show, the brainchild of SUSPECT VIDEO owner Luis Ceriz and FANGORIA/GOREZONE editor Chris Alexander, will run for two days – October 17th and 18th – in Toronto at the elegant Hyatt Regency Hotel, located right in the heart of downtown Toronto beside film culture hub TIFF Bell Lightbox.
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