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What's In A Band's Name?

Just for fun. Imagine you're in a band and you're 16 or 18, and you have to come up with a memorable name. What name do you choose?

I was thrust into a Battle of the Bands when I was nineteen/twenty, and I was thrown into a metal band as a vocalist. We chose the name UZI. It invoked the idea of speed (guns) and a bit of the exotic. So what name would you choose (or maybe your kids would choose?)

#bands   #bandnames   #musician   #musiclovers   #whatsinaname  

Image: Green Day
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One of my favourite band names was The Hindu Gods of Love. We weren't hindu or gods and we knew nothing of love, but it was a cool name - one of the few that I don't cringe at after all this time. Later, when I went electronic/solo I had working titles for bands like Fake and Tonto (Spanish for stupid/idiot/fool). Today, I think I'd go for a little Detroit influence meets absurdity and call our selves The Far City Five (FC5).
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When I visited Toronto with +byron rempel and his family, and hung out with +N. M. Scuri at their booth, I finally got hold of my Xmas ornament. I got the middle one but I'm betting Byron still might have an ornament or two around. They are heavy, brilliantly painted, and you get an original piece of art in 3D. So cool!

He always gets a ton of original artwork into his shops for the holidays - and now is the perfect time to support Indie Artists. I do!

#indieartist   #indieart   #christmasgifts   #zombies   #zombieart  
the zombies are coming ... for Christmas
A little while back I created some zombie ornaments for fun. It was inspired by the GWAR ornaments that  +Cliff Roth  had previously painted. They were a lot of fun to make and I've since made them available in my store . These are created on a blank cerami...
A little while back I created some zombie ornaments for fun. It was inspired by the GWAR ornaments that +Cliff Roth had previously painted. They were a lot of fun to make and I've since made them available in my store. These ...
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+byron rempel Absolutely! You got it! It's going to look awesome!!
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It has begun again! It's been such a privilege being an Elf for +Secret Santa and getting to read all the wonderful stories each year. It's especially gratifying when people go above and beyond for those in need.

Thank you all for helping to spread some joy to people you know and especially to random strangers!

Secret Santa starts today!
Add and browse wishlists here:

Today is Thanksgiving. That means it's the start of the season the spread joy, love, and tell the people who've impacted you that you appreciate them. This year for Secret Santa, we've streamlined our process (and website) to make it easier than ever before.

Here's how it works:
- Go to here:
- Sign in with Google on the sign up page.
- Add your wishlist with an explanation of why Secret Santa is important to you.
- Search, browse, and gift your friends or a stranger!

Create your Amazon wishlist here:

Make sure you add a shipping address! Instructions in this video:

New this year – How-to video on managing your wishlists:

If you need any help, remember to + mention Secret Santa or one of our elves:

Kyla Myers -
LaDonna Pride -
Lori Friedrich -

Happy Secret Santa 2015! #GplusSanta #SecretSanta

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Thanks! I figured it out with some determined digging.
You have to click on manage list from right of main secret Santa site.
Then check the people you've bought for off the full list & press submit at bottom.
After that the screen brings you to the heart/present screen for the checked people; there you click heart (saying you bought a gift) & press update!

I've noticed a couple of people still have lists without addresses.... Couldn't buy for them. I'd also suggest to write down the person's shown name on secret Santa list before buying gift because it's not always the same as what the Amazon wish list says so it makes it harder to go back & update it as given to.
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196 Countries In The World: Which Ones Have You Lived In or Visited?

TAG G+ friends that you know have been around the block, so to speak. Let's see who our #1 Traveler is!

For myself, I have this paltry list: UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, The Netherlands, Canada, The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Ireland, Finland, Belgium. I wish it was 100+ more!

#worldtravel   #traveler   #seeingtheworld   #exploringtheworld  

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Lived in: Germany
Visited: Antigua, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominica, England, France, Hungary, Italy, Jamaica, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, St. Lucia, Sweden, Switzerland, Tunisia, Turkey, USA, Vatican.
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Rock On, Amadeus!

I can't even begin to imagine how cool Wolfie was back in his time. This guy oozes coolness!

#mozart   #wolfgangamadeusmozart   #classicalmusic   #composer   #childprodigy   #music   #musician   #musiclover  
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He also wrote a canon titled "Lick me in the arse" so, you know, I guess that could make him even cooler.
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Doctor Who: The Perfect Companion for Winter Months

Jump into the series anywhere you like, with any Doctor, and it's always guaranteed to either be classically witty, full of feels (like this here with the Ponds and Eleven), or a combination thereof (adding an additional thousand elements, of course! :-))

#doctorwho   #doctorwhofans   #ameliapond   #eleven   #theraggedydoctor   #fezzesarecool  
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My all-time favorite show. 
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Sean Cowen

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On This Day in 1775 Congress Creates Committee of Secret Correspondence

I think many people forget the lessons we learned from our history books, when we constantly bash France. They were a crucial, major component of our victory over the British in the Revolutionary War. Without their backing, things might be very, very different today.

On this day in 1775, the Second Continental Congress, meeting in Philadelphia, establishes a Committee of Secret Correspondence. The committee’s goal was to provide European nations with a Patriot interpretation of events in Britain’s North American colonies, in the hope of soliciting aid for the American war effort.

The committee, consisting of Benjamin Franklin, Benjamin Harrison, John Dickinson, John Hay and Robert Morris, instructed Silas Deane to meet with French Foreign Minister Charles Gravier, Count de Vergennes, to stress America’s need for military stores and assure the French that the colonies were moving toward “total separation” from Great Britain. Covert French aid began filtering into the colonies soon after the outbreak of hostilities in 1775. Deane, a Connecticut delegate to the Continental Congress, left for France on the secret mission on March 3, 1776.

Deane managed to negotiate for unofficial assistance from France, in the form of ships containing military supplies, and recruited the Gilbert du Motier, marquis de Lafayette to share his military expertise with the Continental Army’s officer corps. However, it was not until after the arrival of the charming Benjamin Franklin in France in December 1776 and the American victory at the Battle of Saratoga in October 1777 that the French became convinced that it was worth backing the Americans in a formal treaty.

On February 6, 1778, the Treaties of Amity and Commerce and Alliance were signed, and in May 1778 the Continental Congress ratified them. One month later, war between Britain and France formally began when a British squadron fired on two French ships. During the American Revolution, French naval fleets proved critical in the defeat of the British, which was assured after the Battle of Yorktown in October 1781.

#americanrevolution   #revolutionarywar   #secretcorrespondence   #continentalcongress   #france   #americanhistory  

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Goodnight, Plussers!

This is brilliant, and reminds me of my own bedroom as a young boy! Have the best dreams ever tonight!

h/t to +John Stone for popping this in my stream...
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Cool #art. Must have been a cool childhood bedroom too. 
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The Addams Family Thanksgiving Turkey Day Song Full Scene

Because Thanksgiving...

"Eat us because we're good and dead." Oy, yeah, it's all kinds of real now!

#theaddamsfamily   #thanksgiving   #shitsrealnow   #wednesdayaddams  
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Gary: Who's the victim?
Amanda: Me! Me!
Wednesday: (extreme close-up) All your life.

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Alien Thanksgiving Dinner

This is so wrong on so many levels, yet I still laughed and spewed my soda. ha! Man, Gary Larson and "The Far Side" always made me laugh!

#garylarson   #thefarside   #thanksgiving   #alien  
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Who Do You Respect on Google+ (and why)?

I want to see if we can have one of those old-fashioned (Beta-era) posts where we TAG the people we respect. Tell me who you respect here, and why. You can be brief, or you can write a thesis paper! ha! But I want to see if we can rekindle some of that ol' early magic!

Examples: I respect +Pam Adger for always, always, always speaking her mind and stirring the pot. I respect +byron rempel for standing up for his niche art and never, ever, giving up. I respect +Andrew Coffman for always being there for me with our mutual love of music and steeping in when I need him at +FRIDAY NIGHT SESSIONS . I respect +Lori Friedrich for always being a trooper, no matter the project. She is always Golden in my mind, and she is an amazing Elf for +Secret Santa  (as is +Kyla Myers  and +LaDonna Pride ). I respect +Sean Guenther since he's one of the all-around nicest guys I've met! I respect +Halfdan Reschat since he blows my mind with his comments and reviews and English is his second language. Mind-boggling! I respect +matthew rappaport for being himself, always, from the very first day! I respect +Paul Stickland because his art inspires me (and his wife, +Helen Stickland , her music inspires me!!) I respect +Michael Vaughan because we talk off-site now and then and he's always perfect at giving me his Down Under insight and opinions. I respect +Daniel Ely Rankin since I have from the very beginning, and I can't think of a better person I would want to hang out with, week in and week out! I respect +Ryan Van Sickle (and always have, by the way), because I think he is a true musician, and I have always felt that he is the 21st century version of Bruce Springsteen! Love you, my friend! I respect +Dustin W. Stout for always giving me the best social perspective here, and I respect +Patricia A. Duplantis for always, always being there for me, as a friend, and as a mutual book lover (along with +Kay Solo)! I respect +Jayme Hancock for her great perspective on families and life away from the big cities, and I respect +HEATHER FAY always, always, always, for her tenacity towards her music! Finally, I admire and respect +Yonatan Zunger for being there for us with FNS, and for always putting up with my sh*t in random posts!  I could add in 1,000 more people, but don't be alarmed if yer not mentioned here. You know I still adore you all!

And finally, I respect all of you, because we have have the effen best convos over the years. Now it's your turn: who do you respect here?

Definition of respect

Respect can be both given and/or received. Depending on an individual's cultural reference frame, respect can be something that is earned. Respect is often thought of as earned or built over time. Often, continued caring interactions are required to maintain or increase feelings of respect among individuals. Chivalry, by some definitions, contains the outward display of respect.

Respect should not be confused with tolerance. The antonym and opposite of respect is disrespect.
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"The Mousetrap" Opens in London On This Day in History, 25 November 1952

“The Mousetrap,” a murder-mystery written by the novelist and playwright Agatha Christie, opens at the Ambassadors Theatre in London. The crowd-pleasing whodunit would go on to become the longest continuously running play in history, with more than 10 million people to date attending its more than 20,000 performances in London’s West End.

When “The Mousetrap” premiered in 1952, Winston Churchill was British prime minister, Joseph Stalin was Soviet ruler, and Dwight D. Eisenhower was president-elect. Christie, already a hugely successful English mystery novelist, originally wrote the drama for Queen Mary, wife of the late King George V. Initially called “Three Blind Mice,” it debuted as a 30-minute radio play on the queen’s 80th birthday in 1947. Christie later extended the play and renamed it “The Mousetrap”—a reference to the play-within-a-play performed in William Shakespeare’s “Hamlet.”

On November 25, 1952, 453 people took their seats in the Ambassadors Theatre for the London premiere of Christie’s “Mousetrap.” The drama is played out at “Monkswell Manor,” whose hosts and guests are snowed in among radio reports of a murderer on the loose. Soon a detective shows up on skis with the terrifying news that the murderer, and probably the next victim, are likely both among their number. Soon the clues and false leads pile as high as the snow. At every curtain call, the individual who has been revealed as the murderer steps forward and tells the audience that they are “partners in crime” and should “keep the secret of the whodunit locked in their heart.”

Richard Attenborough and his wife, Sheila Sim, were the first stars of “The Mousetrap.” To date, more than 300 actors and actresses have appeared in the roles of the eight characters. David Raven, who played “Major Metcalf” for 4,575 performances, is in the “Guinness Book of World Records” as the world’s most durable actor, while Nancy Seabrooke is noted as the world’s most patient understudy for 6,240 performances, or 15 years, as the substitute for “Mrs. Boyle.”

“The Mousetrap” is not considered Christie’s best play, and a prominent stage director once declared that “‘The Mousetrap'” should be abolished by an act of Parliament.” Nevertheless, the show’s popularity has not waned. Asked about its enduring appeal, Christie said, “It is the sort of play you can take anyone to. It is not really frightening. It is not really horrible. It is not really a farce, but it has a little bit of all these things, and perhaps that satisfies a lot of different people.

In 1974, after almost 9,000 shows, the play was moved to St. Martin’s Theatre, where it remains today. Agatha Christie, who wrote scores of best-selling mystery novels, died in 1976.

#agathachristie   #themousetrap   #theatre   #drama   #mysteryplay   #play   #whodunit    #London   #westend   #murdermystery  

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TEATR “The Mousetrap”

“The Mousetrap” premiered in 1952, Winston Churchill was British prime
minister, Joseph...
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I started on Google+ back in June of 2011, and I think I've learned a thing or two along the way. I live on a farm in (I kid you not) Hicksville, Ohio. Surrounded by cornfields and soybeans. My driveway is a 1/4 mile long and the nearest neighbors are about a mile away. Yes, very Walking Dead isolated!

I tend to be an eclectic writer; I often post on topics such as world travel, NASA, literature, science, archaeology, steampunk, space, technology and sci-fi. I'm as apt to post about vintage retro robots as I am to post about a new tech gadget, or a book I've just completed. I'm a major fan of Tolkien and anything Star Wars, a fan of classic poetry and literature, and emerging writers. I'm an amateur WWII and Civil War historian as well.

My posts generally have some sort of wow or cool factor to them (I strive for the *fun and interesting* label always), and as I've done somewhere in the neighborhood of 12,000+ posts at this point, I think I've put together a pretty good collection of writings.

My Social World

A bit more about me... I'm also a huge fan of photography, art, illustration, comics, music, and films. I've been a rare bookseller and book scout for over 15 years. Formerly, I lived in Prague, the Czech Republic (in Central Europe) for almost eight years where I managed a catering business, was a barista, rolled beer barrels in an Irish pub, wrote a few films, wrote a lot of poetry, rubbed elbows with Literati who visited Praha and where I was a bookseller at The Globe Bookstore and Cafe, the first English-speaking bookshop in Central Europe.

Places I have visited: Canada, Great Britain, Scotland, Ireland, France, The Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany, Finland, NASA. Places I have lived: Iowa, Maryland, Nevada, California, Ohio, Prague, and for one, brief shining moment, Dingle Ireland.

I created +Friday Night Sessions and +Helping Others, as well as +The Google+ Traveling Book Project. I am also a very active page manager for +I Am Sherlocked and the creator of the fan page for Ryan Van Sickle (a great Indie musician on G+). It's called 
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