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Sean Corfield
Veteran Software Architect, owned by several Bengal cats!
Veteran Software Architect, owned by several Bengal cats!

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And folks wonder why the USA is laughed at by foreigners...
Evolution by Country and US State
Yep, that's not mistake. Many conservative "red" states deny evolution science almost as much as Turkey.

This is what chronic denial of reality by extreme ideologues pushing a strict dogma will get you: educational results on par with Turkey! 

#Science   #Evolution   #Creationism   #Education   #RedStates  

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Great post about the learning experience that is ClojureBridge (free Clojure workshops for women)!

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Inspired by cat cafes in Japan, this wonderful place offers a calm, friendly, spacious environment in which to meet adoptable kitties taken from Oakland city shelter. The owners, Adam and Anna, have done a great job getting this place together and past all the red tape that US health inspectors insist on when mixing cats and people. Please support them!

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Having spent some time on Ello, I agree. It is not a safe, inclusive place for women, for POC, for any minorities. Everything is public, anyone can follow you. It's more Twitter than Facebook so it's certainly not a "social network" in any real sense.

Jail breaking your iPhone: pros and cons from my G+ followers? I'd really like Google Chrome to be my default browser for everything on the iPhone and it seems the only way to do this is to jailbreak it and install Open In Chrome or something similar. I don't know many folks who've done this. What benefits are there? What problems can it cause?

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Great keynote from +Katie Miller on diversity in IT, explaining the barriers we create (even inadvertently) and what we can all do about improving the situation.

ClojureBridge has had four workshops so far with five more in the planning stages, but we're also working on the curriculum to incorporate feedback. Read more at

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Taco Bell's much vaunted Waffle Taco (sausage) is visually unappealing, greasy, and rather tasteless. Adding their "syrup" improves the "taste" but that is a sad state of affairs too. 

After hoping that Google+ might prove a suitable platform for "blogging" or at least longer form philosophizing, I finally decided to move to static blogging via Github pages. Whilst I'll keep my old blog up on because of all the linkage to it, all new blogging will be at (using Octopress / Jekyll). I've also created a site for the FW/1 family at

I still don't know what to make of Google+. It's still sort of Facebook for geeks. More of my cat friends are on here now, and some of my friends are using it for photo sharing, but it's neither Twitter (for short form tech and activism chatter), nor Facebook (for social interaction with real life friends).

I'll probably announce blog posts here and maybe more ephemeral tech stuff such as conference thoughts (but I skipped Clojure/West already). I still hope someone will enlighten me...
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