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Athletes do you know the importance of performing both bilateral and unilateral lower body strength exercises within your programming?

If NOT, you NEED to Know. The athletic actions in baseball, tennis, golf, volleyball, and most any sport on the planet utilize the kinetic chain from feet to fingertips the majority of time in a unilateral position. 

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Pitchers, Hitters, Golfers, Tennis Players, and Volleyballers are you aware of the importance GROUND REACTION FORCES play in speed development?

If not and you are a throwing and striking athlete, you need to learn. Ground Reaction Forces are the beginning of speed production in your swing, throw, hit, or serve.

And increasing your ground reaction forces can immensely improve your throwing velocities, tennis swing, swing speeds, and bat speeds.

The start point of improving your GROUND REACTION FORCES is developing lower body power. How do you develop lower body power?

Keep Reading to find out! 

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Overhead throwing and striking athletes are you familiar with the SERAPE EFFECT?

Increasing swing speeds, throwing velocities, and bat speed are contingent upon understanding the serape effect and utilizing exercises to train it. 

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Tennis Players, Golfers, Pitchers, Position Players, Volleyballers are you developing STRENGTH the right way for your sport?

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COMPLEX TRAINING for ROTARY SPEED INCREASES: Are you an athlete completing in baseball, softball, golf, tennis, volleyball, or ice hockey?

If so, one of the goals within your strength and conditioning program is to increase your rotary power. This will improve your bat speed, swing speeds, or throwing velocities.

An excellent process to improve your rotary power is via the training concept of COMPLEX TRAINING.

Complex Training is a researched training process which does induce increases in the power outputs of the kinetic chain. Complex training is relatively simple to implement as it entails the athlete performing a STRENGTH EXERCISES followed by a POWER EXERCISE.

The development of Rotary Power with COMPLEX TRAINING requires the execution of a core strength exercise followed by a rotary power exercise. An example of such a pairing would be a STANDING CABLE CHOP and MEDICINE BALL SIDE THROW.


1. Athletic Position with Feet Shoulder Width Apart
2. Cable Attachment at High Point
3. Rotate Upper Body and Extend Arms
4. Grasp Rope or Bar Attachment
5. Perform Chop Movement Pattern
6. Maintain Stable Core Through Chop Pattern
7. Reverse Chop Pattern and Repeat


1. Athletic Position 2-3 Feet Away from Concrete Wall
2. Medicine Ball Positioned Next to HIp
3. Forcefully Rotate Hips and Torso Towards Wall
4. Release Medicine Ball into Wall
5. Catch and Repeat
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Athletes are you squatting? If so, How "clean" is your squat pattern?

Recognize the importance of both progression and regression in your exercise selection and training programs.

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Athletes and coaches are you implementing a comprehensive series of flexibility and mobility modalities within your programming?

Recognize soft tissue extensibility, pliability, and joint range of motion is achieved by executing a series of exercises in a structured and progressive order. 

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Are you participating in baseball, softball, tennis, volleyball, or golf at a competitive level?

If so recognize all of these athletes are overhead throwing and striking athletes where a unilateral repetitive movement occurs.

As result the strength and conditioning programs for these athletes require specific training components to be included in the programming. The question to ask is are these components in your training regime? 

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Are you doing the RIGHT CORE exercises? A lot of MIS-INFORMATION is out there for both athletes and every day individuals on how to train your abs, lower back, six-pack, obliques..

Make sure you are doing the right exercises as I see way to many people doing the wrong stuff. 

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EXERCISE BALL ROLL OUTS - A very challenging CORE STABILIZATION exercise with upper extremity movement. COACHING POINTS:

1. Forearms on Ball & Feet Off the Floor
2. Back Flat
3. Core Engaged
4. Roll Forward as Far as Possible Maintaining Flat Back Position
5. Do Not Arch Lower Back
6. Roll On Knees
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