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Sean Chitwood
Ok, now I want to live in the 22nd century.
Ok, now I want to live in the 22nd century.
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Suggestion: Pause device syncing when I set a vacation auto-responder. Obviously it should be optional, so have a little checkbox option. Probably default to false, so users don't see a change in behavior.

So, my phone doesn't ding when I get email when I'm on vacation.

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Funny I thought Titanic made huge amounts of money and win 10 Oscars. That doesn't sound like bias to me.

The more you tell me not to, the more I want to use Comic Sans for everything . It makes me laugh.


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I just got some interesting information:

I can put my water heater on my network and adjust the temperature when we're not in the house. Interesting.

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The beginnings of geek love... or obsession. I'm hoping for love.


Given I don't know about Sigrid, this could get into the weeds for me.

One thought: Google recalled their employees to make sure they could get back into the country.

If their job requires travel and now they can't travel. How will that affect their performance reviews? 

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I didn't write this, but I could have, given that my concerns as a person disabled by EDS, and the parent of a child with EDS, are the same as the author's:


As far as whether the FSB intended to help Dump get elected:

It seems as if people think you can only have 1 goal when you do something, but you can have multiple. So they can easily have wanted to

- Gather information about influential individuals
- Decrease the American confidence in the election system
- Get Dump elected

I keep hearing reporters say there is disagreement between the CIA and the FBI.

Remember when the head of the FBI said "I can't trust my staff to not leak this information that looks bad for Clinton, so I'm going to release it myself."

So, take the FBI's disagreement with a grain of salt.

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The case is delayed until Jan 20 when Dump will pardon him. The Seattle case against Russian hacker just got weirder

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