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i'd consider getting one of these for home

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getting one of these tonight as a test for doing my film notes ... just slightly bigger than my iPhone and i can practice my forgotten art of writing longhand.

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I'm watching Flowers in the Attic with Shazam. Try it now!

is anyone else getting logged out of the web interface for no reason multiple times a day and getting extremely lackluster customer support in response when reporting it?

been logged out today 3 times already in the past 4 hours.  in spite of being a premium account holder took several days to even get an initial response.  

not a happy community member right now.

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Sean C. Thomas commented on a post on Blogger.
I recently convinced my office to use Evernote Business and I set-up a file structure that is primarily tag based.  We are currently using Tags for clients, related parties and case types, and Notebooks for general categories of documents (e.g. Client Email, Client Notes, Phone Messages etc).

However, one of my colleagues thinks our structure should be the reverse.  Good to know that there is "authority" to cite next time this comes up.

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I'm watching S01E04 - Kate is Enough of Awake!
#awake via @itvshowsapp

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#RorschachDoodle I see...Mario from SuperMarios Bros.

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I pulled together an Evernote #Infograpghic of Keyboard Shortcuts.

A Cheat Sheet of all the Mac & Windows keyboard shortcuts in one list for easy access, so you can remeber all of Evernote's best features.

In fact, pulling this Infographic together, I came across a few functions I did not realize Evernote was capable of, including inserting Date and Time, nice!

My new favorite Evernote shortcuts are Jump To Tag and Jump To Notebook.

Please tell me: What are your favorite Evernote shortcuts? I hope you find this Infographic useful!
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