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Never underestimate the power of a bag of chips.
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The question I have: Was he really following her or was she being paranoid?
I wish with all my heart that that was Ryan Gosling eating those chips. Hey, girl.
+David Martins I've had instances where I get on the highway behind someone and after tailing them forever (because they are so slow and I can't pass), we exit the same spot and take the same route to the grocery store...
...I fear one day I'm going to get out of the car and they're going to think I was following 'em and attack me. Coincidences happen! O.O
Was that the accused saying that he "treated her for dinner and that's she's crazy". Don't rush to assume that she wasn't telling the truth. Perhaps he did take her to dinner and she didn't like him - but now he feels like she "owes him something" or that following her would endear her to him (Pepe LePew sure tried that tactic!) Sure, she didn't have to hit him, but I am glad she spoke out and that someone, 3 people even, had the nerve to interfere. Often times people stand idly by and people, women especially, get dead. And kudos to the fellow train riding woman for handling the situation so diplomatically.
Fair enough. We'll drop it.
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