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Barry V
I see it as reverse psychology. Who would take the escalator after being directed that way in such a manner? Nobody likes being told what to do, so they'll take the stairs to stick it to the person who placed the pictures.
Fat hate and ableism are not cute to me. And teasing people is mean. I can't imagine what sort of person would do this. I worry about the larger person, who might have foot or knee problems who is bullied into going up those stairs and hurts themselves.
Barry V
It's really just gravity's fault after all +Kitty Sarkozy for making it so hard on the larger person. Gravity is the ultimate fat hater. Curse you gravity.
Yeah, hate and bodyshaming, so cool. There's no classism involved there either. Seriously dude. I don't often say much, but my respect for you just fell a few notches.
Okay, this is just a joke, and not a particularly mean one. It's a great way to initiate a serious and much needed conversation about important health issues.

I don't think there's any harm done by acknowledging that many unhealthy obese people choose to be so via an accumulation of many many small daily poor choices relating to food and exercise.

Pretending like obesity isn't one of our country's top problems or not discussing because it's uncomfortable isn't going to serve anyone and actually makes things a lot worse. Alcoholics aren't shamed or discriminated against by DUI laws, they are simply accountable for their actions. I think this is progress compared to attitudes about drinking a generation ago.

PS my BMI is borderline obese at 28 but I have been very, very obese at one point in my life so I am well aware of what it is like to obese in America and that you be healthier if you choose to.
+Xia Harris +Stephanie Harp Jump to conclusions much? I didn't paint that on the street, I found the picture and passed it on so people could discuss it. But that's cool, enjoy your kneejerk judgement.
+Sean Bonner Sorry if the bodyshaming was not your intention. It is what the picture is for, and has been the reaction in your comments, however, so my point stands for the group. Class and fat are linked, and as someone who just clawed their way out of fairly abject circumstances, I can have a pretty thin skin on the issue. Not denying that there's a health issue involved, but fat is not always a choice.
+Xia Harris Nor is it always so clean cut, look at most of Asia, rich people are fat and poor people are skinny. Poor people being fat is a distinctly North American issue which is connected to politics as much as education as much as nutrition. Do you know where this picture was taken? Did you talk to the person who painted the graphic? If not then you are just projecting your own issues as you have no way of knowing what statement was intended, nor what statement the people who see it in person will most likely have depending on where it is. There's no location in the photo, so you are assuming it's somewhere near you and reacting, but if this was taken in North Korea it's most certainly not intended to be "bodyshaming" and rather a comment on class and privilege. I respect that you just clawed your way out of abject circumstances, but you should consider that the world is bigger than you and not everything is related to your specific circumstances before you start attacking people.
+Sean Bonner You are correct that the world is wider, but your comment field is still full of bodyshaming, and you are being defensive of that attitude by redirecting the issue.
When a nonzero number of people are offended, the polite thing is not to attack them. I admitted I could have a thin skin about the issue, and apologized, and you're still tearing my point, related to the commentary, down. If you don't know where the photo was taken, and the comments all assume it's pointing at an issue, my point, related to that issue is still valid.
I believe it was Shakespeare who penned:

"Fatty, fatty, two by four,
whither pass through thy kitchen door."

(settle down, Xia.)
I'm fat (330 lbs) and I laughed at this. Just saying.
+Xia Harris - You are completely right. This picture was put up with no commentary, no location. All the people who replied assumed U.S. The first few comments "Reversing them would be a better public service", "At the entrance to a gym...?", and "I see it as reverse psychology. Who would take the escalator after being directed that way in such a manner? Nobody likes being told what to do, so they'll take the stairs to stick it to the person who placed the pictures."

Everyone who read this assumed the point of the pictures was to shame fat people. These fat hate comments reflect that.

Had +Sean Bonner actually wanted to talk about this he would have said something like "Hey, this was taken in North Korea, look how different people see body fat there". But he did not, so he can go back and say a conversation was his goal, but as soon as you start having that "conversation" he become defensive. Just for the record this is not his first fat hate post.

Sean, you dirty fat-hater, you!

I'd unsubscribe if I didn't like your posts... a fat girl likes cake.
Wow... Haters gotta hate... trolls gotta Troll...

+Kitty Sarkozy There's quite a large difference between having a discussion about an image and being accused of insulting people for posting it.
+Sean Bonner -so discuss. What are your views on the photo? What are your views of fat hate in the U.S and the links of obesity to poverty? I am not sure what sort of discussion you were hoping for with this image other than a discussion on social perception of fat. And if perception of fat is what you want, then that is the discussion I would like to have. If it is was a discussion on North Korea you want I can't engage in that, I know very little and have never been there. I have a second cousin by marriage who is Korean but I have not talked to her in a decade.
As for you being accused of insulting people, do you see why? Were you picked on at any point in your life? When you see something that reminds you of that torment don't you feel hurt and want to lash out? Are you ok with the fat hate things people were saying in reply to your post?
You are an enigma to me, sir. Sometimes you post great things that are spot on. Sometimes you appear to have great compassion and really care. Sometimes you seem to post things just to hurt people's feelings. But I try to always assume the best because I can't see what anyone gets out of being mean to strangers. Either way. Namaste.
Oh, and your cat pictures are always appreciated.
+Kitty Sarkozy +Xia Harris I frequently speak up when someone is being demeaning, dismissive, or insulting in their comments on Sean's posts, but your reactions to this post seem to be coming from a really hypersensitive point of view.

The picture wasn't of an actual person and didn't suggest violence towards anyone, it just poked fun at the link between sedentary lifestyles and obesity. It's cool that you don't find it funny, humor is completely subjective, but so is the perception that it implies hate or discrimination.
Since +Sean Bonner posted this without any context or commentary one has to assume he was that he was soliciting reactions. Whether he likes them or not, that's what he got. A wide range of reactions.
+Kitty Sarkozy Are you serious? I've been picked on my entire life. Because I was fat. Because I was nerdy. Because I was poor. Because my last name makes people think of "Boner", etc etc etc etc... I still do. To this day. Just look at some of my comment threads here on G+. Do I feel hurt and want to lash out? No, because I'm not so insecure that I give a shit what anyone else thinks about me. I'm happy with who I am, and don't see any reason to give someone else power over my emotions. I don't post things to hurt peoples feelings, I post things that are interesting to me for any number of reasons and I think they might be interesting to others as well. When someone like +Xia Harris makes crazy assumption like the ones above I think it's worth noting that publicly stating that you've lost respect for someone because of perceived intentions you've made up in your head is kind stupid. One persons hypersensitivity doesn't equate another persons motives.
+Christopher Turkel Oh I love all reactions, good, bad, whatever. That's why I post things. But reactions often bring more reactions, and so it goes...
It's like advising keep the seat clear for less abled patrons, give people a bit of a nudge so the person who has climbing difficulty isn't disadvantaged.
+Sean Bonner - She makes "crazy" assumptions, and is kind of stupid?

You reply to me with "Are you serious?" and then give a big list of how you have been teased.

It seems like you are lashing out right now. The fact that she and other might be over sensitive is because they have had bad experiences. Experiences just like yours. It is great that you are in a place where you don't give your power away and that you have so much self confidence. But I bet that was not always true. Can you not think of one single time where you have been the one who's feeling have gotten hurt when someone else was not trying to. Or they were just "making a joke".

I am really not trying to make you feel bad. I am truly trying to get a better understanding of where you are coming from. I do like lots of the things you post. And you seem smart and interesting, even when I don't agree with you. Some times it is hard to remember that people you don't know on the internet are still people. I bet in real like you and +Xia Harris would really like each other. I bet in real life you and I would have tons of things to talk about. I loved reading about your trips to Japan to check radiation levels. You are doing great work and helping make things better. Lots of people think you rock and are very proud of you. You have lots of love, no reason to make people sad. :-)
+Kitty Sarkozy Please don't put words in my mouth, I didn't say she was kind of stupid, I said that activity was kind of stupid, it's a subtle but very important difference. And yes, assuming that you know what someone is thinking is crazy.

Certainly in my life my feelings have gotten hurt, but I understand thats on me, not on someone else. That's because of either how I interpreted something or because I let someone get under my skin. I don't have a problem with +Xia Harris , but I'm not the one assuming malice. The world would be a much better place if people stopped assuming people were out to get them.
Good! So we can agree you did not mean to "attack" anyone. And no one meant to "attack" you? I would very much like the world to be a better place and this sounds like a great step towards it. Yay!!!! No one here is out to get anyone. I feel happier already.
if the "fat" icon is offensive in some way, is there a better image that would just as easily communicate the same message?

how about calorie count?
I laugh that in a world of rampant public caricatures and parodies that intentionally make a joke of a serious issue to lighten the tension or force people to look differently at an issue, people choose to still get personally offended by things they see on the internet. Not saying this in particular was even a joke more less a caricature, but still.

Honestly, I follow Sean Bonner because he posts things that are so effective at drawing out responses from people, a.k.a topics that are relevant. He's drawn a response from me on several issues, and introduced me to several more I now feel more educated about. But the point is he doesn't know everything, nor does anyone following him but the collective whole of his g+ realm of influence has a good deal of knowledge that we can all constructively learn from.

Haven't we all learned to not take things personally on the internet, and more importantly trying to teach trolls a lesson never works? Sean never makes comments to trolls he only responds to people clearly invested in his topic, which in this case was a select few who were deeply offended and fishing for a response. A very effective strategy for someone with as many followers as him.

And here I am, feeding the trolls. /sigh
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