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I made a thing. You should go contribute to it.
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Sean C
this actually happend as posted in the picture

also there is a good video of them shortly before they got knocked over by the police

she was fucking off the police being a drunk rioter... deserve
Spock: most illogica. Why humans like +Sean C consider legitimate violence from police?!
Is it just me, or does it look like Spock is checking out that cop's ass?
that's not the way we do the vulcan nerve pinch...
I wish I didn't suck at cutting and pasting.
I would totally contribute to this.
Could you include a link, maybe on the site, to a pic of just the 'not impressed Spock' so we can use it to make our own.
laugh, submitted and will laugh again.
haha good idea... hmm.. i might have to make one too :)
+john lewis: I don't have my wacom @ office, so I had to do it with my mouse hahaha
It has everything you need to go viral:

1. star trek reference
2. see #1
Nice mashup! Would a good title for this pic be called, "Wearing Down the Pavement Logically" ?? :)
Witnessing the miracle that is the birth of an internet meme, I am beside myself.
Haha! I have no fuckin' clue what this is about (was this the raver riot from last night?), but I am intrigued raises single eyebrow
Hmm, I thought Kirk was the Canadian?!
cant decide which is my fave! i think Ferris.
Sean, what does it feel like to blow up in 20 hours?
The girl's head was hit by police then … 
Jo hn
Where is the original ? Strangely romantic :)
+Sean Bonner Ha, I'm just now finding out that you created this. I've updated my post. I was seeing it everywhere but didn't realize who was behind it.
Spock is checking out that cops ass! I thought new Spock was gay? hmm. Looks like he wants to hit that pig w/ his baton.... Cool!
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