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This continues to be disgusting. That we don't have politicians campaigning on the goal to shut down the TSA entirely shows just how little the feelings of the people are represented. It's appalling and embarrassing that taxpayer money funds this.
This week in TSA awfulness: a recap of recent American airport atrocities. By Xeni Jardin at 4:35 pm Wednesday, May 2. Cue up the Yakity Sax! In case you missed it, there have been a number of Boing B...
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what's apparent and equally sad is that getting on a plane is more important to most people than the inconvenience of standing up to the TSA.
Blimey, I moan about the treatment in the UK, but this is much worse
Just 2 point out the sheer pointlessness of the TSA: back in the day, there was airport security, local airport security. No over-the-top invasive searches n patdowns, no overpriced, untested, DANGEROUS equipment. And it worked. for all the decades it existed it worked. Considering there were only 2 terrorist attacks against the US, and neither 1 possible strictly by a failure of airport security, I can't wrap my head around the existence of the TSA 4 as long as it has.
Solution fly naked... or in airline provided jumpsuits.. ;) Just as long as they bring back meals.. and peanuts that come with more than 5 to a bag.
Solution is simple. Find one politician who is willing to be labelled as anti american and soft on terror. He/he may be willing to speak up about TSA.
As long as people are willing to get groped because of their fear of getting blown up on a plane is greater than bad drivers and local criminals, we will have things like the TSA.
Both Ron and Rand Paul are very against the TSA and speak out against them constantly.
The whole point of the TSA seems to be to teach people in the US that the rich and powerful are calling all the shots. People with private planes don't have to put up with this, just us worker bees. Had I told people 15 years ago that flying in the US would require a "Real ID" like an internal passport, groping, xrays and 72 hour delays, they would have thought I was crazy. We defeated the USSR to build our own tyranny.
+Will Hill I'd love to agree with you, but people with private planes still have to go through TSA
At private airports? I read where Steve Jobs got very angry with Japanese customs agents who told him he could not fly out with throwing stars in his bag. He promised to never return ... but the thing that stood out was that he did not seem to think the rules applied to him. While the TSA might be shaking down people at the bus terminal, subway and open road, I don't imagine them groping people at every two bit airport in the US. Do Congressmen get their crotches grabbed when flying, or do they just jump on with their quick pass because they are trusted?
+Ron Paul has been campaigning on eliminating the TSA. Just another one of his crazy ideas
But now we have an app! Yaaaayyyy ... :c
Actually, what's apparent is that the vast majority of Americans hardly ever fly anywhere, so they almost never have occasion to care about this.
The TSA is here to condition us to be screened, searched, and dehumanized daily. They're already in the Houston bus terminal screening passengers. They've bought mobile screening buses for large events like the Superbowl. Be prepared, in the next 10 years the TSA will an everyday aspect of life. TSA: Coming to a highway near you.
Is there such a thing as non-needless and non-humiliating groping of toddlers and grandmothers?
(Yes, I know what he meant.)
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