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My 2 year old son grabbed my camera a month or so ago and took a photo of me (I'd just taken a photo of him, he just copied my actions). I just got the film developed. This is the result. Holy crap.
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Huh... nature vs. nurture in a single shot. The framing ALONE shows some great instincts.

Which means he'll likely grow up to be an accountant. ;-)
The kid has talent. I've been doing photography for over 25 years and I'm still a hack.
J rose
Skip the fisherprice camera. Get this kid a k1000.
Let him play with one of your old cameras if you have one. If not, may want to get him his own.
He's 2. Tomorrow he'll probably chew on the camera. ;-)
Your 2 year old is a better photographer than I am!
+Sean Bonner don't underestimate little people only because the can't speak like you :))
That looks like "sweetie... give the camera back to daddy, please" face. Nice!
Good luck explaining him later that he peaked at age 2, first attempt. And that it took you a month to develop something called film.
No seriously, this is probably the most justified use of 'Holy crap' I've seen this year.
Looks like you have a budding photographer on your hands! :) Yay art!!!
Seems you may have misspelled his middle name after all. Shoulda been "Awesome!" (Are exclamation points allowed on CA birth registrations?)
That is fantastic! I hope he develops an interest in photography cause that's pretty darn good. :) <3 my little guy likes pictures but I haven't been able to figure if he likes taking them. Loves them taken of him though. We shall see ;)
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