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Seriously, this guy just fixed Episode I. I don't know who he is, but he should have a job at a studio right now. Lucas should hire him to be his sanity checker STAT!
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Is this a 10-part series? I'm not watching if it isn't.

Also, pizza rolls.
Is this the same guy who put all 3 into one film but is never showing it again?
Wow, that genuinely made me excited for it! And then... reality. :( Too bad George's ego as big as a small moon ... no, wait! That's the Death Star!
Somebody get that man a time machine!
This guy has one advantage that Lucas didn't have - ten years of hindsight on a bad film. Sure, Lucas didn't have to rush into making the prequel trilogy (and most people would probably argue that he didn't), but with that kind of hindsight I can't imagine there are many bad (or at least disappointing) films that you couldn't fix.

This sounds like an awesome film, though. Maybe after Lucas dies somebody will pick up the rights and do the prequels properly.
I don't think I've ever hoped more fervently for a series to be rebooted by someone other than its creator.
+Paul Cosgrove That may very well be true, but the things that were wrong with the prequels didn't need a decade to be articulated. They needed someone with the authority and moxie to tell George his script/movie was bad.
He talks in a funny way, but he is seriously right in most of the points he make. Impressive! I listen to him and tell myself, "yeah, that Episode I I'd like to see again!"
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