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That's awesome! I love that the photo of the woman came from Zombie Booth. :D
Jesus = First Zombie. :D After all... he loved eating flesh and drinking blood then "rose from the dead.". I'm pretty sure he wasn't snorting "bath salts"
So, someone clue me in. Is for real, or satire?
What, I always turn into a zombie after plague inducing bath salt sodomy........ don't you?
My sodomy must have smelly candles, and not that cheap kind that smell like sweat and sawdust. No, the high quality ones when the Apple Pie scent is so real you could eat the wax and it tastes like Apple pie.

And then I get my zombie on.
1. Christwire = satire (sad that we have to say that)

2. You can look for the crazy and you are going to find it. Reality? These attacks have little to nothing in common with each other. In one you had a man who was in some sort of psychosis, hense the shot to the head being the only thing that stopped him. In another you had someone flinging their intestines at police. In the final, you have a woman suffering from post partum depression killing her child.
+Mario II Valenzuela actually, technically, Lazarus was the first zombie, since he was the man that jesus brought back from the dead. [John 11:1-45] so if anything Jesus was the second zombie...
Maybe the reason some people have a hard time realizing this is satire is that there's a link in the article implying Obama is involved this and they're so used to that format from other... news sources that it seems natural to them.
+Deanna Toxopeus "sad that we have to say that" - indeed! there are so many over-the-top serious sites that take the exact same rhetoric that it's becoming harder to tell them apart. If people still take Onion articles seriously, you can bet there are even more that take satire sites like Christwire as "gospel". Read the comments to see what I mean.
It just proves that the Democratic process that's currently in place probably doesn't work when the majority of our population is so damn ignorant.
One of the reasons the founding fathers conceived the Electoral College, but perhaps that very institution is perpetuating the cycle of ignorance and apathy.
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