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I tweeted a lot about this talk when I saw it at TED earlier this year, it's 20 minutes, but it's very very very very much worth your time to watch it. Or just listen to it in the background.
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Better link to share:

Youtube is a ripoff because they do not take in the captionings. At TED, they almost always (eventually) have captions, and not just in English but in other languages. Please give preference to the ted links instead of youtube because of this... I and many others (deaf, hoh, ESL, etc) would really appreciate that....
A ripoff? How much are you paying to watch videos on YouTube? I've been watching 'em for free.
+Cindy Brown YouTube supports captions. So, this isn't a problem with YouTube as much as it is a problem with whomever is uploading these particular videos to YouTube. You might ask the TED Talks Director to include the caption info when uploading the videos to YouTube.
+Cindy Brown That link is to the official TED YouTube channel, and G+ supports YouTube natively so that's why I posted it here. I wanted to post the video, not a link to the video. As others noted, YouTube supports captions too and I've seen many TED videos on YouTube with them, so I think they add the captions to their videos and the ones they post on YouTube at the same time.
Well, be that as it may 1) This particular one only has autocaptioning available on the Youtube version [and 1a) autotranscript completely sucks] and 2) there's not only English but two other languages available at the TED version.

It isn't a given that the Youtube version of a TED talk has the captions. In most cases, captions are added to TED talks later (after it has already been put up on Youtube). Trust me, I've run into this plenty of times or I wouldn't complain :-/ I want to see these things, too.
[Post the link to TED along with the Youtube?]
+Cindy Brown That's what I can't stand about TED. Those jerks always take their time getting the captions everywhere they need to be. :D
Great comments from Ms Turkle: "No one is listening to me" We are designing machines to be our companions, "I share therefore I am" Learn how to be alone" " Being alone feels like a problem" "Texting is not communication" Learn how to have a conversation" Make a text free zone in your home to have conversations. Thank you Sherry Turkle and TED.
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