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I'd love to replace "americans" by "humans". Besides, I second this.
I want to plus 1 this a thousand more times.
What is the chance that that person would reply by saying "Fuck you! Your ruined this country" if someone walked by and said "I'm a banker". "I'm a corporatist" or "I'm republican."

Not being afraid of others is good, but it's a far cry from being compassionate of others regardless of who they are, what they are, or what they do.
Extra +1 for the Guy Fawkes photobomb.
This sign should be on the wall of every Civics classroom across the country regardless of the school!
+Michael M. Butler You know, I think I was in 5th grade when I heard about this (in the 70s). I remember thinking "no way, we'd never do that" and asking my mom about it. She said she learned about it in the 50s and had exactly the same reaction and asked her mother who said it was probably the most shameful thing the US had ever done.

I agree, we need to remember that in times of war and stress, America is capable of great things and terrible things. I hope we'll see the parallels and stand up for those that are less fortunate or different than ourselves.
umer M
Americans can't stop being afraid because that's just how MSM brainwashing us. We perfectly fit into the mold that media has created for us. f*CK CNN, NBC, FOX, MSNBC, BBC, AL-JAZEERA, GEO NETWORK. Y'all owned by one person how can we expect honest news from you guys.
Vipin do you have to turn it racial? Other American means "any other American, other than yourself"! 
Probably just a pic found online that the user knows nothing about...let's see if they know when it was took and from what they can't
Isn't the real problem that there are people and industries (including american (USA)) that make mega profits from fear but 'freedom' demands that they may be heard 'equally'.
but americans are afraid of all of those. One because they know how bad an american is first hand. They are afraid of other religions because if scientology ruled the world we'd all be stuffed. Of other classes because no one likes having to learn French and the same goes for other nations. And everyone hates speaking out because every one on the internet is to tight to take a joke (it is a JOKE)
if you disbelieve me see how many haters i get ;)
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