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Back in the Palouse after spending the week exploring the Imnaha Canyon. Photos from the canyons and the Wallowa mountains coming later.

This weekend +David Cobb and I are leading a second workshop in the Palouse. This photo was taken on Steptoe Butte near sunset during the workshop last weekend. We will be on the hunt for more light like this in the next couple of days.
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Beautiful image, love it. So peaceful.=)
I love shooting from Steptoe Butte.  Looks like you caught the spring greens at their peak.
So inviting. I like that the house seems to be out in the middle, with no obvious path to it. I think it adds a sense of solitude and peacefulness. The colors are warm, the textures soft, and perfectly composed.
Beautiful! Wish I could have made one of these workshops.
Magnificent. I really need to fit in a drive up to the Palouse this summer...
That is some sweet light, Sean.  Very beautiful. 
The light, color, curves, and lines are all wonderful here. Sweet work!
Nice light and a very good composition...
These never disappoint. Must make it out here next year. Wonderful colors and light.
Beautiful image Sean.  I really like the glowing highlights. 
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