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Sean Bagshaw
Works at Outdoor Exposure Photography, LLC as a freelance landscape, nature and travel photographer. Based in Ashland, Oregon, my photos can be found published in magazines, calendars, web design, advertising, branding, art collections and competitions. Member of Photo Cascadia (
Attended Southern Oregon University
Lives in Ashland, OR
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Professional Photographer: Landscape. Nature. Travel. Discovery. Vision. Art.
Finding great stuff to point my camera at.
  • Outdoor Exposure Photography, LLC as a freelance landscape, nature and travel photographer. Based in Ashland, Oregon, my photos can be found published in magazines, calendars, web design, advertising, branding, art collections and competitions. Member of Photo Cascadia (
    Professional landscape, nature and travel photographer, present
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Ashland, OR
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Professional Photographer: Landscape. Nature. Travel. Discovery. Vision. Art.
My job and passion is to explore the world and attempt to translate what I see and feel into visual stories through my camera.  I have been photographing since the early 1990s and making my living from my images since 2004. My main website is I'm a proud member of the Photo Cascadia group (
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Twice since 2008 my images have been winners in the Nature's Best Windland Smith Rice International Awards and have also been honored in the International Conservation Photography Awards and other competitions. Commercial clients and publications include Sierra Club, Via, Travel Oregon, HTC, Montana Tourism, ODS, Outdoor Photographer, Digital Photographer, and Mercedes. I am a founding member and one sixth of the Pacific Northwest based photography team known as Photo Cascadia.
  • Southern Oregon University
  • Willamette University
    Masters of Arts In Teaching
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March 22


New Image: Lunar Eclipse Over Mt. Shasta Revisited. In 2007 I created a composite image of a lunar eclipse over Mt. Shasta. Despite not having a clue what I was doing (capture or developing) I somehow pulled it all together. The image ended up getting some good attention and even ended up in the Smithsonian Museum for a while. Seven years later, the most recent eclipse gave me a rare opportunity to revisit the concept and try again with more advanced equipment and better skills. This is the result (best viewed full screen on black). This image is technically better, cleaner, higher resolution and with much more detail, particularly in the shaded parts of the moon. Many of the eclipse phases required blending of up to six exposures. This final image consists of over 75 layers and took somewhere north of 20 hours of work. However, I think I still like the original more. It had a certain simplicity and realness to it. This one feels a bit busy and over done. Plus, night sky images have become quite common in the last few years, so much of the novelty has worn off. Whether the image stands up or not, I still had a great adventure, challenged my brain and learned a lot.

You can see the original version here:

You can read about the process here (old article with images missing):
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Masterfully done, Sean.  I understand where you are coming from when you say you prefer your first version, but this recent attempt packs a lot of punch, especially in the details as you noted.  Just an incredible shot.
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Blood Moon! Lunar eclipse, April 15 2014. I had a great time photographing the lunar eclipse all night last night with my friend Kai. It has been almost seven years since the last time I had the opportunity to photograph a lunar eclipse. We just avoided being clouded over and missing it. I have a lot of developing still to do. This is the first image from the shoot. If you missed the eclipse I hope this image provides a strong visual of what the moon looks like as it is passing into the earth's shadow. The exposure range between the illuminated and shaded sides of the moon required blending of six exposures. I wanted to create an image like this in 2007 but I wasn't good enough at exposure blending at that time to have much success.

Blend of six exposures taken at 400mm focal length. At 400mm the exposure times must be kept under one second to keep the Earth's rotation from blurring the moon. Exposures for the bright side of the moon were about 1/80 second at f/5.6, ISO 100. The dark side required an ISO of 800 to keep the exposure under one second.

#lunareclipse15thapril   #lunareclipse   #moonphotography   #bloodmoon  
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Very nice 
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Sean Bagshaw

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I'm really excited to announce Lightroom Essentials, the newest addition to my image developing video tutorials. More and more outdoor photographers are incorporating Lightroom into their imaging workflow or even using it exclusively. It took a while, but after many requests I finally succeeded in producing tutorials that share how I use Lightroom. They took me over two months to create and contain over 5 1/2 hours of instruction. If interested you can find out more and watch some samples at the link below.
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Thanks Kevin!
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People have been anxiously waiting for the Sony A7r review from +Zack Schnepf. He says this full frame, 36 megapixel, mirrorless camera is amazing and exceeded many of his expectations but he also points out some issues. Read his full review and check out some sample images at the link below. If you have comments or questions for Zack leave them in the comments section of the blog.

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Hi friends good night
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Sean Bagshaw

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New article - digital image storage lessons from someone who has seen it all. Photo Cascadia's +Adrian Klein has lost images almost every way imaginable: flash card loss and corruption, hard drive failures, power surges and more. Hopefully others can learn from his hard earned wisdom.
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This is a good read for anybody who thinks this could not happen to them when it comes to  backing up..
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Sean Bagshaw

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I still have some space in the Advanced Luminosity Mask Techniques class coming up in May. This class and the Crater Lake workshop in August are the only two in 2014 with space available. If you are experienced in Photoshop and want to learn or improve your use of Luminosity Masks this will be a one of a kind class. I will be introducing and teaching how to use Tony Kuyper's most current luminosity mask actions and custom action panel. Join us if you can.

More info and registration can be found at the link below.
In this intensive two day class, Sean Bagshaw will demonstrate and teach a variety of the advanced and powerful Luminosity Mask techniques that he uses in his image developing.
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Sean is there an update to the Tony Kuyper Panel? I bought your tutorial a while back and wondered if there is an update? Really wish I could attend this workshop!
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On the +Photo Cascadia blog: With Lightroom 5 is Photoshop Really Necessary? I recently produced a new video tutorial series called Lightroom Essentials and decided it would be a good time to share my thoughts on this particular question. 

Read the article:

Lightroom Essentials video tutorials:
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Nice 1
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Total lunar eclipse visible in North America tonight! In 2007 I photographed a similar sky event to create my image "Lunar Eclipse over Mt. Shasta". The link below will take you to an article I wrote a few year ago explaining my approach. Generally there is about one lunar eclipse a year. The past several have been obscured by clouds or not visible in my hemisphere. Fingers crossed for clear skies tonight!


Tonight's eclipse Info:
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As seems usual in the Seattle area, the event occurred behind a curtain of clouds. Did anyone travel east of the Cascades to see it?
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Sean Bagshaw

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FYI - I will be giving a slide presentation tonight at the Southern Oregon Photographic Association in Central Point. The presentation is free and open to the public. You can get more details at the link below. I look forward to seeing everyone who can make it!
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Holy gorgeous!! Wish I lived closer would love to have made it. Hope it went really well :)
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Sean Bagshaw

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I'm looking forward to a fun weekend of fine art digital image developing at the Cascade Center of Photography with my good buddy +Zack Schnepf.
Join two of the Pacific Northwest’s top outdoor photographers and photography educators for an intensive weekend seminar learning their digital image developing techniques.
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