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Sean Arbabi

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I'm lost with Reuters decision. You can't save a RAW file if you edit it. You have to save it as a TIF, JPG, PSD, etc. I don't get it. Upload RAW and Reuters can add some minor recovery and saturation and the problem is solved (not to mention potentially great photos being in the best format possible).
Reuters has banned its freelance photographers from submitting images that were shot and processed in their camera's RAW format, PetaPixel has confirmed. RAW is often used by pro and enthusiast...
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Clearly this rule was created and approved by a collection of Finance, IT and Legal folks who are NOT photographers. Shrug and move on, sadly your input is not valued here.
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Sean Arbabi

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Pretty much how I felt today.

© Sean Arbabi | (all rights reserved worldwide)

#timber #IPhone6 #yawn #lazysunday #pitmix #fuzzyhead #fatcat #mextures
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Sean Arbabi

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Recently I've seen an influx of wedding shoot requests come up, and although I don't shoot weddings, if asked and at the right price, I would (since I could produce many solid images in a slightly non-traditional way, bringing my commercial photo expertise to the project).

The sad aspect is although some budgets are in the right price range, many are asking to shoot these jobs for $500.  If you are lucky enough to book a wedding shoot every weekend of the year, that amounts to $26,000.  Don't forget, you may shoot that day, but many other days are spent meeting the couple, prepping for the shoot, travel time and gas cost, processing the images, and finalizing the photos they choose - then remove your overhead costs, taxes, etc and you have barely anything.

Once again, this is what "professional" photography is coming to.
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+Bruce Goren, good idea and yes I've thought of this before as well but I don't actively seek wedding shoots. Not because they're beneath me in anyway because wedding photography is some of the hardest around.

What's even scarier is that the least experienced photographers often try to become wedding photographers.

If a job like that comes my way though, again I'd consider it and would charge a large fee but I prefer to stay focused on the work I love.
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Sean Arbabi

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I plan to make a huge print of this and replace a few other images over my living room wall. Such a peaceful wonderful place, but then again, most forests are.

USA: California: Marin County: Mill Valley: Muir Woods National Monument: Redwood Canyon: Panorama (3 images stitched) of the Redwood grove towering over Redwood Creek (trees aging in range from 400 to 800 years, with heights up to 250 feet), as seen from a bridge not far from the Muir Woods Visitor Center along the Redwood Canyon Trail - © Sean Arbabi | (all rights reserved worldwide)  ‪#‎muirwoods‬ ‪#‎california‬ ‪#‎forest‬ ‪#‎heavenonearth‬ ‪#‎marincounty‬
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Nice forest...
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Sean Arbabi

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Ah, The New Lab...those were the days.  I shot a ton of film in my time, and it's interesting to see some of the new generation exploring that avenue of photography.  

I for one don't miss film, love digital and all the doors it has opened for our art.  But there was definitely an art and need for exposure knowledge when it came to shooting and processing film.

#newlab #sanfrancisco #film #processing #pushpullprocess #filmruns #lightboxreviews #emulsioncrazedphotonerds #filmtests #photographicexposure
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I am very glad that film is finally recovering some lost terrain, I for one regret many of the things that digital photography made "easy", i loved when you had to actually study hard to become a good photographer, when each shot counts, and the thrill of excitement and even anxiety we all had when waiting for the film rolls  to develop, that's probably the worse loss of all, now it is all immediate satisfaction, and shooting pictures has became as easy as watching a screen and see wat happens on it.

I remember back in that day when we used to say "i am happy if i get 2 or 3 really good pictures after a day of work" but that was out of maybe 100 or 100 and a few shots, no one, not even action sports photographers would shoot over 1500 clicks per session like they do nowadays, and getting a dozen decent shoots out of over one thousand is not being a good photographer, it is plain and simple probablity law. and i see this happening everyday, when i go to workshops, even with my own work team, at the end of the day i oftenly say "oh damn, i've shot too many pictures, almost 200 clicks!" only to have the reply of my partners with well over 600 each, that's not photography, that's only sticking a finger on a machine gun trigger
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Sean Arbabi

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Not everybody trusts paintings but people believe photographs.- Ansel Adams

Fortunately or unfortunately we've moved past this with digital photography these days. Trust must now come through the reputation, honesty, or openness of the artist, or possibly through a RAW file. However it seems many are content to lean toward the fantasy world instead of the real world. Regardless, I've always believed photography has always been an interpretation of reality, so maybe that philosophy has just expanded. I don't drastically alter my images often, but when I do, I'm open to share that I did so.

Mexico: Sinaloa State: Mazatlán: Fisherman and the fishing fleet, near Tiburon Point in Puerto Viejo Bay come ashore to offload and prepare the catch of the day (golden color and grittiness digitally added using the app Mextures 2)  - © Sean Arbabi | (all rights reserved worldwide) #mextures #nikon #mexico #mazatlán #sinaloa #gitzo#iphoneapp
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Sean Arbabi

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My Peachpit Learn by Video is on sale 'til Wednesday. "Photographer's Guide to Color Efex Pro, Analog Efex Pro, Viveza, Sharpener Pro, and Dfine" (part of Google's Nik Collection). Check it out! #peachpit #nikcollection #google #howtovideo #learnbyvideo #colorefexpro #analogefexpro #viveza #sharpenerpro #dfine
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The Google Nik Collection is my beloved go-to bag of tricks, after a first stop in Camera Raw Nik becomes most of my workflow. I worry though that this wonderful tool is becoming orphan-ware. I suspect Google acquired the company for the Snapseed IP and that our PhotoShop plug-ins will get no further love.  Today it's all about mobile tools for the masses. Do you have any insight Sean about future plans for this amazing software ?
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Sean Arbabi

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Thank you for your sacrifice.  We will never forget you.

USA: California: Contra Costa County: Lafayette:  Lafayette hillside memorial: A collection of crosses (over 2500) intended to serve as a memorial for United States soldiers killed in the Iraq War, (with the sign containing a running total of the death count - currently at 6245) overlooking State Route 24 (erected in late 2006) - the number of crosses on the hill, mixed with a few Stars of David, Islamic crescents and other religious symbols - © Sean Arbabi | (all rights reserved worldwide) #memorialday  
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Sean Arbabi

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The latest issue (Nov 2015) of Photoshop User magazine featuring my Dynamic Range article on the benefits of converting your HDR colors scenes into B&W using Silver Efex Pro. Hope you all are members of Kelby One to enjoy it!

#kelbyone #photoshopuser #nikcollection #google #blackandwhite #adobe #silverefexpro #photoshop
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Sean Arbabi

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Timber on neighborhood watch.

© Sean Arbabi | (all rights reserved worldwide) #timber #pibulllove #rescuedog #mextures #snapseed #google #blackandwhite
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On duty...keep up the good work Timber!
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Sean Arbabi

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9/11. Love seeing how NYC has recovered. I remember sitting at the U.S. Open the week before watching Agassi-Sampras, the weather perfect, the match amazing. Or being in the WTC on Sept 7.

This week the tennis tournament is packed, new buildings stand in Manhattan, and the city is alive. It was hard to imagine this recovery 14 years ago. Walking all over the city last fall made me so happy, but I'll never forget.

#september11 #neverforget #ilovenyc
(© Sean Arbabi | - all rights reserved worldwide) 
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Sean has been a commercial travel photographer and author for over 23 years, specializing in adventure, lifestyle, nature, and travel; for ad, corporate, and editorial clients.

He’s had freelance and contracted assignments with hundreds of publications and companies worldwide including Amazon, American ExpressBackpacker, California Division of Tourism, Endless Vacation, Fuji Film, GEO Germany, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, National Geographic's book, calendar, and online divisions as well as Adventure and TravelerThe New York Times, Nikon, The North Face, Outside, Random House, REI, Timex, The Travel Channel,, and Woodbridge wines.

Sean has shot over 200 assignments for Sunset, over 150 for Via magazine, and writes many feature articles on photography for EngadgetLightroomOutdoor PhotographerPeterson's PhotographicPhotoshop User, Rangefinder, and Shutterbug. He has also authored two books which he photographed: The BetterPhoto Guide to Exposure (Jan 2009), and The Complete Guide to Nature Photography (Dec 2011) both for Amphoto/ Random House.  Sean lectures and teaches workshops, live (for Calumet, Camera West, Future Light, Point Reyes, TamronWorkshops On The Farm), and online at Perfect Picture School of Photography.

As the Photoguru, he has appeared on numerous television segments, radio and web shows including ABC San Francisco's The View from the Bay, CBS San Francisco's Bay Area Focus, ABC Radio Southeast, Scott Sheppard's Inside Digital Radio and Nik Radio, and Ibarionex Perello's The Candid Frame discussing various aspects of the photo industry.

A native Californian, he received his Bachelor of Arts in commercial photography from Brooks Institute in ‘91, began his business thereafter combining outdoor, on-location, and studio photography. To date he’s shot over a million images, written numerous articles, and currently working on a tv show on photography.

Sean has traveled around much of the US, and international locations including Canada, Iran, Mexico, the UK, Southeast Asia, and; South America.  He has backpacked over mountain ranges, helicoptered above jungles, ridden horseback across plains, traversed across mountain ranges, rafted down rivers, mountain biked along forest trails, sailed on oceans, and hung over cliffs, all to capture images he and his clients were in search of.  Today, he lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, base camp for all his travels.

Turn-ons: all-expense-paid vacations, free front row tickets to sporting events, dinners I don't have to prepare.

Turnoffs: dance floors covered with box jellyfish, chain-smoking monkeys, barbecuing next to a hungry lion.

All images © Sean Arbabi / - All rights reserved worldwide
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Commercial Travel Photographer, Author, Photo Expert, all around nice dude
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    Commercial photography and author shooting assignments for ad, corporate and editorial clients, writing how-to articles for all the major photo magazines, workshop leader and instructor, and fine art print sales
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