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Is anyone else having trouble transfering large video files (eg. 5gb) from their LG360 to their Android phone using the LG Cam Manager app? It seems 3 out of 4 times, my phone loses connection with the LG360 and so halts/loses the progress on the data transfer. How are you getting your videos off your LG360 to your phone? Pulling out the Micro SD card and reading off that?

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Does anyone here use a Google Pixel phone and the LG 360 camera? I'm considering buying the LG 360 camera but I want to know how easily it works with the Google Pixel and Daydream VR Headset. Ideally, I want 360 photos and 360 videos I take to automatically be viewable on DayDream when I put on the headset. I believe this means they would need to automatically background export to Google Photos with the proper 360 metadata. I've heard Google Photos doesn't currently support 360 video, but using Google Daydream I can access youtube (which does support VR/360), so if the videos I take on LG360 can automatically upload to youtube as 360 videos, then I can view them on Daydream easily. If the LG360 app on Pixel can't do this automatically, being able to batch tell it to do so in the background would be an okay fallback. I don't want to involve my computer at all. Does anyone have experience with this / can let me know if what I'm mentioning above is reality. If not, how close to a reality is it? Thanks.

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