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Greetings 12th MAN! This is our first official post on Google+. What do you want to see as our second post?
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Yay!!! How about a preview of the new jerseys ;)
Interest in whos gonna be the draft pick this year...
Tell us if you are looking at #RyanTannehill if he is available
fill d.
Just want to hear that we are going to strive to win the division this year! We the 12th man bleed blue and green! We sign one if the best running backs in the league, finally a QB who can get the job done! S little o-line work, few touch up on D and we can show all the haters who think the Seahawks are just a fluke that we are the real deal! Tired of ESPN, sports radio ripping on us never giving us the respect we deserve! Play as a team, have fun! I will never stop believing in mister Allen! Hawks 4 life!!!!
I don't know about the second post but I would love some Hangouts with the players and coaches.
Please don't change the logo or colors! I just painted my room Seahawks colors and I already have a Seahawks bed set.
How about a hangout live during draft or after practices
How about some fun facts on the players and coaches?
Would love to see something about the new uniforms.
How about the schedule, the draft possibilities, some sea gals.
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