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The Sealers were Lying. Now they Intend to Seize Sea Shepherd Boats

Victories are always so short lived. The seal killers are now saying they will not kill seals while Sea Shepherd and the Hunt Saboteurs are in the port. So the activists said they will stay in the port to see that no seals are killed. This resulted in the pro-seal killing harbormaster abusing his power and is now threatening to seize the Sea Shepherd boats for non-payment of filming fees that no one else has had to pay and no one was made aware of. Filming fees if legitimate only apply to commercial filming not to non-governmental organizations, charities and individuals.

This is extortion and coercion plain and simple and the world needs to make this harbor master aware that the world is watching him. Please send an e-mail or make a call and politely ask this harbormaster why he is siding with the seal killers and why is he abusing his power to oppose the people defending the seals.

If he seizes Sea Shepherd boats we will make the name of Gardenstown infamous around the world like Taiji.

The Harbourmaster for Gardenstown Harbour, Banff, Scotland is Michael Watt :+441261 851475
Mobile phone: +447900606153
The Harbour Secretary is Dr Ian Moir (a man heavily linked to the fishing industry) he can be contacted on email 
or phoned on +441261 851922
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...or clubbed him? These are the same people who tried to beat up the official who stopped the cod fisheries a while ...
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News: Violent Seal Killers Threaten Sea Shepherd Crew - Caught on Camera!

As predicted by Sea Shepherd, the killing team of the Scottish Wild Salmon Company escalated tensions in the Scottish seal killing grounds...

Share this around to help shame the killers!

#SeaShepherdUK #SeaShepherdScotland #SeaShepherd 

Click below for full article.
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+kevin dolan your right but the people who sell the skin kill too much seals and probably slave people to make it into coats and stuff! STOP KILLING MARINE WILDLIFE! 
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NEWS Usan Fisheries Threat to Sea Shepherd UK Volunteers in Seal Defence Standoff 

#SeaShepherdUk #SeaShepherd 

Report from Scotland

Tensions are rising in Banffshire with conflict expected as early as Easter Monday in seal defence standoff.

Sea Shepherd UK are currently active in Gardenstown and Crovie in the North of Scotland. They are there to prevent Usan Fisheries, otherwise known as the Scottish Wild Salmon Company, from shooting iconic Scottish seals over the Easter holiday break. Last year the Scottish Wild Salmon Company admitted to killing 18 grey seals during the same period. Local reports suggest the number was much higher.

Tensions have been escalating over recent days as Sea Shepherd UK has continued preventing the Scottish Wild Salmon Company from shooting seals. The kill total since Sea Shepherd arrived is zero. Armed Scottish Wild Salmon Company staff are now acting in an increasingly belligerent manner towards our personnel on the ground. Sea Shepherd UK are preparing for direct confrontation from these armed killers as a result.

On Good Friday, Scottish Wild Salmon Company personnel confronted Sea Shepherd volunteers in Gardenstown Harbour. One senior member of their party, accompanied by a rifle carrying employee, shouted in front of children and other holidaymakers the threat that he would make us wish we were back in Japan. Sea Shepherd refuse to back down in the face of intimidation such as this and will continue to stand against marine wildlife killers no matter what threats are made.

All Sea Shepherd UK activists are committed to stand in front of any rifle aimed at a defenceless seal by the Scottish Wild Salmon Company or by any other seal killers. via +Omar Todd 
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"It's a matter of taking the side of the weak against the strong, something the best people have always done."    Harriet Beecher Stowe.............
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Sea Shepherd

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Brisbane supporters! 23rd April, Michael Franti and Spearhead is at the Tivoli, Brisbane!
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+Sea Shepherd Wow Support the Sea Shepherd and see Mr Super cool Michael Frantic !!!!! big up Guerilla Management and the Spearhead crew. I predictic a sell out show with No Sell outs performing ;)
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Western Australian Fisheries in league with Japanese Whale poachers

- Fisheries, Fish for the future, continue their assault on our healthy marine environment

- 2 large tiger sharks caught off Perth metro beaches, one released injured and one shot 3 times and dumped. 

Please read and share.

#NoWASharkCull #noSharkCull #SeaShepherd 

via +Omar Todd 
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Pas cool !
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Whale Wars: Blood and Water was nominated for a Webby Award in the Web: Television category.  We beat out AMC, 60 Minutes and the new Today Show website to be one of the five finalists.  
This is the 18th year for the Webby Awards, which is the digital industry's most prestigious award. Winner are chosen exclusively by voters online.

#WebbyAwards #Webby #SeaShepherd Please click below, vote and share! via +Omar Todd and +Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
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Sea Shepherd

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This is a letter from the Captain of the Jairo Mora Sandoval presently patrolling the waters of Senegal to prevent poaching by foreign trawlers.

Operation Sunu Gaal 

by Captain Karlos Good

After my last campaign aboard the Brigitte Bardot in the South Pacific and after a few weeks of vacation, I headed to southern Africa and the Indian Ocean where in October last year I took command of the Jairo Sandoval Mora (JMS 77 ) to carry out a new campaign with Sea Shepherd Global, this time on the African continent, in Senegal, called Sunu Gaal, which literally means " our canoe”, it being the intent of the Senegalese people that " our canoe " Jairo help to protect them from the foreign pirates who illegally exploit the fish it in Senegalese waters !

Senegal, with over 700 kms of coastline, is one of the African countries most depleted by poaching from small and large foreign companies looking for numerous species in these waters that are rich, such as shark , swordfish, and tuna among others. Annual losses of EUR 230 million caused by these pirate ships operating in their territorial waters are threatening artisanal fisheries and the future of the next generation without any control.

This was the first time a ship of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has undertaken a campaign against poachers on this continent. 

The Sunu Gaal campaign; working with the Senegalese Ministry of Fisheries to protect its fish from poaching by uncontrolled trawlers ( mainly from) European countries , Russia and Asia.

After many tribulations, some funny other dangerous, and after traveling over 5000 nautical miles, we arrived at our destination safely and sound in the port of Dakar.

Once we enjoyed a few days of well deserved rest (some again, spent Christmas at sea), we prepared the Jairo Mora Sandoval for the press conference and presentation for Sunu Gaal campaign, directed Lamya Essemlali , President of Sea Shepherd France and a tireless advocate of life in the oceans.

The following day we started having conversations and meetings with inspectors and members of the Senegalese Ministry of Fisheries, organizing a workplan and modus operandi for the actions to be performed offshore.

So once all cleared and ready to start making the outputs onboard Jairo Sandoval Mora to patrol the waters off the coast of Senegal. Onboard we were accompanied by two inspectors from the Ministry of Fisheries, whose relationship was perfect and served to help to locate potential hot and suspected poachering vessels fishing in protected areas. 

The first patrol gave the impression that these waters are infested with poachers with vessel lengths between 15 and 60 meters, 100 % vessels operating clandestinely and others who are registered under the Senegalese flag to benefit from the tax advantages and more taxes, and we have noted that corruption and bribery are the order of the day. 

But thanks to the relentless and ongoing work of the Honorable Minister of Fisheries and Maritime Affairs of Senegal Mr. Haidar El Ali and his family, fishing policy in Senegal is REALLY changing and is in very good hands. It was he who drew the attention of Global Sea Shepherd for us to go to his aid. 

Finally I returned home from vacation and left my commanding Officer 1st Marcos García- Farias , another Spanish officer who was we the boat from the beginning and now continues with the patrols of the Senegalese coast. Presently the Jairo Mora Sandoval continues to patrol the waters of Senegal and is helping the U.S. government to combat poaching in Senegalese territorial seas.

Jairo , wherever you are , you can be proud of the good use that we are giving her name ........... and as Paul said; we will not let his name be forgotten with campaigns like this !

I want to thank the great help given by volunteers SSCS Nikki Botha and Rossie Kunneke of South Africa and the son of the Minister of Fisheries Senegal Rowdan and facilities Diving Center " Oceanium " that we have and continue to enjoy the crew of Jairos.

Also thank you to Peter Hammerstedt and, of course, of Sea Shepherd France President Lamya Essemlali without whose it would not have been possible to bring to fruition the Sunu Gaal campaign in West Africa.

Finally , I will not forget the excellent crew that has been there with me for the last 4 months and has proven their worth during the 5000 nautical miles trip from Durban to Dakar. Thank you Mark, Ryan , Jo, Katie and Gwendal .

For the Oceans ! !

Well Karlos
Captain M / Y JMS 77.

La Operación Sunu Gaal, por el Capitán Karlos Bueno

Después de mi última campaña a bordo del Bardot por el Pacifico Sur, y de unas semanas de vacaciones, puse rumbo al sur de África, al Océano Índico, en octubre del año pasado para transportar el Jairo Mora Sandoval (JMS 77) y llevar a cabo una nueva campaña con Sea Shepherd Global, esta vez en el continente africano, en Senegal, llamada Sunu Gaal, que literalmente significa “nuestra canoa”, siendo la intención del pueblo senegalés que “nuestra canoa” el Jairo les proteja de la flota de pesqueros piratas que acosan sus aguas!!!

Senegal, con más de 700 kms de costa, es un de los países del continente africano más esquilmados por la pesca furtiva de pequeñas y grandes compañías en busca de numerosas especies de las que son ricas estas aguas, tales como el tiburón, pez espada, y atún entre otros. Pérdidas anuales de 230 millones de euros causadas por estos buques piratas que operan en sus aguas territoriales y que están amenazando la pesca artesanal y el futuro de las próximas generaciones sin ningún tipo de control.

Esta era la primera vez que un buque de la Sea Shepherd Conservation Society acometía una campaña contra los furtivos en este continente tan necesitado de ayuda en todos los sentidos.

No fue fácil desde el primer momento pero teníamos claro que, a pesar de todos los inconvenientes, peripecias y problemas con los que tendríamos que luchar, sabíamos que teníamos que llegar a nuestro destino porque esos países de la costa africana necesitaban y contaban con nuestra ayuda para patrullar sus aguas y llevar a cabo una "limpieza" de todos esos buques pesqueros que operan de forma ilegal y furtiva desde hace años en sus mares.

Así que en eso iba a consistir la campaña Sunu Gaal; trabajar junto con los Ministerios de Pesca de los países involucrados para salvaguardar sus pesquerías de la caza furtiva y sin control que realizan los buques arrastreros (principalmente) de países de Europa, Rusia y Asia.

Y digo que no era fácil desde el principio porque la distancia que había que recorrer hasta llegar a Senegal y la zona de piratería por la que había que navegar no era la más propicia para el Jairo Mora Sandoval, dadas sus características.

Pero después de muchas tribulaciones, algunas graciosas otras peligrosas, y de recorrer más de 5000 millas náuticas, llegamos a nuestro destino final sanos y salvos, al puerto de Dakar.

Una vez disfrutamos de unos días de merecido descanso (algunos una vez más, pasamos la Navidad en alta mar), estuvimos preparando el Jairo para la conferencia de prensa y la presentación para la campaña Sunu Gaal, la cual está dirigida por Peter Hammerstedt y Lamya Essemlali, Presidenta de Sea Shepherd Francia y una incansable defensora de la vida en los Océanos.

Los días siguientes empezamos a tener charlas y reuniones con los inspectores y miembros del Ministerio de Pesca senegaleses, intentando marcar una línea de trabajo conjunta y el modus operandi de las acciones a realizar en alta mar.

Así que una vez todo aclarado y preparado comenzamos a realizar las salidas a bordo del Jairo Mora Sandoval para patrullar las aguas de la costa senegalesa. Abordo nos acompañaban dos inspectores del Ministerio de Pesca, cuya relación fue exquisita y nos sirvieron de gran ayuda para poder localizar las posibles zonas calientes y presuntos buques de pesca furtivos y al mismo modo contar con una autoridad del país a bordo.

La primera patrulla nos dio la impresión de que realmente estas aguas están infestadas de pesca furtiva, de buques de esloras entre 15 y 60 metros, buques que operan 100% de forma clandestina y otros que se registran bajo pabellón senegalés para beneficiarse de las ventajas fiscales y de más tasas, amen de que hemos notado que las corrupciones y sobornos están a la orden del día. Son países a los que les hemos ido sobornando y se han acostumbrado a vivir de esa manera.

Pero gracias a la incesante y constante labor del Honorable Ministro de Pesca y Asuntos Marítimos de Senegal El Señor Haidar El Ali y su familia, la política en materia de pesca en Senegal está cambiando REALMENTE y está en muy buenas manos. Él fue quien llamó la atención de Sea Shepherd Global para que acudiéramos en su ayuda y SSG ha cumplido llevando el M/Y Jairo Mora Sandoval a Senegal y así llevando a cabo las primeras patrullas de la campaña Sunu Gaal por las aguas de este increíble país con muy buenos resultados.
Finalmente yo regresé a casa de vacaciones y dejé al mando a mi 1er Oficial Marcos García-Farias, otro oficial español que estuvo desde los comienzos y que ha seguido con las patrullas por la costa senegalesa. A fecha de hoy, el Jairo Mora Sandoval continúa patrullando las aguas de Senegal y ayudando al gobierno de este país a luchar contra la pesca furtiva de su mar territorial.

Jairo, allá donde esté, podrá sentirse orgulloso del buen uso que le estamos dando a su nombre………..y como dijo Paul; no dejaremos que su nombre quede en el olvido con campañas como esta!!!

Quisiera agradecer la gran ayuda prestada por las voluntarias de SSCS Nikki Botha y Rossie Kunneke de Sudáfrica y la del hijo del Ministro de Pesca de Senegal Rowdan y sus instalaciones del Centro de Buceo "Oceanium" del que hemos y siguen disfrutando los tripulantes del Jairo.
También agradecer y resaltar la dirección y respaldo de mi amigo Peter Hammerstedt y, como no, de la Presidenta de Sea Shepherd France, Lamya Essemlali, que sin el soporte y ayuda de ambos no hubiera sido posible llevar a buen fin esta necesitada campaña Sunu Gaal en el West África.

Por último, no quiero olvidarme de la excelente tripulación que ha estado ahí conmigo durante los últimos 4 meses y ha demostrado su valía a lo largo de 5000 millas náuticas: Marcos, Ryan, Jo, Gwendal y Katie.

Por los Océanos!!!!

Karlos Bueno
Capitán M/Y JMS 77.
Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.
This is a letter from the Captain of the Jairo Mora Sandoval presently patrolling the waters of Senegal to prevent poaching by foreign trawlers.
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For the oceans!!!
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Sea Shepherd UK Taking Action to Defend Scottish Seals!

Please share!

#SeaShepherd #SeaShepherdUK
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*NEW VIDEO* WA Fisheries Department ignores offer of assistance to save shark! - WATCH AND SHARE!

#NoWASharkCull #NoSharkCull #SeaShepherd #BruceTheRib

April 15, 2014, 11.30am
The WA Department of Fisheries ignore an offer by Sea Shepherd and Independent Observers to assist an immobilised baby tiger that was released alive after being caught on one of the Cottesloe drum lines. Upon being released, Sea Shepherd and Independent Observers notice the "released alive" shark sinking to the ocean floor. Another potential victim of the WA Shark Cull.

To follow and support the campaign, visit
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time to break down the capitalist, patriarchal, human supremicist power structure in place - while we live in this political framework, nothing will change - money (and powerful lobbyists with government connections) will trump our nonhuman kin, and the concerned, compassionate people fighting for the voiceless, every time...
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Call to Action Less than 1000 signatures required!

(For West Australians)

#NoWASharkCull #NoSharkCull #SeaShepherd

Use the form on the website below to make a submission to the Commonwealth Department of Environment and the WA Environmental Protection Authority (EPA), asking them to reject the shark cull. A copy of your submission will be sent to your local MP if you live in Western Australia.

The initial ‘trial’ of the shark cull has been a failure, with significantly increased risk to beach-users and a very high rate of deadly by-catch.

A further three years of brutal and indiscriminate culling of marine life will not improve public safety, but will have a devastating impact on our oceans and marine life.

The State and Commonwealth environment agencies are now calling for public comments on the proposed 3-year shark cull.

This is the most important action you can take right now to help stop the shark cull.

- See more at:

Please Share! 
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The Human race as the stewards of  Mother Earth. Yeah right........
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reviewed 2 months ago
reviewing the sea shepherd and paul watson; i really love youre love for the beautiful creatures in the sea. i hope you guys stay safe on your voyage. keep up the great work everybody! will be keeping a close eye on you guys! rated; 5* Tiffany
Andrés Rojas's profile photo
Andrés Rojas
reviewed a month ago
You are trully heroes!! Don't stop guys!! Greetings from Colombia - South America
Andre Blackwell's profile photo
Andre Blackwell
reviewed 3 weeks ago
I love the show also I'm a big fan of it
Hamish Anderson
reviewed 2 months ago
hi im hamish a big fan of the show, would it be possible for the sea shepherd to us a 40 mm grenade luncher , to fire the butyric acid at the japanese fleet . you would have a huge range advantage . you could fire form 10m to 400m.
Pepper Rae's profile photo
Pepper Rae
reviewed 6 months ago
I thought this was an excellent organization until I received an unsolicited telemarketing call to my cell phone from the Sea Shepard Conservation Society. My first pet peave is destruction of our ocean life. My second pet peave is telemarketers and phone solicitors. Even though I am registered with the US Government Do-Not-Call list, The Sea Shepard Conservation society chose to overlook this and had the gall to call anyway. I will never donate again.
Response from the owner - 5 months ago
Hi Pepper, sorry to hear that but we don't run a calling program here in Australia. It may have been in USA however if people are called they are supposedly on the membership list, so maybe you were on that? I know we hate to bother people without their permission and yes we hate telemarketers too. Apologies!
Alfredo Pichardo's profile photo
Alfredo Pichardo
reviewed a year ago