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ScriptPro SP Unit Dispenser – Helps Inventory Management

ScriptPro’s SPUD automatically stores and dispenses unit-of-use and pre-packed products utilizing barcode technology. A great feature is that it assists with #inventory #management and cost control by displaying configurable inventory overage and shortage alerts. SPUD also manages product and shelf expiration dates. Check out the video on SPUD.

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ScriptPro Customer Karen Merrill talks trends in chain pharmacy

Karen Merrill, ScriptPro customer and VP of GRX Holdings in Iowa, shared her industry experience in a chain industry roundtable published in the most recent issue of ComputerTalk. The article covers different tools in chain #pharmacy that are gaining traction and bridging the gap between patients and their care.

One of the topics discussed was introducing #technology to help pharmacy evolve. Karen noted that integrated systems are vital and that they need “a documentation system so we can record in one place what we’ve done in all areas.”

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New Logo & Identity Mark Launched

In an effort to convey ScriptPro’s growth from a pioneer in #pharmacy robotics, to providing complete systems that operate ambulatory pharmacy programs, ScriptPro recently launched a new Logo and Identity Mark. They show we are taking huge steps, systematically and reliably, to help advance #healthcare to a higher level. ScriptPro is becoming a fundamental engine of the healthcare revolution. Learn more about our new imagery and growth as a company:

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ScriptPro Robotics Gives Pharmacy More Time for Patients

Platte Valley Pharmacy recently moved to a new location within Platte Valley Medical Center in Brighton, CO. They’ve noticed vast growth but by the same token, more time for patients! One of the biggest advantages they’ve seen is by using ScriptPro robotics to fill approximately 50% of their #Rx, their staff spends notably more time with #patients performing tasks like #diabetic shoe fitting, fitting for durable #MedicalEquipment including braces, orthotics, and supplies.

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CEO Mike Coughlin on Health IT Innovation

In a recent Crain’s Cleveland Business article, HIMSS Innovation Center collaborators, including ScriptPro CEO Mike Coughlin, gave their take on #healthIT innovation. Mike shared his thoughts on how providing a comprehensive, integrated platform of robotics-enabled systems helps optimize ambulatory #pharmacy operations.

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ScriptPro Develops New Tools to Maximize Meds to Beds Programs

Meds to Beds programs are changing the patient discharge experience. ScriptPro is creating tools to make this experience even better. Our workflow process is powerful, convenient, and safe. We interface with your hospital EMR to receive patient, prescriber, and discharge #Rx information. Using ScriptPro’s #PharmacySoftware, a #pharmacy staff member delivers the #Rx directly to the patient’s bedside using our #PharmacyPro App.

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Smart Call Routing Enhances Customer Service Experience

With ScriptPro Smart Call Routing, we have aimed to make our #CustomerService experience one of the best in the #pharmacy industry. Now, along with our 24/7 help desk and knowledgeable staff, customers can control their call from the first ring. Menu options, call matching, and requesting a call back so you don’t have to stay on the phone waiting, are all new improvements to our experience.

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Platte Valley Medical Center in Brighton, CO, is growing by leaps and bounds! This spring, its Medical Office Plaza 2 was unveiled, featuring 60,000 sq. ft. to house expanded and new practices.

The move put Platte Valley #Pharmacy right in the front doors of the new building. In the new location, the pharmacy is the first thing people see when walking in, and the last thing they see when leaving. The pharmacy also includes a #GiftShop and an expanded offering of #DurableMedicalSupplies.

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Meds-to-Beds Gives Pharmacist & Patient One on One Time

CMH&C won a Best Practice Award for its Meds-to-Beds program! The program involves delivery of discharge prescriptions to an inpatient's room, followed by discharge #Rx counseling by a #pharmacist or #pharmacy intern. Family and staff are pleased with the program, which provides #pharmacists the time and privacy to conduct meaningful education sessions with patients.

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New ScriptPro Logo
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