I've thought the x-card mechanic to be crude , but lack the experience to judge if it does indeed help people.
When I consider releasing something of any depth or length , I also consider the merits of talking about worst case play and methods to mitigate them.

I figured the x-card is worth mentioning , and yet it seemed disingenuous to just use it as the only example or way of dealing with game content negatively effecting people at the table drastically .

There still needs to a broad and nuanced process , like the ones that generally develop with friendships , in play as well.

Emmy's take is good

Especially as she brings up that people who are freaking out might not have the confidence / other reasons to interrupt everything.

And it's a good idea to keep an eye out for players suddenly withdrawing and becoming non-commicative after something.

I figure a good response would be to call a snack/tea break and take them aside and gently check in with them to see if they are okay and if they need anything

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