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Scotty Kilmer answered questions from audience
Scotty Kilmer Live Car Talk: Electronic Throttles
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Camry 2001 4 cylinder, with 200k miles.
This began at startup where it would not hold an idle, I cleaned the throttle and IAC and replaced
the upstream Denso air fuel sensor, because of an engine light.
I now have a pulsating RPM at startup from 400-600 RPM, there is a click click
noise near the drive belt area its moves violently.Even with the AC off.
After a few seconds and pressing on the gas it seems to clear up. When driving and stopping it
idles around 500 RPM at times. But seems to drive ok.
The car had timing belt changed about 2 months ago, they did not replace the tensioner.
Not sure what is going on, thought maybe a bad tensioner, IAC, EGR Valve, MAP, TPS. Can I rule any of
those out? 
I have no engine codes. If I take it somewhere how easy would it be for them to find the problem
correctly, without just replacing parts at random?
hey scotty have you ever pulled nissan obd 2 codes without a scanner......and if so how did you count the intervals
Hi Scotty! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!   Have you ever tried to disassemble a seized engine?  The engine never  overheat and it had oil in it.    Im also trying to get my torque converter. Any tips?
 It a 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.7 V8. I just changed the head gaskets on it and it lock up while it was being driven. I dont see a broken rod either.
99 Civic.  Been reading how to put a push start button.  Now I understand how a car starts.  Was wondering if you can explane how a car turns off?
+Jim Woodworth
Well, I know the basic way to shut off a car is to cut the power to the ignition system and/or the fuel pump.  Get a diagram of the ignition switch and may you can go from there.   I don't do much electrical work on cars though but that's just the basics. 
if you find a wire that only give 12v or ground when the engine is running then you can use a relay to cut the ignition power and the car will shut off.
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