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Looks like Santorini....but have never heard of Chefchaouen....Is that in Morocco? You have certainly found some secret places in your time, Trey....but like you said, not so secret anymore after you make a post...hehe....keep up the great work!
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Sponge and Light

One of my favorite dive sites in Raja Ampat..."The Passage". Probably one of the most unique dives in the world. Got lucky with the sun on this day...

#underwaterphotography   #indonesia   #rajaampat  
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Ghost Pipe Fish

It's been a long time since I posted to #underwaterthursday  .....I finally have some new underwater images to share...lets start with this one of a ghost pipe fish....tough to find, but such a cool animal...

for #underwaterthursday  curated by +Kjetil Greger Pedersen  +Snekker Anders  +Beat Gretler  +Terrie Gray  +Dirk Vietzke  and me, +Scotty Graham 

#indonesia   #rajaampat   #underwaterphotography   #underwater  
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sweet... love the camo this little guy is packing.  +Scotty Graham thanks for sharing. 
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Scotty Graham

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The Things We Do To "GET THE SHOT"

Two things happened while I was taking photos of the Sweet Lips. About half way through my dive, I noticed my strobes were not firing. To my horror, I looked down at my housing and found the end of my strobe cable…the end that attaches to my housing….floating in the water. Panicking, I managed to re-attach the cable. Then I looked at my housing to be sure there was no flooding….to my relief, no water was seen inside, and to my surprise, the camera and strobes kept working after re-attaching the cable….lucky.

The next thing to happen was my own stupidity. I was so involved taking photos, I lost track of time. Eventually, I looked at my dive computer, and it read that I had to do a 6-minute decompression stop…oops….overstayed my time at depth….I then looked at my air supply, and I had less than 500 PSI left of air….not very much….another little panic wondering if I could stay down long enough to do my 6-minute stop. On my way up, the time increased to 8 minutes….uh oh….I am all alone…no one to share air with if I run out….when I got to 15 feet, I just drifted and breathed as slowly as possible watching my computer slowly…very slowly…tick down. Finally, it reached to zero, and I had only 100 pounds to spare…whew….stupid me.
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Lesson learned, eh? So glad you're safe. It's sure easy to focus on the photography to the expense of monitoring the data. (Nice photo, too!)
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Scotty Graham

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This time tomorrow, I will be deep underwater in my favorite place on Earth, Raja Ampat, Papua, Indonesia...see you all in a week or so....
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Fish Heaven

Sometimes there are so many fish on a reef in Raja Ampat that it gets kind of dark. This is one of those spots where I could just sit in one place and STARE...

#scuba   #underwaterphotography  
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The New Pier off of Kri
There has been a lot of growth out at Raja Ampat, Indonesia. Not all bad as I love piers...
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I love the house reef at Kri, +Scotty Graham :)
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Scotty Graham

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Google Plus' Number of Views

Pretty cool addition, I must admit.

I was thinking to myself when looking at my own profile...."wow, my photos have been clicked on over 3 million times"...pretty impressive for a mere mortal...

But, I then clicked on the Google+ Phenom, +Trey Ratcliff , and was blown away....think of these numbers (I am a high school math teacher, so am intrigued by numbers)....for example, if each view was only ONE second, Trey's number of views would represent over 140 years of constant viewing.....staggering.
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+Scotty Graham Chromecast shows photos as a screensaver
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Scotty Graham

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Back From a Week of Diving Raja Ampat

This was my 12th trip to Raja Ampat. I have been going there most every year since 1998. The diving was still great, but I was saddened to see so many liveaboards in the area. At some sites, there were as many as SIX liveaboard boats anchored. It's good that more people are able to visit the area, but I hope all of the divers coming to visit will not have a negative impact on the reefs...

When I first visited Raja Ampat, there were only 2 liveaboard dive boats in operation...there are now 47...and the number of homestays and land based resorts opening is staggering. Raja Ampat is no longer a secret...
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+Scotty Graham, it's the problem with the too beautiful places ;) 
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Scotty Graham

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Selling Water

This guy was sitting, in the shade, behind a wall of water bottles during the Bull Races. It was a HOT day, and I visited him several times during the day to get another bottle of water.
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