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No kidding, I wouldn't be surprised if all of these rumors of the LG Nexus instead just to be a "Google Experience" device and not an actual branded Nexus device.
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Good point. After all, the device backing reads "with Google" while other Nexuses just say "Google".
I really like that theory more than an ACTUAL LG Nexus.
Hard to think if that was the case that there wouldn't be other leaks concurrently.
Well, has anyone seen any Nexus branding on this phone, packaging, or anything else that is related to this device?
+Scotty Brown Yep. The only thing pointing towards it being a "Nexus" is the fact that it looks like a Galaxy Nexus. Really good catch, Scotty.
+Scotty Brown considering it's a hardware prototype rev. 1, I'm not at all surprised there's no packaging or final branding. It has proto #'s on the back.
+Kurt Colbeck Most (all?) Android phones running Google software have a "with Google" on the back.
I could totally be wrong... but, it was a thought. Rumors have been calling it a Nexus because it's that season and this is a flagship device.
+Scotty Brown yes obviously people are just jumping on the bandwagon a bit, but I think part of it is that there have been 0 other credible rumors.

+Anuj Ahooja very few devices actually have "with Google" on the back. That was part of the "Google Experience" program that has really gone by the wayside as of late.
All of my Nexus devices omit the word "with" on their branding when referencing Google.
I would dig this though honestly. I think a lot of manufacturers (and other people) think that stock Android is only for Nexus devices. I would LOVE it if 1 out of every 3 phones that came out were stock.
+Kurt Colbeck +Andrew Martonik You're correct, my mistake. That being said, "with Google" has traditionally not been a Nexus thing. The only Nexus device without it just saying "Google" is Verizon's Galaxy Nexus variant (which really was't a Google phone).
+Scotty Brown That's what I'm saying, and more manufacturers need to get that in their head. They can release a stock device WITHOUT the Nexus branding, and I would love it.
+Devin Shoemaker manufacturers understand that, but they also think that their own versions of Android add more value and therefore they'll continue to release them. Stop buying they'll stop making.
+Kurt Colbeck the Galaxy Nexus+ doesn't exist. The rumored i9260 is a Samsung TouchWiz phone called the Galaxy Premier.
IDEA: would be limited to Google Experience and Nexus devices instead of Nexus only. In exchange for GooEXP, OEMS would get earlier access to the sauce than the PDK that goes out three months before a release.
+Renaud Lepage good idea, but honestly I don't think OEMs give two shits about early access to source. Updating existing devices cost them money.
+Kurt Colbeck I'm simply pointing out, as I did above, that if there were other "Nexus" devices coming, we'd likely have heard something credible of them at this point. There's no reason why the LG model would leak so extensively and we'd not hear anything about another model. If the GNex gets a small spec bump, it'll be only out of convenience of manufacturing with recent parts to continue selling it at a reduced price.

And as far as Exynos goes... the GNex doesn't have Exynos. And you can imagine that its in Google's best interest to think about Exynos considering the best selling phones in the world run that processor.
+Renaud Lepage don't think the OEMs see nearly as much value in that as they do in making their own versions of Android. Samsung would rather have more devices running TouchWiz than stock Android.
I am inclined to think that Google has loosened up its Nexus program, and included vanilla phones as Google Experience Devices while still awarding Nexus certifications to phones that pass more stringent requirements. This will diversify and enlarge the portfolio of devices sold on Play.
Very disappointed if the spec rumor are true.
+Glen White in what part? The storage? That seems to be the only possible disappointment. I don't see how anyone can ever be mad about a S4 Pro quad core, 2GB RAM and an LG screen.
As much as people seem to have been disappointed with the G2x, I loved the device. 
Storage and no LTE. I'm on Verizon and not having LTE is a deal breaker.
I thought I read 8 gb internal memory, no expansion on the "most official" leaks that I saw...if I'm not mistaken.
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