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Current project: mount Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7" wifi in truck, install NFC tag that activates wifi tethering on Gnex, turns off wifi, and connects to Tab 2 (I've never written NFC tags before). Use Tab 2 7" as mobile media center/nav unit.

I think I can get it done today.
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Sounds like a great Saturday project. Love to see video or finished project pic.
Hmm.. the TecTile app doesn't have a way to automatically turn on wireless tethering. 
You could use tasker to trigger wireless tethering on the NFC response.
Yep. NFC Task launcher is great. Just programmed 1 tag that will shut WiFi, turn on bluetooth and silence my phone for the gym. When coming back home, same tag does the reverse. Love my Galaxy Nexus! <--used that app... simple, easy to set up, free, and it works great.

+Cee-Jay Mabin I actually want it to turn WiFi OFF when I get in my truck, then turn WiFi ON when I get out. 

All very simple to set up... done in less than 2 minutes of installing the app.

Bad ass.
Its all good! I used to run getting into the car:

Bluetooth on
Connect to stereo
Wifi off
Open Music and start on shuffle
Full volume

Getting out:

Bluetooth off
Wifi on
+Tom Ryan-Elliott sounds like you've got it all set up :) Unfortunately, I don't have a BT stereo (possibly next tech purchase? Maybe Christmas gift?) to stream music to. I have to use an AUX cable.
It worth the money I would say, makes music and calls alot easier. 
Agreed. I was just looking on and they've got head units that do what I want for a reasonable price. I've got a Kenwood in now, likely stick with that brand.
Good luck. I am just installing Linux in a chroot on my zoo.
I have my tablet running AOKP now... have Google Music, Maps, Navigation all installed. Also downloaded a nifty app that allows for a "car" homescreen with shortcuts ( looks all pretty nice. Once I get my mount from Amazon and get it all set up, I'll do a video so you guys can see how it works.
+Scotty Brown You can save some data by downloading the SeaTac area from Maps as offline.  Then the GPS on the tablet would not need the WiFi from the Galaxy Nexus.
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