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Dear American drivers...

Learn how to navigate a roundabout. It's not difficult. If someone is already in the roundabout, they have the right away.


Those with us that have an IQ over 65
South End, Tacoma, Washington
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+Scotty Brown Funny you mention this. I lady in front of me in a round about all of a sudden stopped completely before entering the round about...There were absolutely no cars around or near. Just shook my head. 
Thank you! I was cut off just this afternoon. It's not difficult: I was there first, don't hit me!
It's out one of those small circles in the intersection, or the real roundabouts?
You should have seen when a roundabout was put on St. Simon's Island.. A cop had to sit the and direct traffic for 8-10 weeks.. Crazy
I had to navigate through a roundabout once. Everyone acted like it was rocket science. No lie, I was stuck in the roundabout for about five minutes because NO one knew how to read the clearly posted signs.
This is reassuring that I'm not the only one that noticed this around here...
Down here they added 4 roundabouts to a major road and OMG I can't bear to be near it, because no one in this rural area knows what to do.
We have at most two in Vermont and no one knows what to do. I've lost a couple mirrors to the wonderful drivers that derped right in to the side of me.
You think you have it bad, try dealing with a multi-lane roundabout, in Florida!  Multi-lane round about + highest concentration of bad drivers = moved out of Florida :-D
Roundabouts have just started being "deployed" in MN in the past few years.  I find them easy and am surprised by the numbers of people that can't seem to get the hang of them.
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