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FB is just not as good these days. Now I see part of why. The incomparable +Jay Rosen says he's not posting as much there because he doesn't know who is seeing what and why. He's right. This change where FB decides what's important and charges people and small businesses if they want their own followers to see a post is the thing that is making FB less worthwhile. The only problem is that none of my friends are on Google+. When will the big switch to G+ or something else start to happen? I don't know, but I hope it's soon.
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I think people want to be in control of the tech in their lives. I'll give you a prime example.

I'm having an issue with my vehicle and it's one of those intermittent things. There is a draw on the battery. The dealership charged me a few hours of labor to go digging in the car and see if they could figure it out. They unplugged all the modules and still there was a draw. Then it just stopped and they have no idea where it was or if it will come back. The point is, this whole situation could be prevented if I could quickly disconnect my battery. Then when I need it I can turn it on so it's not totally depleted when the car is sitting there. I may install a battery disconnect in the future or just get a new vehicle.

The dealer says they would have to dig through about five miles of cables to see which one is damaged and why, and they were willing to do it if I was willing to pay them to.

Our technology is really overcomplicated and that's the problem. Facebook is overcomplicated, too and that's why I left them a while ago.

Forget about big switches. Those don't matter. Just start using technology that gives you control and isn't overcomplicated and if other people figure it out and start using it -- great. But you're not going to make sure everyone drives a particular car so why should users care who uses a particular social?

Social should be portable is essentially what I'm saying. We should all be on the same social infrastructure that is not controlled by any one company.
I agree +Scott Yates . FB is gaming their system, it's essentially an advertising vehicle now. I am starting to get really tired of the sponsored posts that show up on my newsfeed just because one of my friends liked their lame page. And I agree with +Scott Leonard use the social media that makes sense for you. 
First of all it sounds like you have to distinct functions you are trying to perform. One is to stay in contact with friends, the second is to operate a business. As FB is a free service the first function is easy enough. The second one, running a business, is now going to cost you on FB to do well. I don't use FB myself but I totally get why they are doing this. The folks with large followings (businesses and celebs) are using the free service to increase their brand and make money. FB is saying if you want to do that with a large group it will cost you a few dollars. Nothing wrong there at all. If you are only using it to stay in touch with friends it still works as it always has as far as I am aware.
Dean, I think FB is filtering even from some friends. And as for people with bigger followings, it's not a few dollars, it's a few hundred dollars for every single post.
It's a free service. Really not much room to complain honestly. I quit using FB over 6 months ago. Glad I did. It seems many people are using it for other than what it was created for....keeping in touch. Now it's being over run with ads and marketing garbage.