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The ROI Of Radio Advertisement For Photographers

Radio advertisement is not something you find photographers taking advantage of (often) in their marketing efforts.

However, there is something to be said for the power of voice over the air.

Here is why…
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we tried radio with our other business and all get got out of it was loosing 5 grand. We got nothing back from it. It was a hard lesson to
What type of radio show/station did you advertise on? Was it local?
It was a local station. Here in Grand Junction, CO the big radio station "family" is Cumulus. We tried their pop station since their demographic was young adult/young families and after about 4 months we added one of the local country stations as well. Still nothing changed no calls, no new business. The business we had at that time was a synthetic ice rink. We were stunned. Grand Junction is a tough nut to crack marketing wise. I here from businesses that conventional marketing strategies for some reason don't work in this market like other markets. We are trying to figure out where to start for our photography.
Interesting. I'd be curious to hear what works when you discover it!
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