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LastPass beset by "highly sophisticated" attack. 

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+Chelsea Baldwin shares copywriting tips for startups, but anybody can use these. 

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Any fishermen (or women) out there?

I just registered. I figure it's worth a shot, huh? 

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I love books. Real books. Hardcover books. The weight, the smell, the tactile sensation of the paper all add to the sublime experience of reading.

For the third year, author and serial entrepreneur, James Altucher, is offering twenty free hardcover books to five lucky winners. What's the catch? I can't find one. Other than joining his email list. Which you should be on, anyway.

There's only a couple of days left to enter. Do it now.

Click the link below and maybe you'll win. Or maybe I will. Most likely neither of us will win.

One thing is for sure - you can't win if you don't enter. 

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My weekend was definitely missing something...

+Ana Hoffman's Weekly Marketing Skinny. 

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Social signals do not directly affect Google ranking

+Matt Cutts said it.
+John Mueller said it.
+Mark Traphagen said it.

This updated piece is just as relevant and valuable as when it was originally published. 
Google Uses Facebook and Twitter to Rank Web Pages, Right?


So says Google's +Matt Cutts, and so says I.

In my article below I go in-depth into the reasons why Google is not (yet) using social signals as a direct ranking factor, but also how to correctly place social in your search traffic-driving strategy.

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Grammar tips from the always enlightening +Mignon Fogarty. 
Take a look at your salad. Is it "healthy" or "healthful"? (Now you have something to read over lunch.)

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"Making it on the web, now, is harder than ever. The competition is tough, standing out from the crowd is difficult and you can no longer afford to take any shortcuts regarding quality. By the same token, when things are done right, it is also more possible than ever before."

I honestly don't know how +David Amerland keeps his brain from exploding. 
Search is Core and Marketing Can be Made Simple

Technological developments are exploding. Each one of them affects your audience which means it impacts your marketing. If you are struggling to keep up and understand what it is you should be doing, you are probably looking at things the wrong way. 

There is an elegant simplicity to it all as well as a huge excitement factor. Dive in, find out what you should be doing:

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Sorry to break the news to you. The "Law" of Attraction is bunk. Wishing won't make it so.
But...there is hope. A small distinction in vocabulary. A refinement in mindset.

Please take a moment to join me in wishing Happy Birthday to +Marc Ensign. A man on a mission. To save the Internet. 
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