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An ritual from our CEO, Scott Wolfe, about selling and marketing around an innovative product.
If you're the CEO of a company, you probably have a lot of belief in that company's product. A few years ago, we won a pitch competition overseen by TPG's Jim Coulter, and before the pitch Jim noted that the founders were holding their "baby" out over the audience like Mufasa holds out his cub in The Lion King.  Since the pitch panel must necessarily look for problems with the "baby," that's not an easy thing to do.It's almost like that every tim...
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Scott Wolfe Jr

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This is something we just started at zlien, and something I am personally managing and interested in. If you'd like to have a personal conversation with me about what's trending and interesting for construction financial managers, sign up for this weekly email.

Every Friday, I'll send you an email with the few insightful articles that I think are worth your valuable time as a construction financial manager.

Sometimes, they will be about finance or construction law.  Oftentimes, however, they are just about business, or life.  This is something to help folks grow as a construction finance professional.

It came about because I read so many articles and want to write so much content about what I've read and learned...but who has the time.  So, I'm curating some of the best stuff from each week and building some communication based on it.

Engage with me about my selections. I'm really looking forward to this weekly email to open the door for me to communicate and engage with our growing audience. 
This week's CFM Review Contains:
-- The Answer To All Business Problem Questions
-- Introduction to new Revenue Recognition Standards
-- McCartney & Lennon, and the Power of 2
Construction financial managers (CFMs) encounter problems all the time - how to deal with them? It depends. This and other insightful articles.
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Paul, thanks for the nice words.  You can sign up here:
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Scott Wolfe Jr

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What do you think - is there room for supply chain financing in the construction industry?
Obama's SupplierPay program does nothing or very little for construction industry's massive financial risk and payment problems.
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Scott Wolfe Jr

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Hey Controllers - Don't make these common accounts receivables mistakes.
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Scott Wolfe Jr

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What is the deadline to enforce a mechanics lien claim?  The answer to this question varies from state-to-state, and this easy to read inforgraphic gives you a cheat sheet to keep all of these deadlines in check.
Those unpaid on a construction project have a right to file a mechanics lien. However, the mechanics lien claim will not last forever. It will expire after a c…
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Scott Wolfe Jr

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Pretty cool. Our nations infrastructure needs massive attention.
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Scott Wolfe Jr

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Lien waivers get exchanged thousands of times every day.  We feel like they are "just part of doing business," and we rarely treat them as an important legal document.  There is of unnecessary abuses built into some of the forms and processes out in the marketplace, and those who are not careful...can get burned. By a lot.  Learn how in this +MultiBriefs article.
A few years ago, a Texas contractor got a $20 million judgment against a property owner who was withholding payment. Shortly thereafter, an appeals court unpinned the judgment and awarded $10 million to the property owner for reimbursed attorney fees. What happened? The contractor in this story, ...
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Scott Wolfe Jr

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Ohio Supreme Court got this decision wrong. The court enabled developers and general contractors to circumvent over 200 years of precedent prohibiting those parties from shifting financial risk down the contracting chain, and really muddies the water about the state's mechanics lien rights.
Ohio Supreme Court blessed a "pay if paid" clause within a construction contract. The result hurts subcontractors, and ignores contrary policy & law.
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Scott Wolfe Jr

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"I fought the law, and the law won."

A few decades ago this message really resonated with folks. We live in a really interesting time. A generation where police officers are recorded with phone cameras. A generation where Uber can pop up in 100s of cities "illegally" and render the local ordinances irrelevant.  What does this mean to the "law?"

I wrote this article as an open letter to the legal industry.  I'm a licensed attorney, but left the practice of law. This article examines what is happening to the taxi industry with Uber to challenge the legal industry to do some soul-searching and make itself better.

Folks are going to fight the law.  The law will win.  The legal may lose this time.
The taxi industry is a dead industry walking.It's plausible that the entire industry's existence will be uprooted and history by this time in 2019. If you're reluctant to believe that so much can
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+Rick Klau Met your dad today 
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Always nice to be reminded how small the world can be.
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