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Just a quick comparison chart I whipped up. Feel free to share it.
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I tried file beaming a photo from my Gnex to my N7. Fail. Repeatedly.
Jen Reda
You threw the iPad on the floor and it's fine.
The strictest scientific research and methods went into the creation of this chart.
Haha too funny. However I think that the glass dildo could possibly be equipped with a mini USB connector and I'm pretty sure it has a Back and Forth button. 
+Darryl Barnes I had no issues using NFC to transfer pictures, files and I even transfered a web page.

+Roger Sherman It works... Obviously make sure Android Beam is on, then move the GNex around the back of the N7 a bit until you feel them vibrate. Start with the GNex dead center, then slowly move it up...
Just got my Nexus 7 Pad and can't find the camera.  Anyone able to tell me how it works.
How many glass dildos did you test... I mean for the dropping part.
If I can pick the floor and the height to drop it, both will break. :-)
Gale Rp
....o.....k...... 0_o
With all due respect, I'm pretty sure this is not yours (or rehashed) and the iPad CAN play video in multiple formats... And HD.

The rest is as accurate as a biased checklist can be. 
The chart have forgotten onevmore thing. Android devices offer, ''file rearrange'' NOT possible with IOS. About the vid play. I dont think ipad is capable of playing .pls extensions
And, with all of that, the iPad is/will be still on top. doh! Sorry.
+Darryl Barnes - don't be one of those people who takes pictures with a tablet.  It's not good for humanity.
+Shane Martin nope, I made it in Photoshop CS4, and some tweaking in PS Touch. Posted it to Reddit also under my Zofryer nick. Tried to post it to 4chan/b (great litmus test) but it's brokeded right now. Yup, I up and made some original content. Granted, it's just an innovative take on the old


meme, but I'm sure I could patent the idea and sue anybody else that tries it in a California court. : )
Haha this makes me laugh. How about a easy to use, big, clean, smooth, flawless interface? I think ud see a check on the iPad and a big red fat X on the android, U need a good interface to use a device...
Who agrees?
I just got my ipad and can't find the file explorer, anyone care to help? Does it even have a file system like all real computers do or is it just a toy I should return? 
And also iPad doesn't need HD, it's got retina, so suck on that android fans
Milind R
First thing iPad is original... rest all are copy cats...
Still there are bee lines in front of Apple shop for new arrivals...
Sorry Scott... we wont buy Nexus still !!
Good day !!
You said it yourself thats how stupid ppl are they settle for something alot more pricey and doesnt do half of the things the nexus 7 can do 
Why is it you own a glass dildo?  TMI, my friend.
Nice, don't know the IPad but I can tell you the N7 is so good 
luckily I'm not a smug geek changing his video resolution for his weekly youtube subscription and just a guy looking at stuff on my iPad 
Plus one from my nexus 7 .. I love this thing .. retina is pure buzz talk for Apple fan boys.. my roommate is speechless at what I can do on my nexus that he can't on "the new iPad" 
All the iPad has the nexus doesn't is apps
+Liam Sullivan First, take away widgets and just place your icons and the android & iOS interfaces are nearly identical. However w/ Android you have the option of using several different, well polished launchers that present very different interfaces that would more suit your comfort zone.
aren't there some dildos with extensions sticking out for "additional stimulation"? I'd say that's a good argument for putting a checkbox for true multitasking. 
Such lies. Jailbreak your iPad and bam you lose, nice try.
+Milind Rode yes, the ipad is definitely the original since Microsoft came out with a tablet in 2002...
surely that glass dildo can be upgraded.
Even the glass dildo has true multi tasking
+Jayred Modin mini USB is more universal if you lose your cord/charger. With my android tablet I can also use it to connect external drives, keyboard, mice, etc.
+Milind Rode Microsoft had a tablet out for a decade before the ipad. More specifically they had windows tablet edition and toshiba I think was making tablets running it. 
+Darryl Barnes Isn't an Apple zealot, and honestly I'm not and Android zealot either. I own the new ipad, a macbook air, a macbook pro (granted, it runs windows 7). Right now I'm in love with the Asus Infinity TF700T. This was just for the laughs. Don't take the Internet so seriously. : )
Do I sense a little bit of inferiority complex? :D
Which are the nvidia enhanced games? They must be wonderful.
I have an android tablet as well. :)
Thanks for helping me whittle down the biased google fan tards from my circles.
You done started a Jihad Scott and you've placed the poor porn industry right in the middle of it all. God help us all. 
Practical Usability: Nexus 7 -X iPad-Y dildo-Y
Who takes pictures with a tablet? That has got to be the lamest thing I've heard.
Lol +Samer Dawod your still brainwashed by apple its apple that's garbage. Android is awesome snap put of it try Jelly bean for awhile you'll never go back.
Haha, that is true Matt. :D
I suppose if it came down to taking pics then that 41 megapixel Nokia phone would be the best.
Why not take pictures with a tablet.  It's convenient!  It does everything!  Would you like me to draw you a diagram so that you can try to understand the concept?
+Jayred Modin Its useful to transfer data from the device to PC.

I am not aware if the Nexus7 is MHL compatible. If it is then you should be able to connect it to your TV. I doubt it has it though because that would push the price up. $200 is very, very affordable.

The Nexus7 is meant to be a high end tablet at an affordable price. If you want more functionality buy a $500+ tablet.
Didn't see where it said malware and virus come standard?
Jeepers. Some of you apple fanboys/gals really don't have a sense of humor.  Lighten up people. 
you're entitled to your opinion, regardless of how wrong it is or how dumb it makes you sound.
I'm actually quite curious on how many people read this post while using their IPad and glass dildo.
+Scott Mason you are entitled to your opinion that's your personal property, but in my opinion the nexus is an iPad copy. It has small screen with smaller resolution. The new iPad can record 1080p video, and it has such a high res display that the naked eye CANNOT distinguish individual pixels. And not to mention we are on GOOGLE plus, you must agree that if we were on Facebook were opinions are un-biased, the iPad would win. Admit it
why u ppl compare a new technology with a dildo????????
+Chris Koller "move the GNex around the back a bit until you feel them vibrate." - That also works with the glass dildo.
These sort of charts can be full of fallacy, but I think it would still be easier to make them in favor of the nexus 7 than the iPad.  I just can't wait to see what things look like 2 years from now
+Liam Sullivan My 4 year old cousin can navigate my Galaxy nexus just fine. Now can you explain to me how the interface in jellybean is flawed?
where is macbook or HTC incrd S?
You forget pads are only appliances. They will never do what laptops do or at least no time soon. If I need to do all the things in this comparison. I open up my mac book pro. It dies them faster, easier, and better. Pretty mute point to me. 
+Timothy Ralph well a supercomputer does more than your macbook.  They are not the same thing, but the nexus 7 and the Ipad are the same thing, and the iPad isn't as good at it
hahhhahahah..., dam gud comparison... 
I just got my nexus 7 tablet today! It was nearly Impossible. Sold out everywhere!!!
is the glass dildo cheaper?
I've got both (tablets), and both are good. Why does one have to be better than the other? I hate when people take pictures with their tablets because they block the view of everyone behind them.
if you added "Your grandmother can use it" it'd be X, check, check.

also, ask average users (i.e. Facebook users, not G+ users) how many of those features they care about.  i bed it'd average out to less than three.
Look at all the butthurt apple fanboys. Whew, they like to visit android related media just to post their worthless opinions and defend their almighty savior. Silly cultists. I've never gone to an apple-only website to post slander on their pages (one, because of a severe phobia of getting some sort of disease, two, because I'm not the type of person to deface a web page of people who hold differing ideas than mine). I'm not sure why, but I dislike apple products. Maybe it's the contemporary design? Maybe it is the horrible user base? Maybe it is the company that acts similar to the Chinese government? And on the matter of fanboys, I've seen enough of the poorly typed, redundant, flat-out annoying rebuttals these Android fanboys are posting in response. XD
Basically you are saying even with all those feAtures the iPad is still better. 
I have noticed that these days I never open up my (win7) laptop at home. I do all emailing/surfing/reading on the iPad (I guess the same goes for the Nexus-7 owners?). Laptops are a dying breed?
Yay, you win because you helped fanboi's stay angry at other fanboi's who bought a different toy...

This sort of differentiation is just like racism, but acceptable, then again I bet some of your best friends own iPads...
+Timothy Ralph did you even look at the list? Or are you another Apple fanboy trying to dismiss the rise and success of Android products? Odd.
You can strategically list off alleged features that favor more check marks for any device. The best way to do a feature comparison is to create a complete list of full features and put them into context of how they are relevant.

To give an example, "Mini USB". How is is relevant from a functionality standpoint? When addressing a broad audience, it bares no different functionality when compared to the iPad doc. It's also noteworthy that a lot of the x marks aren't all accurate as well.

The Nexus 7 is a great device... So why sell it short with such a weak argument?
+Ester Williams Hi! Haha thanks for being normal :P
The comparison sucks. nVidia Enhanced Games ??? You can also download files on iPad and put it into dropbox. Full Screen HD Video is also possible on iPad, and both devices might break when fall on to floor (depending height and angle).
I don't think the nexus 7 need such cheap and childish comparisons to highlight the pros ... Both devices have their strenth .. quite childish ....
Are you sure that model of glass dildo doesn't have an NFC chip?
is the glass thing WiFi?
My tablet is about a year old. It's trapped on Honeycomb. No decent roms for this device. Clogged with Verizon bloat. And still is far more flexible than any iPad. Just because you are told it's the best doesn't mean it is. Enjoy your screen resolution. It's the only selling point.
I think the ipad came in 3rd on the comparison grid 
Hahaha... lots of iStupid NOW here...
I own lots of APPLE products and also were buying others gadgets from other REAL innovator NOT a copier, stealer & buyer of other technology like APPLE.
I have now, side by side - new iPad (32gb) & nexus 7 (16gb) and I will tell ANYONE here that both of them has pros & cons. The main advantage of the wifi version of Nexus 7 are: its much cheaper, it has turn by turn navigation even its wifi version only, much easier to bring to anywhere, it has quad core CPU & a lot more that an iPad wifi version Dont have.
My 2 kids loves the iPad but they are fighting now for the nexus 7 as it much faster in many simple ways of searching anything google offers (products) from YouTube, gmail & more.
Only 2 things I like from New iPad - retina resolutions & apps that are exclusive to them.
I own also iPhone 4s and GSM Galaxy NEXUS and I will tell all of you that when I installed JELLYBEAN then I totally reset the phone & reboot 2 times & I took off the screen protector - the project butter is MORE FLUID & MUCH BETTER than iPhone 4s 5.1.1 fluidity. If anyone will say its the other way around - he/she is just lying or just plain stupid.
So, nexus 7 with jellybean has more better fluidity than iPad when going to apps and opening it.
I'm sick and tired of those people that will type whatever they just read, watch or heard from other people then will troll to any site or social network.
For the 7 inches tablet now - NEXUS 7 then for 10 incher - New iPad.
I suppose (To play the Devil's advocated) you could easily name features and functions that the iPad (and even the glass dildo) has that the Nexus 7 doesn't. Namely a comprehensive store that is easily navigated and new content is easily found. I, also, don't feel lik the customers of an ipad are looking for customizations. They want simplicity at its finest. Android has proven to be a bit quirky at times, and many novices are not gonna take the time required to figure out those quirks. I own both, and I find myself picking up the iPad because of the Nitro engine in the Safari browser is far superior at loading HTML5 and standard web browsing. That and the apps, mostly, are far better made for the iPad then any Android tablet even if Google stands behind it. I just hope more app developers make apps that work well for the Android tablet marketplace so my Nexus 7 doesn't gather dust. But it is still nice to be able to drop the Nexus on the ground...why is that a feature? heh.
I like iPad. iPad2 is better than New iPad.I respect Steve Job.
Few things here. I find the functionality of the nexus 7 quite appealing, it has no bloatware to drag the speed of the system down. The apps people want are what they download, no extra t-mobile, Verizon, optus, Samsung, apple, HTC (etc) or vodaphone apps that no one really uses. The speed of the quad core processor is sweet, graphics are awesome and seriously who gives a crap about the 326 DPI (compared to the 226 DPI of the nexus 7) that apple says is perfect for the human retina. I bet in 3 months companies like HTC and Samsung will up their displays to 350 to 375 DPI just to say screw you crapple. Last but not least windows was actually the first company (that I know of) to release the tablet, not crapple.
I'll take any Android over CrApple any day if the week!!!
anybody looking for a great deal on some cell phones, look at my profile...but I like the 7.
Thats really funny +Scott Wilson  but whats more amusing is woundering how you got the experience on the usage of a glass dildo.
Heck, I just found it cute. 
Even if people says iPad is better, nexus 7 is almost like an iPad and it's most affordable 7" inches tablet. But it would be better if there is nexus tablet with 10 inches display. 
You're dildo IS the way to go!
through out the projects....done! done! and this is how it should be done!!!!
I have to say that the ipad is pretty and pdf's are smooth but other than that I don't see a lot of tweaks I can make for business use. I don't have a nexus yet but my galaxy is way more practical than my ipad. 
God, I can't wait for this and Google fiber to come out. Tired of all the apple yuppies out their.
oh sorry wrong feed...
All I see from this is that the Nexus 7 and have more things in common :-)
This is pretty childish. On the other hand I like how the designation for the Nexus 7 is N7. Now I want to play Mass Effect. Also I have an iPad 2 and I'm getting my dad an N7. So I'll the best(ish) of both worlds! 
I also find it extremely depressing that grown adults stoop to stupid name calling like "Crapple" just because they don't like something. Grow up for a change. 
I'll would imagine the dildo would break too. But I'll take your expert opinion on glass dildos. 
That Nexus 7 and a dildo have more things in common. Mistyped it on my android phone.
who cares my XBox works for what I need and thats what really matters!!!!
Wassup wanna chat together 
Hey if anyone wants to chat my email is
Apple products are still better but too expensive for the small advantages they have...
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Mat Q
+Roger Sherman I had the same problem with sending pics from my GNex to the N7. I found that if you turn off NFC and turn it back on plus turn off Android Beam & turn it on, my photos now send.
It all seems rather silly now, how she took every little thing he ever said and did—every tiny bit of attention he ever paid her—and molded it into a great unspoken love, a bright splendid future filled with road trips and hotel rooms and dinner parties and kids and a sprawling garden and a pet pug and maybe even a bunny
James X
actually dropped my ipad 3 from 4 feet up and hit the steps... just a slightly dented corner, and it still works.
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IPad 3 has the best screen on the planet. Nexus 7 is just more fun to own. Love mines.

+Mathew Quiles is having to turn two separate things off and then on again in order for them to work also a feature?
OK i'm pretty sure a glass dildo would break if dropped on the floor..just say'in
Still waiting on my preorder to show up.... damn you google. Its been a month!
Omar....might want to clarify which of those options you're "lovin". Just a heads up. ;)
So, the point is, we need more technologically sophisticated dildos. Got it.
I agree. All the way in cdma aspects. The Nexus outdoes the ipad. It would truly have to be tested obviously with more pros and cons. But the reality is there, and it sets in for ipad.
Go ahead. Steal my credit card info. Im not responsible for frasulent charges anyway. +Darryl Barnes
Not sure of the frame of reference here. Can you insert tablets into bodily orifices? >.>
One thing people doesn't realize. Ipad uses an outdated A5 cpu. With Android you can be sure that the processor is always ahead of its time.
Have virus(trojan horse): Nexus 7 - Yes, iPad - No, Glass dildo - STD virus or fungus
Nexus 7 is pretty awesome. But I hate half tablets. But its android. Android > apple
I have but one thing to say, and one thing only: iSheeps, AppleNuts, and Google Haters, what in the Hell are you doing on a Google social website, which comes preinstalled on all new Android devices, and is filled to the brim with Googlers? Get. The fuck. Out.
I bet the glass dildo is much cheaper than an iPad.
Chae An
Wait, what?  Foxconn is a respectable hardware manufacturer?
All tech is not created equal, its all about the features and hardware YOU want. That being said, I hate apple for its unfair and disgusting business practices (can you say "overpriced" or "patents". If you want to be locked into an uncustomizable ui with minimal hardware choices created by an unsavory company but have a great app ecosystem that's on you. Ill take my android.
The New iPad is made for mult tasking
+Bowen HMIKELL What a barrel of laughs you are... Some of us use this social site for reasons other than criticising/praising Google/Apple. It's like a religion: pick your own, and stop telling everyone else why yours is better.
Gurlz...Beware of dat Glass Thing... :D
Ipad III has HSPA+ DC 42MBPS  connectivity 
Quad core graphics for gaming which is father of Fucking Nvdia
................i don't believed on above e post its not core comparison  ..i think the man got money to pull up the NExus
let the grown ups talk
This photo doesn't make sense. You don't like Apple. Okay, I get it, but at least make sense when you're trying to express your haterd towards Apple. 
Microsoft did produce the tablet first but for some reason they did not envision touch screens.

Android are not that good really when it comes to updating to the latest android os 1000s of android owners understand this and nexus owners will understand too as soon as google decide to release there next sweet delicacy.
This is so stupid.
All you are trying to do is make the ipad look like shit that doesnt do anything.
Make a chart that COMPARES IPAD FEATURES with Nexus 7. Yea, it will be iPad has all the checks and Nexus 7 doesnt.
This is such a pointless chart. It just says that the iPad and Nexus 7 are different. Not such a big suprise...
sooooo...i should get the dildo?
Rotate home screen? Do you mind updating the chart with that? Won't make it significantly more accurate though :-) 
wow wtf last one that is just inappropriate to be posted publicly
Ha..... let the sales speak for themselves
Another thing. The iPad is original, all these tablets have been copying the iPad since its release. I bet most of you never even used an iPad before, but yet you hate them. I won't ever buy that shitty Nexus. Why? Because it sucks.
About the glass dildo....?
This is so retarted. Half of the things the iPad can do, but you just dont want to admit it
Hey +Carter Gibson , if you get bored come see what I did by accident lol. I wasn't expecting +1000 and what's hot global.
IPAD is better than all these other tablets... I have used Ipad...Its not that bad.
An iPad n a dildo.........what a stupid idea!!!!!!!!iPad is always an iPad u boys n gals......
So, dildo's more feature then iPad... !!!!!! Strng!!!!
Pretty sure there are some dildos that come with a "back button"
You could do all the comparisons you want. iZombies would buy iSand if Apple told them to. 
+Calvin Christopher Nope, was just trying to be funny. I don't mind the ipad. Work gave me one. I don't like how it kills off background tasks without asking me, and I don't like the lack of mouse support, but it's not bad. The Verizon 4G is pretty stellar. I did a software release over a weekend using the built in 4G hotspot when my comcast connection died. Very impressive.
I'm sure I could think of a lady or two that might be willing to do more "research" on these.
Chae An
+Calvin Christopher  So Asus uses Foxconn and they use a crappy hardware manufacturer, then Apple also uses a crappy manufacturer.  Boy, that seems a long, convoluted way to say that I was right.  Seems pretty moronic to waste bits like that.
Place an apple mark on the dildo and the iFools will line up to get one while praising its innovation.
I still the dPad will be Apple's next big seller... The Douche Pad, filled with apps for filing scrap law suits.
Basically when the iPad came out all tablets came when the iPad loses a large piece of the pie, than I will listen to all the talk about, who, and what is best. Next I will be reading that the sidekick is better than the iPhone, because it runs android jeez. The N7 is a nice tablet compared to the nook and the fire, other than that please! 
forget tablets, what we need is the silicon dildo, smooth as glass with the computational powers of a mainframe
ok the guy adds A DILDO to the chart and, still, some apple-people can't notice its joke >.>
+Calvin Christopher I honestly flip a coin sometimes. One of my favorites is the old "I used to use a windows machine until I got a real job. Now I have a mac". If you want to see people fall all over themselves to correct you, that's the angle there.
As always, Apple offers half the product at twice the price.  But you get that pretty white box, so that makes up for it.

I mean, my ex-wife used to buy horrible shoes that looked pretty.  I'm not saying there's anything wrong with that.  Just admit you are making a fashion statement and don't pretend it is anywhere near a better product, and I won't argue with you.
So true and the glass dildo is hilarious!
No offence to the Ipad user and to be honest I would never buy one either. Just due the cost justification, It just doesn't make sense to me to spend that much on a tablet.
All android devices have apps that most people actually use in their everyday life. So the choices are unlimited in terms of how extensive your use is. Oh by the way I am still talking about Tablets!!!!
Wow, I didn't know I was missing a back button. The "not breaking " feature is also great. It would come in handy, since I drop my iPad few time every day. Sometimes, when I am bored I even throw it out the window to double check ot's flight capabilities.
man, you made my day :))) apple fans are all haters, its not possible to discuss with them. But still they are full of fun :))))
Should have ticked the "Back button" as relevant for the glass dildo
Wonderfully correct!
Wait... what? The iPad doesn't actually have a proper filesystem? Whats all the rave about "PC alternative" then, I kinda like files and stuff.
For those who like "out-of-the-box I'll take it like it is" products, you can't beat Apple. For those with creativity and imagination, there are Android products. I've enjoyed both iOS and Android stuff but I'm now a permanent Android guy. Competition allows for better and better products. 
Dues that mean servers are made out of glass dildos for the true muli-tasking experience in a smaller package?
"Instinct vs iPhone..."

You can make anything look better than anything else if you use a checklist.
IS this true.....................
Look at the funny fanboy wars. Don't you guys get the humour?
+Bolton Leung I see a spammer like you. XD
Ed ash
but which is more articulated..
+georgios demetriou With the Nexus tablet the updates will be coming from Google. The update will be released shortly after the open sourcing of the latest versions of OS (given that the hardware is still able to support the software). The Nexus line is not like buying a random Android device, these are Google devices (some times considered developer devices, and are meant to be considered android flagship devices)... it would be like complaining that chromium OS does not get update so instead you trash chrome OS (Chromebook or Chromebox). 

Some could hold true for Chromium Browser and Chrome... one is the open sourced version and the other is the pure version released by Google.

Chrome OS is updated from Google, where the chromium OS is compiled by a third party (but are both from the same source code). Similarly Nexus devices are managed though Google, where other Android powered devices are managed by their manufacturers and/or carriers. 

What those 1000s of android owners experienced with there Android devices was the manufacturers not updating the devices fast enough because the carriers along with the manufacturers are placing huge bloatware and software customization on the devices.

Yes, you still have to be careful when buying a Nexus branded device, because the Carrier (the person who provides wireless network connection) is allowed to pick features out of the product if they official support the device. For example Galaxy Nexus on Verizon. Verizon does not have control over any other released Galaxy Nexus phones so doing so only hurts there business. This issue though will not be found in the Nexus 7 tablets because they are not 3G or Cellphone Network enabled/capable. There for there is no network provider to worry about.
Don't you think a glass dildo would break if dropped on the ground?
Are u comparing with new iPad retina
there are pros and cons to both devices. personally I am sticking with iOS because I'm sick of crappy looking apps and force quits. also iOS has USEFUL apps. like BeatMaker2. for use u kno.. PROFESSIONALLY n stuff. like real world use type things....
I think we all know which product in the picture is best....

.....Yes. You guessed it. The glass dildo.
the Nexus 7 do look really nice, however its not that cheap too!
does it suport Flash media Kenny?
Euww. Is that a glass dildo with an eye on the end? That is creepy...
She laughed Goofs Third overall was very interesting - I
I have dropped my iPad many times, and it is perfectly fine.
+MANISH ANAND if you think the design of the tablet in that video is the same as the iPad and that apple copied it, you would have to agree that motorola copied then iPad. Why? Because they about as much in common as any car with 4 wheels.

However, the tablet in that video is really nothing like the tablets of even a couple years ago and are not really comparable.

That said the video itself was quite interesting and spot on regarding many of the assertions and projections it made. Yet the reality is that while is not the first to make a tablet, they were the first to make a successful one that appealed to what science fiction has been promising for years. Like many significant physical products, the first is often not the best or the first success.

Just as while many would like to believe Ford was the first carmaker in the U.S., the reality is he wasn't. He was the first to take all the pieces that formed the framework that made Ford a household name via automobile manufacturing.

This obsession about who was first is rather immature and pointless. The again so are most posts on the subject. Oh and yes, glass will chip when dropped on the floor; I hear that renders the third device effectively unusable meaning it should get a checkmark on that point. Just saying.

So many idiots that don't realize this is a joke.
+Clifford Miemban hmm wifi only navigation sounds much less than useful on any platform. I've had turn by turn on my iPhone and iPad for some time now. 
I think the dildo could "be" a "back button" for some... that's kind of meta though.
+Cesar Schrega maybe you missed all the android fans who failed to realize it was a joke. Take out both of those and there would be very few replies. 
People have less sense of humor now a days due to economic conditions world wide
Looks like Apple started a war. Rather have a netbook with Linux installed but if I were to choose its always gonna be Android.
+Bill Anderson , do you read my comment???
What I said is NEXUS 7 even its ONLY wifi version - it has free turn by turn  navigation by google that is MUCH better than any 3rd party apps.
Can an iPad (wifi version) do that?
Why you will say its less than useful if you have the choice (options) than NOT???
I have GALAXY NEXUS & iphone 4s too ( I review gadgets as my past time ) and I will tell you that I tested LOTS of 3rd party turn by turn navigations & still the GOOGLE MAPS is much advance than any 3rd party turn by turn apps for iPhone 4s. Also, every single month - GOOGLE maps getting frequent update to make it more better, name me one 3rd party app that is doing GOOGLE way.
I have the iPad 2 (wife using it) & New iPad, so I know about iPad than you.
I have also the nexus 7 (16gb) and I will tell you that theres lots of things it beats the iPad even its much cheaper.
I'm not favoring google or apple here, I'm just saying & sharing whats THE REAL FACTS & NOT fanboyism.
Please read & analyze the comments before you type your rebuttal, OK???
I'm mad about all the guys only wanting to comment on the dildo.......suspect if u ask
nexus 7 has a tiny screen and thats a ipad 1 not an ipad 2 why would you put a glass dildo in there scott wilson i can master reset (hack) a nexus 7 with my ipad2 from 50 meters with my eyes close
When Apple launched the iPad you got people saying that they'd created a product for a demand that didn't exist; how wrong could you possibly be? What did make it take off was it's simplicity and the Nexus just seems to over geek everything and give you a smaller more difficult to use interface.
I use the iPad for browsing, the occasional game, and remote desktop to be able to work without lugging a laptop around all the time. With this limited set of features I'm able to support entire organisations on the road. The screen is just about the right size for this, anything smaller is as pointless as using a phone.
I'm still using my iPad 1 and quite happy with it. I don't see the point of mindless repurchases for new features, but so far when I'm ready I will likely be purchasing an iPad 3/4/5 - whatever the version is when I need a new one.
Shrikunj: Which one? The Dildo?
Would have to agree. Loving the nexus. Except for some proxy server issues...
pagl h kya.. jo ipad se comp kr rha h..
+Scott Wilson +Ceejay Julien Lmao! I really thought the iPad could truly multi task and not just switch like Windows 98, guess the glass dildo does a better job!
Ahhhh... Fanboys.  Gotta love em.  If you'll excuse me. I have things to get back to that actually matter in life. ^.^
I am curious to see how Nexus 7 gets a share of the tablet market from Ipad(64% market share as of June 2012). Go nexus Go....
Wow, I thought the chart was just supposed to be funny! Such seriousness.
+Jed Shuster  ^~> Oh no ~> Apple =  Google = Creativity ! Get that into your brains !! 
+Kapil Dutta you like Apples corporate policy..."don't innovate (anymore) litigate"!
+Jed Shuster  Buddy You gotta understand what is creativity .. and if you do I am sure you will appreciate what Apple and Google are doing !! For one thing ~ When you create and innovate in the real terms - money , competitiveness and etc... dont matter .. service and creativity does!  
This was a great post just to see all the Apple fanbois go crazy bananas over a bit of fun.

They must give free humour lobotomies in Apple shops now.
This was only fun the first time it was made comparing it to a rock. It also proved soon to be dead wrong.

Here is another measure:
Rushed from design to production in four months?
iPad No
Nexus 7 yes

Ps: I'm no apple fanboy. I actually bought galaxy tab before I had an iPad. Joke was on me. Was terrible and I got an iPad soon
After much deliberation I've decided to get the glass dildo.
Obvious troll is obvious. And BTW, the Nexus doesn't have a mini-USB connector.
a bit one sided  i think  ,,,and what are you doing with a glass dildo ,,,hope it don`t break in your arse >>>>>>>
Oh, +Kapil Dutta...I fully appreciate what Apple has done for the industry but its sad to see them squirm under ANY amount of advancement by anyone else and if someone does better they throw a tantrum and sue. If Apple just sat there and kept doing what they DID and didn't cry about competition I would not #boycottapple.
whoa man... nexus againt a glass dildo... i dont get it... was nexus easy take in or glass dildo?? 
Scrolls through comments - yup, just as I thought:

Apple fanbois claiming the latest iPad is the best thing since sliced bread and anything competitors do is either a copy, inferior or both. Oh, and as the OS is locked down with minimal configurability, it's apparently much easier for newbies to learn to use.

Android fanbois claiming the latest Android device is the best thing since sliced bread and anything competitors do is either a copy, inferior or both. Oh, and as the same OS is available to multiple manufacturers and is considerably more open than competitors, both manufacturers and end-users can customise it if they want to.

Neither will see the pros of competing devices or the cons of their own device.
You all need to get laid. And NO....there is not a third party app for that. 
I guess if you put the iPad on vibrate it can also multitask as a vibrator. Apple six. :-P
Intellectual property is hard to protect and their is a valid argument for apple on around three of the thousands of lawsuits they have started, with that said here is a clear display of Apples desperation...they put in a patent for glasses for use in movie theaters to display ads or enhance said movie, AFTER Google put in their patent for Google Glass magically Apples movie glasses became Apple Glass....DESPERATION.
+Michael Salazar it does have micro-USB, yeah, but it's a bit sloppy of the chart creator, at the very best. Also glass dildos probably do break if you drop them. And if you get unlucky, so do Nexuses, and if you get lucky, iPads don't. I'll grant that the form factor is inherently sturdier though.

Although I liked the one commentator recently who said first that he was worried about tossing the iPad anywhere, because the aluminum back might get scratched. And then went on to say that the MacBook Air 11 was eminently 'tossable' be ause it has a sturdy aluminum case. Right.

Yes +Jed Shuster  you are right possibly, but that is the attitude of people at Apple and you cant help it . even +Steve Jobs Had the same attitude to a good extent and you really cant help it ..  that attitude of their is like a dress or a mask they always where but in reality or from inside they are always into creativity and innovation!  I hope you got my point!  
You mean the Dildo was rushed? :)
Nexus ... for those that cannot afford the real thing.
Isn't Retina Display just another way of saying "crappy display"? 
And after all that everyone is still going to ignore the Nexus 7 and happily buy an iPad.
Is android really that hard to use? Are people that dumb now that they have to use a phone or tablet a 3 year old can use in order for it to meet they're standards. WOW, Apple dumbed down they're operating system so anyone can use it!
You could argue that a glass dildo also has a 'back button' - ahem!
Help ! After watching do many nexus 7 and iPad 3 fans fight over which is one better , I'm so confused as to which one I should get! Arghh
I don't care about 90% of what's on your list. I think you are really selling the 7 short. It's a great tablet and you just put up minor iPad shortcomings to compare it. Yawn! 
I could make one of those with my 2010 Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 on it  and it would have more ticks/checks than the Nexus 7.
I'm sorry but the TF700T outdoes both of these.
I found it very amusing that right after this stupid graphic the next item in my google plus stream was about NFC hacks allowing remote rooting.

Really makes me want to use Android. Oh wait, no, no it doesn't.

For the record, I've dropped my iPad on the floor several times without breaking it. And my iPad runs for 11 hours on a charge. Oh, and it runs a whole ton of apps that I already own and it outputs HDMI 1080p video and certainly plays "full screen HD video", but what's a few lies and misleading statements, eh?
microSD card input? Not on Nexus 7 or iPad. USB Host/USB On-the-go (OTG) to attach USB memory devices, printers, cameras? Not on Nexus 7 or iPad. This is a deal breaker for me. These tablets aren't suited to content creators who want to upload their work made using high-quality/professional devices for photos, video recordings, audio recordings.These for these tablets are still primarily just content consumption devices.

People do appreciate local storage expansion that microsd gives as wireless internet is not ubiquitous yet and people like to have their own copy of data as well as in a cloud service that may or may not be here in 5, 10, 15 years time. At least with local storage people can move this to new formats as they come out.
+Chris Koller haha! :)  That how-to-do sounds a lot like the how-to-do for antoher one of the three test subjects. ..not talking about the Ipad. ;)
Stating the iPad doesn't play 'Full Screen HD Video' seems to be slightly factually incorrect..
This comparison is only geared towards the features that the Nexus has (mostly useless ones). If all iPad features were listed it would smash the 7 in a heartbeat. 
Everyone has their own opinions. My opinion is, i don't care which one's better. Each tech has its own strengths and weaknesses, all i'm saying is, Apple or not, its still a technology and i love technology and that's what matters. Not some dumb competition and comparisons.
Nexus 7 only goes up to 16GB with no microSD slots. My 32GB iPad is almost full. I think I'll go for Asus Transformer Infinity.
It depends on what surface you drop the glass dildo on . @ Jaxsen Prescesky
Guess what... A piece of shit with 2000 more apps... Is still a piece of shit.
My former girlfriend has both iPad and glass dildo. She says glass dildo satisfies her more than iPad. I only have Galaxy S smartphone, so I'm not judging. But I'd rather get Nexus 7 than  iPad.
All of the people here that say "Well, apple products, t-t-they just work" are idiots. You're paying more money for an inferior product and you're making Apple think that it's acceptable.
now i know...i will buy that someday.."NEXUS"...anyway...with this datas...rather buy a nokia or samsung maybe....:'>
You took the nexus product guide and copied all the big words.. 
It doesn't really matter who started making tablets first... else its like comparing the first founder of the car and the latest Mercedes Benz... it just doesn't match up.Let technology grow and don't follow something blindly. technology should not define you.Go with something that works for you.
My girlfriend really wanted the nexus 7 until she saw this chart,now she's really eyeing the dildo
Nexus 7 - Sold 2m so far...
iPad 3 - Sold 3 million in 3 days...
Glass Dildo - N/A.
Nexus 7 have all these alleged features that iPad doesn't but then again iPad has sold so much more, there has got to be a reason for that. Maybe because iPad does what it does and when it does, there is nothing better. Being a male, heterosexual person, I don't see the attraction with a Glass Dildo, but they've sold a good few of those.
There is no argument, iPad is better. 
that would cost $ 1000,000 dollers
Screw this. My HP Touchpad beats everything. 
The reason ppl are buying more Ipads than Android tablets is the Apple aggressive marketing, which is good for the company eventually. 75% of the ppl buying the Ipad don't know technically what they're buying. They are doing it because other people do and they think it's trendy to have an Ipad. Ask them about what OS is running on their tablet or Iphone and they will not be able to offer you a documented answer. 
Are the dildos made with Gorilla Glass also? Is that why they didn't break?
D. T. M
Brilliant and sadly all true!
I would rather go for the Acer Iconia A200 - which has microSD support and USB Host/USB On-the-go (OTG) to insert USB memory sticks and harddrives. At about 250 pounds / $350 (?) this is more expensive (than the Nexus 7 - but not the ipad) but worth it for these features, alternatively if you want a sub 150$ / 100 pound device with this USB OTG/Host capablility and microSD support - look at the GoTab GBT740R 7" tablet. I am building a list of Android devices that support USB Host/USB OTG here:
This just goes to show, people with iPads also use glass dildos, if only to gain true multitasking.
It's nice to see rivalry in technology still goes strong. Spectrum Vs commodore, Atari Vs Amiga, Playstation Vs Xbox, iPad Vs Nexus. Really are we still going down this road? There both good and both have there bad points. And in a couple of years will be forgotten for the next big thing.
Haha. True multitasking!!
Pourquoi acheter un ipad dans ces conditions pour la frime et un meilleur marketing
Peut-être devriez-vous acheter un iPad si vous avez déjà tendu même très grande avec de grandes choses?
Kudos, +Scott Wilson, for sticking with the thread...altho you've begun to speak gibberish.

Also, glass dildos won't break if you drop them on the floor? ;)
+Liam Sullivan Wow the new iPad can record in 1080p. Well My Note3 FRONT FACING camera can record in 1080p. Even better the REAR camera can record in 4K. With a higher ppi @ 386.
Lmmfao I'm a huge Apple fan but this is funny! Haha!
Jamaa L
+Steve Jobs long gone.  Apples creativity is soon to follow.  
Jamaa L
+Keyser Söze man my jimmies bent out of shape because another man doesn't like what I like :/
Arrrrrrrrrrrrr. Grrrrrrrrrrrr. Necropost
The 2013 Nexus 7 is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon SoC. 
+Scott Beamer This predates that. I did this troll based on the first one which was tegra. 
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