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All these developers have lost their minds. OMG WPF AND .NET ARE DEAD!!! LET'S JUMP SHIP BEFORE OUR CAREERS GO UP IN FLAMES!!!!

Hey, just because MS said that Windows 8 "apps" can be written in HTML/Javascript doesn't mean they cannot ALSO be written in .NET, or even that most Windows 8 apps would use the new model at all. They haven't really told us yet. Do you people really think that Microsoft is gonna implement Office or Visual Studio in Javascript? Get a clue. .NET and Win32 are here to stay. There's simply another widget layer added on top with a Javascript interface for web-centric noobs. I would like to bet that you can also program these new apps in .NET or Win32.

Seriously people. Slow down a bit.
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Wish I could find the article now, but I was reading about how Win8 will include a very different and cleaned up C++ native API that replaces all of the decades of Win32 cruft with something much better. Something like that could make me interested in Windows again.
That sounds cool. I will probably still not be interested in Windows. Besides, .NET is good enough to be the "native" API.
Microsoft is holding this stuff very close to their chest until their BUILD conf in September. Some have claimed to find evidence for a COM-based API revamp in the leaked Win8 builds. I'm sure that's accurate w/r/t the new touch UI, but I haven't had time to evaluate the rumors to my own satisfaction w/r/t introducing wider alternatives to the rest of the old C APIs. Running on ARM is a big deal. Power efficiency for portable tablets is a big deal. They certainly have both opportunity and many good reasons to not only provide a nicer programmatic interface, but also tweak how a lot of stuff works at a low level.
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