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I really don't understand how I am friends with people and discuss politics with such an array of people. I have people who are devout Christian, radical anti Isreal and West Muslim, atheists that sneer at at religious people, to liberal peace loving humanists/ hippies, to war Warhawk neo cons, to even all the shades of libertarianism, to extreme anarchists. So weird that I agree with pieces of each, and yet never fit into any group. The world is a confusing place with so many perspectives and sources for facts, but the more I know the more I see how we are all the same and just need global empathy. 

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I am confused, how do you know that's his murderer? How did he die? To me it's just a photo. 
This YOUNG man photographed his killer. How did he live that DREADFUL second..? The victim and assassin face to face... 

+Andy Whaley well first night within like the first hour I got it rooted! Stock ROM, but no adds and can use all the potential of my phone now :) 

Does anyone know how to root the S5 for virgin mobile? I have rooted all my previous android phones and I get the phone on Tuesday, but from what I read it is much harder than rooting the S3 even after the 4.3 update with Knox. Anyone have any tips? I think I found some useful links of rooting the Sprint S5 (which VM runs of Sprint), but not sure the hardware is exactly the same. I know the old Sprint S3 hacks would for example not make WiFi work, until the VM rom was released.

Does anyone else not get about half of the "emotions" on Google+? 

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Looks promising.
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