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Scott Sveter
Professional Manager, Leader, and technician
Professional Manager, Leader, and technician


Ok so chatting with my teenage daughter today. We were talking about dating. I mentioned someone I talked to while at work and that she's older than I am. M daughter says, "so she's a sabertooth" I now know my kids do listen to me and all is not lost.

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Putting together a Cyberpunk 2020 campaign. Planning on using Roll20 for the VTT. Comment if anyone is interested. Shooting for Saturday nights.

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This smile is worth everything. I am so proud of my daughter

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Car Wars!?! did you say car wars?
Ok, for car (vehicle) combat, what does everyone prefer for their battle maps? Car Wars uses a regular square-graph...but you need their custom Turning Key template to track car movement. I am interested in something less involved. Hex paper seems to limited with choices of turning to me. Any ideas? 
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